After over three years of the iPhone being on the market, there's still not a great "have to have it" gaming controller accessory. The iPhone, iPod touch, and now the iPad have become serious competitors in the gaming arena and while touch gesture games are awesome in their own right, there's several games that would benefit from having an actual controller.

Apple loathes buttons, we already know this, but hardcore gamers don't. If Apple wants gamers to consider iOS devices as competitive gaming platforms, there needs to be a market for it. That's where Controller or Bust comes in. They're setting out to develop the perfect gaming controller for the iPhone (and I'd assume other iOS devices as well). They're looking for input from the iCommunity and going through the motions of what it will take to get one into production and eventually, to the market.

Benjamin Morisse, who's heading the blog and project is already working towards the biggest challenge - getting into the "Made for iPhone/iPod" program. For those of you unfamiliar, all peripherals that will physically connect to an iDevice have to be approved before going to market. That's why you see the "Made for iPhone/iPod" sticker on some products that you buy. Apple approves of it and doesn't foresee it causing any compatibility issues (or damaging your device when it comes to cases and battery packs).

I remember playing Ravensword quite a bit when it first came out. One thing I really would have liked was an external peripheral that allowed me to utilize the whole screen instead of using the corners of the screen to control my character.

Any of you desperately waiting for an awesome gaming controller? What games do you guys use that you think would be a much better experience with a physical controller? Head over to Controller or Bust and give your input!