Now the French Want the 4th Gen iPhone in May!

No sooner did France Telecom prop up iTablet rumors do French site start some "4th generation iPhone coming in May" craziness.

Now, we have no reason to believe this, but since Apple is so secretive, anything is possible (and frankly it's nice to see some good old fashioned iPhone rumors amid all this iTablet hype!). Here's the deal, translated by

  • "Apple to launch a new iPhone in May"
  • "It will be the fourth version of the well known smartphone launch on the 29th of June 2007. A way to counter the Google attack"
  • "Apple will launch, in early may 2010, a new version of its iPhone, as we heard from some mobile operators.".

Apple, of course, has announced and launched new iPhones in the June/July time frame for the last 3 years and they don't often change their cycles. So does that make this fake, le fakety-fake fake, or just fake enough to hide an early launch? Get crazy with the French and their carriers by letting us know what you think!

[Thanks Laurent for the tip!]

Rene Ritchie

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  • The way I figure it, Apple can launch when and where they want to. They can change their cycle and make a different announcement than they were going to. They've even missed their own deadlines.
    So this idea that Apple sticks to cycles and we should believe rumors seems to be wishful thinking.
  • i would LOVE APPLE if it came out in may!!!!!!! talk about graduation gifts!
  • Now this would make wwdc 2010 very boring wouldnt it. Unless apple decide to bring that forword of course.
  • I think that it's possible. They probably already have the 4th gen already pretty picked out spec wise. I really think apple believes people are really itching to maybe try a different brand. I hope it's one of those Wow moments.
  • Desmond is on the money! Its hard to be #1, and as much as us apple fanboy dont want to agree google is on top of everyone and the smartphone wars have already begun, so apple step up to the plate!!
  • This would make for a pointless WWDC. Doubt it highly. May sounds unlikely. Probably more Apple funded rumors.
  • I have a good feeling that Apple won't let us down with the next iphone. Already people have been able to pretty much confirm the 5 MP camera. As for screen size, resolution, processor etc and flash, well I hope apple comes through. As for May... It sounds unlikely. Then again when was the last time they had a big product announcement in January...
  • The French hate everything American! Why do they even want the iPhone?! I think just for the way they treat Americans(myself included) in Paris, the French sholud not be allowed to HAVE the iPhone!
  • it would make sense to shift the product cycle, if possible.
    right now the droid and the nexus one are exploiting a predictable hole in apple's iphone launch cycle. both products made the very specific decision to launch exactly in the middle of that cycle.
    if apple is capable of launching earlier, doing so would throw off their competitors.
    doesn't sound very "apple like" to do, but there's a competitive rationale at least.
  • @Tophertron Oh they like what they think is cool. They Love Johnny Depp.
    Note I would love to see a new iPhone cause I am itching for a new one but I agree with @Desmond I am itching to try a new phone for sure.....Android anybody?
  • I see the iPhone coming out maybe sooner than may. Like others have said nexus one and droid of the month are coming out with some nice features. iPhone 4g will need to be out soon and it will deliver.
  • I would totally buy the new iPhone in May if it was worth it. It would be nice if Apple would sell it unlocked and if the phone had quad band gsm. Think about it. If you have AT&T like me you could buy the phone, use it untill your contract is up and then go to Verizon, start up service there, and when the phone is obsolete sign a two year contract for the 5th gen iphone. Its a perfect strategy.
  • HOpefully sooner than MAY...all though that would be a great BDAY Present for myself. My bday is MAY 21st...
  • @Tophertron: Don't mistake "The French" with "Some French Morons". Because we, French people, also have our share of cretins just like any other country.
    @Tansen: I strongly suspect that no one has ever seen the next iPhone yet, so while some will claim confirmation, the 5MP camera is really just a rumor. Remember that everyone did boo the first iPhone camera, and they didn't change it in the 3G. They just changed it in the 3GS. And to speak frankly, I'd prefer a nicer 3.2 MPixels camera (read less noise, more contrast, less bleeding and highlight clipping) than a 5MP one with the same per-pixel quality. 3.2MP is enough for casual use, which is what camera phones are for anyways (so far), and the 3GS one is pretty nice.
  • I'd be interested, but it's got have the right specs. Snapdragon, 8mgpxl camera, front facing camera, even better video, hd quality screen with the video. Everything is out there to do so, it's a matter of them choosing to. Although, I have to say, the other platforms are looking interesting, especially android, just not on vzw, i do have standards damnit.
  • @BDW The iPhone is quad-band GSM. Maybe you're referring to the 3G.
  • These mobile phone companies are coming directly at Apple right now. Trying to exploit customzation and the lack there of when it comes to iPhones. They are trying to sell feature sets for social networking. Then maybe a bigger processor. Not necessarily better. Everything coming out just tries to one up the iPhone. But it really has to to try and compete. I don't think Apple is shook up by no means and the platform gives them the leverage to do so. Remember they said that iPhones were 3 years ahead of everyone out. They were right. So now we are on year 3. It's gonna be a head banger.
  • I wonder if the new phone will ship with a "Please bail us out of occupation because we surrendered again!" card"?
  • I do not like this because if the iPhone update is in May, then the Jan. 26/27 product announcement could be about the iPhone, NOT the tablet, and, and, well I want to know about the tablet.
  • Personally, I think that we'll see an iPhone OS v 4.0 unveiling this January, as well as any tablets.
    If that happens, then they could very well bring forward the hard and software release cycle, as the last two OS unveilings have been in March.
    The OS is very stable now, and there's been no sign of 3.2.0, which could lend weight to this also.
    WWDC could be focussed more on tablet app, rather tan iPhone ones.
  • I can't believe ze French. First zey take our fries, now zey vant to take our iPhone rumors? Sacrebleu! I just can't, and von't, belive et.
  • I'm surprised the French didn't preemptively surrender during their statement.
  • I still see no point of a tablet. For me anyways I love my 13 inch MacBook.
  • @ Macman... Totally agree... We'll see how it goes...
  • My money is on tablet and iPhone 4.0 software update.
  • First, I like Apple period. Second, I doubt they need to "compete" with Google. They have such a strong offering cellular phone, that it is a mockery to compare! I doubt I am an iphone "fan-man?" I just tried many,many devices, to know what I enjoy,in a very smart phone. like the iphone offers. If and when Apple releases a new iphone, I am certain it will be beyond reachable by competition, in terms of what it has to offer! Most phones lack certain qualities,that the iphone offers, so it is no wonder people continue to flock it.
  • Mark my words. Come January 26/27th, we will see iPhone OS 4.0, iLife and iWork 2010, updated MacBook pros, MacBook airs and mac pros.
    Oh yeah, one more thing. The tablet. =]
  • Most of the Nexus One features can be brought to the 3GS through software. I'd be surprised if we saw hardware so early.
  • @capt Keep dreaming my friend! There is no way we're seeing a front facing camera or a 8megapixel camera this year! C'mon dude. It's Apple! Not rocket science.
  • I hope the new iPhones come factory unlocked and jailbroken so I don't have to wait to customize it!
  • @Jailbroken 3GS
    Dude, wake up!
  • The nexus might be a threat. I hope they don't release it in May though.
  • ^ why might it be a threat...?