Now that the dust is starting to settle from all of TiPb's Birthday Bash giveaways, it's time for another From the Forums post. For those of you who are new to TiPb this is simply a way for us to point out some of the more popular threads in our forums so that you can join in on the conversation. Before you can reply to any of the following threads you will have to register. It's free, simple, and will only take a few moments of your time.

With the official news that Phil Schiller will be taking the stage at the WWDC keynote the big question in the forums is, will the next generation of iPhone be announced during this event? TiPb thinks so but what do you think?

This next thread comes to us from forum member mike_kircher, and he asks for opinions on what you think is the best feature available on the iPhone. The possibilities are endless, especially now with iPhone OS 3.0. Landscape keyboard, MMS -- yes, we all know most common phones have this feature -- Safari, true threaded SMS, etc... So jump in and let Mike know what you think!

There still seems to be people out there, generally using first generation iPhones, that are flying under the radar with non-iPhone data plans. If you haven't been caught yet by AT&T there is a pretty good chance things will be changing sooner rather than later. Sensitown just purchased an iPhone off of craigslist and is currently on a $10/month data plan and is curious, will AT&T automatically switch it to the correct plan?

This thread was started a while back by SM12 and it is as straight forward as they come, what phone did you have previously to your iPhone? Like I said, this is a old thread but with so many new members hitting the forums It's interesting to see exactly what devices others have used in the past.

Last but not least, TiPb would like to introduce you to it's latest forum - iPhone App Annoucments. This forum has been created specifically for all of the developers out there to spread the word on their latest and greatest applications. So swing by, take a look around and let the developers know how much you like, or dislike their application.

See you on the forums!