iPhone 3G in France

No sooner did France Telecom prop up iTablet rumors do French site Challenge.fr start some "4th generation iPhone coming in May" craziness.

Now, we have no reason to believe this, but since Apple is so secretive, anything is possible (and frankly it's nice to see some good old fashioned iPhone rumors amid all this iTablet hype!). Here's the deal, translated by iphon.fr:

  • "Apple to launch a new iPhone in May"
  • "It will be the fourth version of the well known smartphone launch on the 29th of June 2007. A way to counter the Google attack"
  • "Apple will launch, in early may 2010, a new version of its iPhone, as we heard from some mobile operators.".

Apple, of course, has announced and launched new iPhones in the June/July time frame for the last 3 years and they don't often change their cycles. So does that make this fake, le fakety-fake fake, or just fake enough to hide an early launch? Get crazy with the French and their carriers by letting us know what you think!

[Thanks Laurent for the tip!]