All iPhone 3.1.2 Jailbreak Tool blackra1n for Windows Released

George Hotz, the man who brought you the jailbreak tool purplera1n, has once again impressed us all and this time it's an all iPhone 3.1.2 jailbreak only solution, blackra1n. Mac users need not apply as blackra1n is currently a Windows only application.


blockquote>So, what is blackra1n? blackra1n is a 30 second ALL device 3.1.2 jailbreak. Even the ipt3, but the ipt3 is tethered. In order to boot it, just rerun blackra1n. As far as donations go, they are much appreciated, but not until after blackra1n works for you. I never ask for donations before the tool is released.

It should be noted that 3G and 3GS unlockers should still avoid updating to 3.1.2 using iTunes as blackra1n is not capable of unlocking your device. By updating you will update your firmware baseband to a version that can not be downgraded at this time. If you are looking to unlock you need to follow the Dev Teams tools and instructions.

TiPb takes no responsibility for your jailbreak outcome. Need help? Check out our iPhone Jailbreak and Unlock forum.

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  • 1st gen (2g) iPhone jailbroken in about 5 seconds. HOLY CRAP. :) WOWsers.
  • i need a jailbreak for ipod touch g3. any solutions yet?
  • Good stuff. Turns out appuloha1l was all bs too.
  • Yessssssssssss George is the best
  • there is no jailbreak for ipod touch 3g yet
  • blackra1n has been running on my computer for ten min. and still have not jailbroken my phone yet whats up
  • @ nick
    mine did that too the first time. just hold down the power and home button with it plugged in until you see the apple logo and just wait for the phone to fully restart and hit make it ra1n again! thats what i had to do and wow was it fast after that!!
  • If u already have a jailbroken device does it wipe out ur jailbroken apps or does it stay on the device and just upgrade the firmware??? Plz somebody comment back thanks!
  • I only have access to Mac right now :(
    For iPhone 3G and 3GS - you will not be able to unlock - correct?
  • All iDevices work, though the touch 3 only boots tethered.
  • @AG - I would think you use AptBackup and you'll get them all back when you resync.
  • whats battery life like after doing this. I read in the forum's that someone converted back to non-jailbreak
  • this doesnt work at all for 3.1.2 on iphone 3g
  • Mine was done in less then 30 seconds. Now trying to find some new-mail.caf files so I can actually hear my email alerts.
  • worked in less then 30 seconds on 3gs with 3.1.2
  • Will this jailbreak my 3GS running 3.1?
  • what version of itunes and windows are all you 'successful' guys running?
  • The article states "It should be noted that 3G and 3GS unlockers should still avoid updating to 3.1.2 using iTunes as blackra1n is not capable of unlocking your device." What about 2g iphone is it capable of unlocking it?
  • im used on 3gs 3.1 working perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • looks like from posts all over the place it doesn't work on a 3G running 3.1.2
  • After using blackra1n for 3.1.2 are you able to use the tethering
  • It did not work on my 3.1.2 3gs :( tried it 3 time already. After "make it rain" it installs iteself on the iphone and reboots with no luck!! any suggestions?
  • does it unlock iPhone 1st gen...???
  • This is the difference between dev-team stuff and geohot stuff. Geohot rushes to get stuff out and as a consequence it's kinda flaky where dev-team stuff is usually rock solid and stupid proof. For those of you with trouble, in one of his tweets geo said something about some devices, particularly the 3g, being stubborn. My assumption is you may have to try rebooting your device then running blackra1n again, possibly several times. Also for you ipt3 people, this only works tethered, which means after you jailbreak it, you have to run blackra1n again to make it boot. So if you ever reset your device, you will need to continue using this to force it to boot or it will be bricked until you do.
  • dev team all day baby
  • @Charlieb620 - Jailbreak yes, unlock, no! If you upgrade to 3.1.2 your baseband becomes unlockable and you can't downgrade it.
    @blackra1ndidnotwork try to disable Bonjour service - that seems to be helping some people get it
  • wait until the next iphone/ipod update comes out cuz its gunna be brick country for all of you
  • I dunno guys... Id better wait for dev teams solution... I only trust my iphone to them.
  • Bob, i habe the same feelings as you. Maybe better wait for jailbreak from dev-team.
