Next Gen iPhone to Have Video Recording and Higher Megapixel Camera?

As Dieter would say, "cats and dogs living together!". That's how it feels these last few days, what with all the leaks/rumors hitting about next generation iPhone stuff. Are they legit, or part of some mass internet meme-teria? Dunno. But I'm running out of puzzle metaphors!

This time, Apple Insider is reporting that the next generation iPhone hardware will not only provide video recording, but through a higher quality camera to boot! Want more? They're further rumoring that Apple will build in a Movie Recorder app, the video equivalent to the Memo Recorder for audio that already part of the iPhone OS 3.0 beta.

So this brings our list of leaks for the week to: code references for iPhone 2,1 and 3,1, multi-core GPUs, video publishing, OLED screen, faster internet speeds, and now higher def video recording...

Curiouser and curiouser...

Rene Ritchie

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  • Complete with a Mobile iMovie app with some very simple, scaled-down editing features?
  • Editing features would be a must. They allowed trimming in the audio recording app so.. It's probably gonna be something similar in the video app.
  • Do you think they'd add a whole new app or just put a "video" button within the existing camera?
  • Hopefully they'll have one Cam app for both... as I'd hope they'd also do with adding ToDos within the Calendar app (someday).
  • A video camera is one of those features on a phone where you go "Ohhhhh I want it!" and then u get it and relaize how little u actually use it. I'll hold off on upgrading unless there's fancier bells and whitles than a video recording feature and a better camera.
  • Okay, I'm drooling now. Saving my pennies for June 
  • IF the camera could shoot nice pictures (and that is more about the lens than the megapixels) than the video would probably be nice as well. I would use them more if the pictures were nice enough to use.
  • So no word on a bigger battery or new battery tech like from the new MacBook pro?
  • Hopefully, just hopefully.
  • If 80 percent of these features are coming the next iPhone will need a lot more ram and what about improving this little speaker
  • Well, with an OLED screen, you could fit a whole other phone in the casing (assuming they stick with the same size) I'm sure they'll throw in tons of ram. Nothing worse than a slow phone (that's the reason I ditched my blackberry curve)
  • All I need is a confirmation from apple of this new iphone and I will get it otherwise I'm gonna have to get the 3g soon I mean this is bad marketing from apple to not let people know
    They have a new product coming out in months
  • Bad marketing? If they tell you now, then iphone sales go in the toilet til then.
  • when did they unveil the iPhone 3G in relation to when it came out? It seem like I remmeber iPhone 3G commercials for 6 months before Jr dropped
  • @Tone.
    They announced it exactly a month before they released it.
    And they stopped selling the 1st generation iphone a month before announcing the 3g.
  • There is already a camera app so why have two apps for the same camera ?
    I commented on the MobileMe " post video " blog saying that they will add a higher pixel camera. There is mo way I would upload a video from this iPhone. Pictures are iffy with me sometimes.
    Maybe thet will put a 5.0mp to really impress us.
  • @Drew
    I use the camera on phones all the time!
  • Does this mean that there could be a videoconferencing ability as with skype? That would be awesome.
  • a month? Oh I digress :( well I will have to wait then
  • I cherish the 2mp camera for mobile uploads :)
    5mp pictures would make uploading pics to facebook purely annoying.
  • A video conference would require a front facing camera. There was a rumor before the 3g came out that it would have 2 cameras. One behind the screen and one regular one for taking pics. The one behind the screen would function for videoconferencing. That would be pretty crazy. Just when Pre tries to get one up apple has its 3rd iphone knock the wind out of it.
    Dell should just buy Palm before they are out of business. Their OS is pretty cool and would push apple to innovate. Long live competition!
  • I have just sold my iphone and bought a Nokia N95 8GB
    Why ?
    Apps in background.
    IM clients.
  • I have just brought an iPhone and it's the best purchase I have ever made can't wait for the new one, the oled screen would be worth it
  • Is there a Application for the I-Phone to download Video capabilites, as to just a single picture capability
  • If this new iphone this summer comes out with a better camera, why waste your money spending a couple hundred dollars upgrading your camera, just go buy a real camera for 200 dollars that is 10.0 mp. problem solved. and you can keep your iphone 1g, or 3g. If you are looking to buy an iphone, if you really want a new camera, wait and see, if not, just buy it now.
  • Will there be a way to upgrade my iPhone 3g to these capabilities of the new iPhone that may come out in June? Cause I jus bought this phone and don't plan on buying a new one already
  • when will it come out and what would and kodi what your e-mail :) :L want to hook up