Next Gen iPhone: Video Recording Confirmed + Digital Compass, Auto-Focus Camera, and Voice Control

MacRumors has scored the scoop, showcasing what looks to be actual screen-shot caliber evidence of video recording in iPhone 3.0, and other information showing digital compass technology and voice control coming as well.

Most of these rumors have been around for a while, especially the camera and video recording bumps. A digital compass, like the Android G1 uses to automatically rotate Google Street View when you physically turn the device around, would likely require the next gen iPhone hardware pretty much everyone expects to see come WWDC in June anway. Voice control, especially voice dialing, would be another box checked off the old "missing features" straw-man we -- and everyone else -- likes to batter about.

With lots of exciting new features still being "discovered", what other goodies will 3.0 code diving reveal?

Rene Ritchie

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