  • Holy crap. That was fast AND painless.
  • @iphone4idiots how do you disable Bonjour service? wot is it? thanks for the rply
  • So how do I install cydia using this method?
    Also I am trying to using Appulous, but no apps are downloading, any suggestions?
  • I love all of the 'tards on all these sites asking over and over again if this unlocks iPhone 3.1.2. Learn how to read.
  • Would you trust your iphone to this program?
    You guy's need to wait for the DEV-TEAM release.
    Even if it does work you have to ask yourself one question: "Would you want a picture of this butt ugly dude on your iphone"? I didn't think so !!!
  • Not even going to try it, I'll wait for the devteam solution.
    As for all of you asking about unlocks, etc, RTFM!
  • @iPhone4idots
  • Soooooo does this jailbreak work for iPhone 3Gs running 3.1 an 3.1.2?? Idc about unlocking I just want it jailbroken
  • @charlieb620
    try taking 32 seconds out of your life and read the article...
  • It doesn't work at all. Hell, Antivirus nails it as a threat. Disable antivirus and it crashes.
    Well done George. This isn't nearly up to par of your other projects.
  • Worked 100% for me!!! 3gs 3.1.2! So happy! Google voice here I come!!!!
  • Hey here's the Step by step is so simple Inow my iPod 3g is jailbroken yay
  • Wow 5 seconds is all it took after about 10 tries. Who ever said disable the bonjore service thanks cause thats what did it for me. I also updated my itunes to the latest version idk if that helped, but right after updating itunes and disabling the bonjore service it worked in 5 seconds.
  • Purplera1n was how I jailbroke my 3gs... worked perfectly. Blackra1n is how I will jailbreak, if I decide to upgrade the OS from 3.0... but I have no need to. I have everything I need now; slingbox over 3g network with 3GUnrestricter, teathering, MMS with the carrier update. I don't need anything in 3.1.x... until I start loading apps that require 3.1x to work. Then I will trust Geohot and make it blackra1n. I see a lot of people post that they are having trouble with blackra1n, but all of the people who have had success please post too, so everyone knows George is reliable.
  • will this jailbreak my iphone 3gs with 3.1 on it
  • Will it be possible to use INTERNET TETHERING again after jailbreaking to Blackra1n???
  • hey i keep reading that you have to rerun blackra1n again to reboot the ipt3, which is what i have, but when i run it too early it just turns the screen white and when i wait a little bit it does nothing, any helP?
  • hi i bought an iphone 3sg about 2 weeks ago with 3.1 pre-installed basband 05.11,07 and locked on the o2 5.0 carrier/network which i use as my carrier so i dont need to unlock. if i jailbreak it will i loose that?? im new to jailbreaking so if some one could help it would be well appreciated.
    in case your wondering about the o2 carrier its because im from ireland thanks again
    please help
  • I have a 3.1 OTB from about 6 days ago. I don't really care about unlocking my phone, I just want it jailbroken.
    It literally took 30 seconds. Then it was done. Afterwards you will notice the blackra1n icon on your device. Open it up and install cydia or one of the other two.
    This really could not have been any easier.
    Also, AVG DID NOT detect anything wrong with the windows app. So please don't go starting virus rumors about blackra1n.
    A lot of the problems and questions that people are having would be solved if you would just take five or ten minutes and just read.
    Again, this is just my experence with blackra1n on a 3.1 OTB iPhone.
  • It took me four tries for the jailbreak to work. It should only take a few seconds to work, so if you are getting stuck on the recovery screen for longer than 30 seconds just try again. It will work. Thanks so much for this it was very quick.
  • im running an iphone 3g on 3.1.2 and ive tried 8 times everyway i was told to and this blackra1n doesnt work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please dont try this what for the dev team release or risk ruining a 2 to 3 hundred dollar investment !!!! ur iphone!!!!!
  • when i download blackra1 i receive an entry point error. Can someone assist me?
  • Worked great. I have a 32g iPhone 3gs with 3.1.2 on windows vista. So fast!
  • This guy makes the devteam look like a pathetic bunch of amateurs!! Why would I wait for their tool when they only F up my phone anyway?
    Purplera1n was the BEST jailbreak tool ever released and I'll bet this one is great as well...I'll be using it as soon as I get home.
