Next Generation iPhone Auto-Focus, Compass, & More... Caught on Camera?

Digital compass [Google translation link] has posted what just might be the first pictures taken of the next generation iPhone... taking pictures. Highlights include the new auto-focus, both how it looks in action and the results of photos taken with it compared to the original iPhone 2G. The new digital compass, and a CPU log are also featured, along with some other new features we've already seen from 3.0 running on current iPhone 3G hardware.

Are these for real? We'd guess all of this was merely surfaced in iPhone 3.0 on iPhone 3G... except the iPhone 3G doesn't have a digital compass and it's camera doesn't auto-focus. So, either it's a combo-ruse, or we have just seen the first images of the next generation iPhone in the wild.

A few more pics below, hit up the source article for all of them...

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Rene Ritchie

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