Foxconn to double size of iPhone factory in China

Foxconn Production Line
Foxconn Production Line (Image credit: Apple)

Foxconn is planning to double the size of their iPhone factory in China at a cost of $1.1 billion dollars, according to Chinese news site China Daily.

The base will be centered on the Foxconn Science Park in Zhengzhou, provincial capital of Henan, increasing its current production lines to 95, said the Henan provincial development and reform commission during a conference. The expansion plan, costing 7 billion yuan ($1.1 billion), is expected to bring $20 billion in sales revenue in 2012, the commission said.

Foxconn is Apple's largest contractor and this new plant will be employing around 130,000 workers who will subsequently be able to pump out around 200,000 iPhones per day. That's around 18 million iPhones per quarter.

Add in other contractors, and consider that Apple has the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S currently available in the retail market, and it gives us a hint at Apple's own estimates on the amount of iPhone sales we'll be seeing throughout 2012.

Approaching 100 million.

Source: China Daily

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