  • This sounds VERY stupid, but, does every jailbreak program affect the phones battery life differently depending on how it jailbreaks the phone??
  • this wont work on my 3g with 3.1.2, i have tried repeatedly, what can i do?
  • help!
    wen i use this on my ipod touch 2g, it gets stuck at entering recovery
  • *Windows 7 Users, run blackra1n in Compatibility Mode using Vista SP2 & as an Administrator.
    Easily Jailbroke my iPhone 3G 3.1.2 on my PC (Windows 7 32-bit)
    blackra1n is NOT a virus when you download from the Geo's site directly .. only stupid people will download from another source.
  • this doesn't seem to work for 3g with updated 3.1.2. every time i run blackra1n, it just gets stuck in either "running" or "entering recovery" with geohot's picture never coming up. i've tried every which way(about 10 times now). if someone has it working for 3g, please post how you did it.
  • alisher
    mine does the same thing, ive tried probably 20+ times,
  • How do you get free apps on the Ipod Touch 3g OS 3.1.2 using pc? I've already jailbroken it.
    Thanks in advance :)
  • Pretty simple jailbreak. Not sure what others are doing wrong.
  • is there any way to go back if you have already updated your iphone 3g to 3.1.2 so i can jailbreak? I also updated the carrier file this week.
  • I just jailbroke my 3GS using blackrain and erupted in laughter. The program is a single executable with one button to click. The jailbreak took 20 seconds, and most of that time was the phone rebooting. Apple's iPhone empire has been completely crumbled by a kid!
    Blackrain takes jailbreaking to the mainstream, because it requires no special work. Plug in, execute, click button, done!
  • now i got it working, it took 15 seconds, but like i said ive tried it 30 times today and now it works, awesome
  • sunny,
    what did you do different this time around. still not getting it to work.
  • mine keeps getting stuck on "entering recovery" iphone has the the recovery mode screen stuck and itunes keeps opening please please help me!!
  • I have my phone 3G 16Gb 3.1.2 jailbreaked right now with blackra1n on windows 7 64x, if you have problem running blackra1n just do like said before, terminate the bonjour process then run blackra1n with vista sp2 compatible mode and with administrator rights, worked well in secons for me :)
  • hi nox im running vista 32 should i just keep it like that and continue?
  • alisher
    i didnt do anything different, i think i had itunes open even, it just worked this time and ive tried it over 30 times, i then installed cydia and icy and rock or whatever and now i have a cydia problem it says because i installed icy, so if you get it working maybe dont install icy
  • Wow, so many babies and Dev Team dick riders up in here. Like purplera1n before, this is an extremely easy jailbreak process. If it doesn't work the first time (which it did for me) just reboot and try again. Not that difficult. Nod32 did not detect any viruses. It worked perfectly fine on my 3GS on Windows 7.
  • we need a top 10 must have JB apps thread!
    Make it so!
  • Dear George Hotz:
    Great Jailbreak. Don't Fuck it up with a creepy picture of yourself.
    Love, Joe
  • scale of 1-10, this is OVER 9000!!!!!! This program is almost godly!!!! Thank you!!!
  • thank u nOx for that peace of info worked great however i have installed winterborad and a few themes the themes will show up i winerborad but will not display. anybody know how resolve this....
  • George Hotz is a loser !!!
    i JB my 3gs ( 3.1 - baseband 5.11.07 - bootload 6.04 )
    jb in 20s but this tool is not "real" JB, he fool all of us. After jb we should easy access to file system , right ? It fast but useless, Thanks, but no thanks
    after jb i use pc suite, iphone browser access to file system, it said your iphone not jb. what's up GeoHotz ? all he did is put cydia on iphone , nothing thing esle. jb mean you can install any apps, or modify file system . Dev-team do better job.
    what a loser Geoge Hotz
  • Blackra1ndoesntwork - ok it works for 3g . Update ur device to 3.1.2 then after that's done reboot ur phone once . Plug in ur phone and run blackra1n. It should work I did mine on vista go to for a tutorial and tips . Geohot said if u r using windows 7 run it as vista sp2 and or admin . See my phone wouldn't load the blackra1n program at first but when I rebooted and tried it jb'ed in a heart beat .
