Next Gen iPhone: Apple Gobbling up NAND Flash Memory

DigiTimes (via Engadget) is reporting that Apple is once again draining the world dry of NAND Flash memory chips ahead of an anticipated summer iPhone hardware refresh.

The iPhone 3G has one NAND Flash memory slot, currently maxing out at the 16GB density. So, if Apple is planning to take it to 32GB, higher density chips will of course be required. Will supply and pricing allow that by the summer? If it does, it also means the dual-slotted iPod touch could hit a whopping 64GB by its next refresh cycle in the fall.

Anyone out there itching to load that much data on a multi-touch device?

Rene Ritchie

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  • I guess more storage is always a good option to have. But unless we see a significant increase in battery life on the new iPhone, I'm sticking with my 3G.
  • I'm certainly never against more storage. But unless I decide to live on the streets and require everything with me at all times, I'll probably never even be filling my 8GB anytime soon.
    So, while any improvements are always good, it's just not exciting to me in the least bit.
  • I still have 3.5GB of free space on my 16GB iPhone 3G. I'd like a memory card slot over just more memory, but 32GB would be sweet.
  • I don't want a memory card slot, I enjoy the sleekness and one body structure no holes or openings of the iPhone..
    with that said, using the 16gb right now and i'm only using up half the memory. I agree with Steve.
  • Memory size & usage is a function of the level of organization we want to have.
    For myself, the devices & apps that I carry & bring with me compensate for defficiencies that I have.
    If I were to have the tools that I need wherever I travel, I would less of a need for an iPhone.
    Remember days when we used pay phones & organizers?
    For some, descriptions are found in history books.
    More memory?
    OK, give me some.
  • With turn by turn, video recording, new levels for games, document editing and other content likely to be stored on an iPhone, yes, you'll need all of that memory or a way to swap data in and out remotely because 16GB isn't going to cut it anymore.
  • @iPhoneMilk, If they did it like the sim card slot you would never even notice it, maybe even combine the 2 into one pop out drawer.
  • Removable media would be great - could be a boon to new video feature (capacity and re-writability), also if could store maps for future Turn-by-turn apps seeing as Tom Tom's Europe map is near on 1.2GB.
    If not going to have removable - I always go back to the old addage - you can never have too much memory. Bring on the High Density NANDs
  • I agree with Steve. I'm probably not going to carry my entire music collection with me on my phone. However, all these new API's and board levels and so on mean we'll need more space. I can't wait to see what's in store for the new hardwear!
  • RAM is what is needed. I find my iPhone crashing sometimes if I have the iPod running and open safari at the same time. I hear it's only 128MB of which only 20-40MB are available for 3rd party apps. This would be an improvement.
  • I agree that more memory would always be welcome, however removeable memory would always be a better option, as an iPhone owner I would need to purchase the newer iPhone to get this memory upgrade and what do I do with the old iPhone, where there is nothing wrong with my phone. So yes I would rather incorporate an SD card so that I can control the upgrade of my iPhones memory, al this would surely work out as the cheaper option.
  • Folks who are thinking they don't need the space need to do more forward thinking. Applications are going to get more immersive. And take more memory, your gonna need it. I have never heard anyone seriously say they have too much money, same concept.
  • I would take RAM over storage. . I hope they are dialing in on the battery.
  • @Wifiguy:
    Yes, applications will get more immersive... but they're not right now. I believe most of us are probably only commenting on having more than twice the storage in the 'next' phone only, which will be primarily FREE unused space for now. So, until Adobe CS Mobile comes to the iPhone, I personally don't care whether the next iPhone stays at 16GB or goes to 128GB because I'll still use 4GB.
    It's certainly wasn't meant as progress-bashing. Just answering the question at the end of the article, that's all.
  • What about the higher res display? Means the video content from iTunes will be bigger.
    I use all my 16GB and swap media on and off all the time.
    More memory would mean less swapping music on and off the phone.
  • Talking just about storage wise, I would love to see a expandable memory card where I can store a genre or mix of music and just switch it out when I feel like listening to the different genres without being limited by a future 32g cap or even 64g.
    Some may not like this idea because maybe they don't want to take memory card with them or whatnot but I already carry an iPhone, a separate camera in my holster, and 2 usb thumb drives with me at all times.
    Far as memory goes, in my case, it's always been more the merrier. This might not go for everyone but in my point of view like someone stated before, apps WILL get more intensive so having more of both will definitely be better.
    Long as they can keep the sleek look and feel of the 3G phone, I would love to see these implemented.
  • All I have to say is that you can never have enough memory. And while a microSD slot would be interesting and fit certain niche needs I personally think that type of tech belongs in a real camera. But what ever improvements come in the next ten iPhone are welcome.
  • I need infinity TB's. Either that or the ultimate always on 5G cloud system in the next gen versions. I think you have to always look forward and plan for what hasn't even been dreamt up yet meaning more and more of everything.
    If you aren't using almost the whole 16GB currently then you are wasting your money.
  • RAM and battery capacity > storage capacity.
  • My iTunes music library is currently 15.4GB, and I get the impression that is fairly small. I already had to do some compromising to get as much of my music on the iPhone as possible while still leaving room for apps, podcasts, and some pictures and videos. A capacity upgrade would let me just have everything on the phone and not need to worry about it.
    I also agree, apps will get bigger and there will just be more of them worth carrying around, and that space will become necessary. The non-touchscreen iPod was up to 160GB a while ago, and that was designed to carry a smaller variety of content. I don't see how having a tenth of that capacity on the iPhone is satisfactory, once the technology exists to manufacture larger-capacity chips affordably.
  • IS it currently possible to use some of the flash drive of the Iphone as ram?
  • I agree with Steve and Blake 2 about the whole music collection but think of all the new apps that are going to be hitting the app store this summer, I'm gonna need alot of space for thoughs.
  • I want to store several movies, all of my podcasts, at least 16GB just for music (yes, I listen to it all & I like variety), an audiobook or two (or more), and some whopping gigantic apps! Bring on the 32GB, and keep the upgrades coming, I say! 
  • Something tells me that they're gonna use mobile me as "cloud ipod"
  • Bring on the 32GB iPhone ! This was envitable. iPod touch users will have fun with all those movies. I'm a movie person so I know I will enjoy the 32GBs
  • So many countries and corporations come together to create this great product. Is it really fair to call it Apple?
  • Memory sure is becoming cheaper and cheaper and cheaper. I'm curious as to when we will eventually hit the ratio of 1 cent to 1 Gig.I'm still waiting for the day when I will finally be able to afford a 20 terabyte harddrive, hahaha. But for now I guess I will be happy with having a 16 gig Micro SD Card in my R4i.(Posted using ZKwa for R4i Nintendo DS.)
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