Friday Fun Video 2: iTwinge iPhone Keyboard in Action

To say not everyone fell in immediate love with iTwinge's attempts to make physical the iPhone keyboard would be fair if understated. In response, iTwinge released the above video of the product in action.

Change anyone's opinion?

Rene Ritchie

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  • I don't like it
    u would have to take it off eberytime u don't use it
    it's still really cool, great, awesome, and really nice though
  • Everytime*
  • Next they'll come out with the iPhone mouse. It's a touch screen phone with a minimalist design and that's what I like about it. I give this abomination three thumbs down. One thing I'll say for it is that it looks like they put a lot of effort into creating it. But the same can be said for a lot of unneeded technologies.
  • Would like to try this out some time!
  • That looks pretty silly and slow to type. I can type at least 5 times faster and accurate with the landscape typing on iPhone. No way would I ever buy that...
  • If I wanted a physical keyboard this bad I would go back to a Blackberry.
  • This freak no doubt has horses pulling his car. :roll:
  • I can type at least twice as fast as that on portrait even faster in landscape. Not for me. I was one of those people who didn't like the iPhones keyboard at first. But after maybe a week or two I was Hooked. I'll never buy a phone with a physical keyboard ever again.
  • After watching the video I am convinced I would not want one. BUT, it seems so much cooler than I thought, it APPEARS to work very well and I know they're are some people out there that would die for a physical keyboard. To each his own baby!
  • one word......landscape
  • If some one wanted a physical keyboard, let um buy a crackberry or a pos pre
  • It keeps saying it allows for "much faster typing" while I'm fairly sure I type about twice that fast f not faster without some big hunk of plastic int way...
  • It is an interesting idea that has been implemented very poorly.
  • if I really needed to send a email tht bad that I needed a keyboard I'd just send it from my laptop. I think if the next iPhone comes with a physical keyboard I wouldn't waste my money with it I'd prolly just get a 3gs or stay with my 3g
  • oh yea I just wrote those 51 words in under a minute btw lmao
  • Why hasn't anyone asked this before: "when using this skin, how do I access accented characters or other symbols that are shown when you hold down a keyboard key?" the keyboard skin covers it all up, doesn't it? so no foreign characters or extra symbols for you.
  • I'm a landscape keyboard typist. Can that thing work in landscape? No? Put it in the garbage.
  • Yeeeaaa that thing looks horrendous and all but it's not all terrible. I mean of you wanted it it's not hard to plug your iPhone in to it. If not then you always have your virtual keyboard. I'm sure much elderly people that do have iPhones or iPod touches would appreciate that from time to time? Maybe?
  • 30wpm is probably average. I type over 40wpm with my virtual keyboard. With this, they assume you never use a case. You have to take this thing off whenever you want to use your apps and put it on only whenever you type because apps are not designed to only use the top half of the screen. And if you use a case that means you will have to take it off each type you type? This is a highly inconvenient thing.
  • I'm holding out for the landscape version.
  • i would never buy that thing....BUT im still having problems typing after three weeks of owning the iphone. I mistype about 80% of the time. I dont care about typing faster, i just want to type correctly. any tips?
  • @J
    Are you backspacing everytime you get a mistake? just don't do that, and the iphone will correct it for you (most of the time)
  • It actually might be nice if you have to type a fairly long professional looking email and only have your iPhone with you.
    That being said, I still won't buy it.
  • never buying this crap.
  • Interesting idea they are working with the iPhone limitation since there is no driver for a BT keyboard. The iPhone definitely is better than the BB Storm for typing but if Apple wants to say that this is a computer they have to allow more input options until then its a smart phone.
  • "virtual keyboard with iTwinge muscle memory" where did they come up with those stats?
    The only way I see this selling is if they had the late Billy Mays selling it on late night tv...."and if you call in right now I'll double your order..."
  • I think that they had a great idea and executed it to the best of there ablity. They did not take into account the fact that most people use landscape mode and that it is not conveniant to take the thing off every time you need to do something else. Not to mention that most people have some sort of case on there phones. I know I don't like to take mine off for any reason.
    Typed in landscape
  • Alright if no one else I'd going to do it... They should call it the iCringe!
    A for effort, C for execution. It should attact like a slider case to take advantage of the entire screen. Landscape would make it easier to fold over the screen or underneath when not in use.
  • Kinda nice. But there is a reason y I bought a touch screen phone and it is to not have any real keys. But to each there own i no some people will like it.
  • Horrible!
  • Oops sorry typo. Attach not attact or maybe attack for self defense uses.
  • Hideous. And what dumbasses they are, "No typos" - erm actually your guy typing DID make some, just the iPhone's auto-correction feature kicked in. And wow 30wpm, I could beat that without your "innovative keypad" and without auto-correction. Why are you even making this?
  • No way I'm ever gonna put that sock on my iPhone.
  • Nope. Don't like physical keyboards.
  • It's like taking one step forward and two steps back looking at this joke of technology. I am trying to be sincere but I can't take this seriously. Anyone who uses this "thing", shouldn't bother buying or having an iPhone, because they don't get it. It's like the time a woman said she wrote back to apple asking where the stylis for her iPhone was. I have never typed as fast in my life, I prefer typing emails on my iPhone instead of my laptop sipmply because the predictive text makes it even faster to type. I lock my fingers behind the iPhone and type both my thumbs, I couldn't even be bothered typing in landscape. My fingers are chubby and I can still type accurately. Just tap roughly in the centre of the letter you want and the intelligence of the iPhone keypad does the rest, it actually knows what letter you were going for and like I said predictive text makes it even easier. Let's move forward people, get out of your safe zones, Its time to wake up now.
  • Super, i have to get this one! Thanks!
  • Yeah, what David said, "One word, landscape." And, that thing is clicky and gross. Period. Just IMHO anyway..
  • haaaaa haa ha ha ha haaaaa!!! no matter how much you try to copy BlackBerry, your POS iPhone will never be one!! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ha ha
  • Stupid. I guess it's ok for those who aren't able to adapt to the virtual keyboard, though. Personally, I love the virtual keyboard. When using my girlfriend's QWERTY enV, it felt so weird, and hard to type. I'm just so used to the virtual keyboard. Also, 30 wpm? I average at 45 wpm (w/ 0% error) on the virtual keyboard, and I've got up to 60 wpm (w/ 1% error); keep in mind, that during a typing test (writing exactly what you see on the screen), if I was typing from my mind (e.g. text message, e-mail, it'd be at least 50% faster.
    Also, I just wouldn't want to put it on every time I had to type something, and no landscape.
  • 67 WPM with my iPhone. This thing looks like hammered dog shit!
  • While I do not want it, and like the iPhone s minimalist design, there will be plenty of people who do want it, and, you must admit, it is a very cool technology.
  • Hideous!!!
    Why would anyone use that is beyond me.
    I would not even if it was free.
  • Hey Rene!
    Can you get a iPhone developer to make an app that calculates how fast you can type on your iPhone? I am a software developer over at and my application is called TyperSpeed. Kevin at crackberry can type about 70 words per minute.
    would be interesting to see the difference!
  • I want it and all I want to know before I buy it is if its backlit and I can use it in the dark!!