  • U will get blackra1n on ur device then run that to install cydia
  • Hey to that are trashing geohot and blackra1n stop it the program works fine it does what it says I have 2 iPhone 3g and 1 3gs and all are now rocking 3.1.2 and hacked!!!! And I was running vista off my dual boot macbook pro. For my 3gs i've been with out a hack since the last pwnge tool. Maybe the dev team should team up with geo they could be unstoppable. Anyway I'm so happy that I have my hacks back I gave a donation to the cause. Because an iPhone is not a true killer if not hacked. Thanks again geohot keep it up.
  • dont install icy or that rock shit
    i had to re jb it because cydia fucked up said it was because of icy, anyways, this time i did it i had itunes open and it worked on the 5th try, i dunno if thats what needs to be done
  • @ I'm using filezilla and I can access file system. And if u don't like the work he does don't use it and do It ur self! Get a life!
  • Do we have a solution to Winterboard or Bosspaper etc. not working yet?
    Thats the only downside you cant customise.
  • Well after trying all day to get this to work on my 3Gs 3.1.2 I am giving up.
    No go on parallels...
    2 different windows machines=stuck in recovery mode
  • blackrain is shit. im using it as i type this and its been runnin on my computer for 5 minutes and hasnt done shit, to my 2g ipod touch. this is b.s
  • Mine says connect to itunes still (b4 i even tried to jailbreak ) (its an old phone im trying to turn into an itouch ) will this ever work for it ?
  • It took 20 second to jailbreak my 3gs 3.1.2. And everything is working including winterboard, sbsettings.... You guys got to be doing something wrong..
  • It gets me... I restarted my iPhone and as soon as I did it it said "You have jailbroken your iPhone..." but nothing happened. I prematurely restarted.... This time i'm waiting it out.
  • i had to redo mine cause of cydia problems, its 3g, and now its not working again, its hit or miss
  • ok, so ive done jb'ed it twice in the past few hours, its hit or miss when it comes to whether its gonna work or not, if the ugly guys face doesnt come up on the screen within 15 seconds, i dont think itll work, phone is a 3g, so i had the screen unlocked, itunes closed, and it worked, i dunno what else but ive done it this exact same way 15 times and it didnt work, good luck
  • Hey guys. I need your help please.. I installed blackra1n a few hours ago on my ipt 2G. When I switched on my ipt, an itunes screen appeared asking to connect to itunes. Does anyone know why?
  • It worked perfectly after rebooting but not after I switched off and on again..
  • Apparently with ipt 2g you have to run blackrain every time you restart
  • Does that mean that I have to connect my ipt to a computer and run blackrain before i can use it? Is there any other program that I can use that doesn't need this process?
  • Those that fail to jailbreak their phones must be a bunch of stupid teens.
    How can you fail this?
  • this was the easiest jailbreak i ever done great job Geo!!!!
  • For those of you on the 3g running 3.1.2 and having problems, make sure your iTunes is open and then run blackra1n, I tried to run it about 15 times and as soon as I did this, it worked. Good Luck. Blackra1n is by far the fastest jailbreaking tool I've ever used. George outdid himself here.
  • I used it on a 3gs 3.1 otb iphone and it worked perfectly the first go!
  • finally got it to work on 16g 3g(3.1.2) after trying about 20 times throughout the day. put blackra1n.exe file into C:/ folder. opened itunes slid "slide to unlock" so that i was on home screen. ran blackra1n.exe and it worked. *did not run as administrator or close any processes.
  • Guys.. Please see comments 93,94,95 and 96. HELP !!! ;(
  • Iphone 3GS was on 3.0 firmware and report that... The Fuck this did not work! bricked my Iphone! just kept shutting down after to boot logo. had to update to 3.1 now I lost my tethering... Thanks allot Asshole! try writing some god dam compatibility instruction next time.
  • Worked like a charm. 10secs. Or somewhere around there. 32gb 3gs. Upgraded from 3.0.1.
  • I believe all I have read or viewed indicates you must be on 3.12 FW before doing the JB.
  • @Ra1nman
    it clearly states in multiple places that this only works for 3.1.2. Don't blame Geohot and all of his awesomeness for your inability to read.
  • @ Joe:
  • Installed, ran and jailbroken! It's that simple.
    iPhone 3GS white 16gig - woot!! 3.1 - prolly will do 3.12 later today.
  • Read the damn tutorial on remember to reboot ur device once after updating and then run blackra1n it does work . U guys just can't read
  • I have 3gs 32 gig 3.1.2 and it took literally 5 seconds.
    Make sure iTunes isnt running.
    Connect phone
    make it rain
    reboot phone
    That simple. Works great no probs.
  • 35 seconds and i am jailbroken. The worst part about it is seeing george's mug on my screen for half a minute.
    But anyway, How does this not work for everyone. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS.
    Run Prog.
    Click Make it rain.
    Plug in iphone to usb.
    Jailbroken after reboot.
    To everyone having problems. This is my first time jailbreaking and I had no problems. What's your excuse?
  • What JB apps are people having problems with? Thus far I've read AppSync and Winterboard. Anything else not working with 3.1.2?
  • Winterboard works fine for me on 3gs. I've seen a few places where it isn't working on 3g.
  • best thing ive ever done!! i love my new jb and hope geohot releases more blackra1n!!
  • Jail breaking sucks. Someone always trying to get one over on a company no matter what. I jailbroke my old 3G last year it was garbage it's still unstable garbage. Anyone that trusts their $300 phone to an OS made by a teenager is an idiot. Hands down.
  • JB 2 #GS running 3.1.2 last night, no problem. I've got adblock and winterboard back and I'm happy. Battery usage seems about the same as before JB, but I haven't been using the phone heavily.
  • Apparently Garbage doesn't really understand what jailbreaking is/does.
    I will agree with Garbage on one thing though. Jailbreaking on the 3G does make it laggy. It is perfect on the 3GS though!
  • Call me crazy, but my battery life seems better after blackrain. I'm just sayin.
  • I had a few various issues (post jailbreak) like winterboard not working, etc, UNTIL I restored, and installed cydia FIRST. Then all seems to work.
    Just my 2 cents.
  • @Ra1nman good for you buddy! Why would you ever update when jailbreak 3.0 is working flawlessly? What improvements have apple made in 3.1.2 that you felt forced to lose a working JB phone, upgrade and try jb'ing all over again? I laugh at fools like you!
  • Anyone have issues with AppSync?
  • Purplera1n was one of the greatest innovations I've ever seen!!! Period. I even donated to the guy because I couldn't believe it was that easy.
    As for me, I'm still rocking 3.0 on my 3GS and not chancing an upgrade when my 3.0 jailbreak (from purplera1n) is working flawlessly.
    I will continue to use 3.0 until Apple really makes it where I have to have the new OS. Until then, why upgrade? I laugh at people that did and lost all there JB. Luckily now, blackra1n has arrived.
    I agree with 3G 3.0 was indeed very laggy when jailbroken through the dev team. This was actually what encourged me to go out and get a 3GS. The 3GS on purplera1n works great with zero lag.
    As for the battery life: be wary of what apps you install from cydia. Blackra1n/purplera1n doesn't affect your battery. It's certain apps you install from cydia that may reduce battery life.
  • Best Jailbreaker Program EVER !¡!¡!
  • The trick is to open iTunes, then run blackra1n. Worked instantly for me after doing this.
    1) Plug in iPhone via USB cable
    2) Launch iTunes and minimize it
    3) Run Blackra1n
    4) Click the "make it rain" button
    5) iTunes will give an error box, press 'ok'
    6) Wait for the retarded pic and reboot
  • @ra1nman: You are a moron. Learn to read you incompetent 12 year old. Blackra1n is only for firmware 3.1.2, it says it EVERYWHERE. It's no ones fault but your own that you tried it on FW v3.0, idiot.
  • There has been a little discrepancy regarding the exact process.. it took a few tries and a little research, but here are the exact steps to Jailbreak your 3.1.2 iPhone or iPod touch via blackra1n jailbreak by geoHot RC1 -
  • For those who still are having problems running blackra1n make sure you downloaded the program using firefox. I don't know why but it works when downloaded from firefox. I tried multiple times after I downloaded the program using google chrome. I gave up untill some one said use firefox to download and it worked. So if you tried this way of jb and it got stuck in recovery mode then download firefox then download blackra1n then run it.
  • To all people who fail to jb use blackra1n
    1- your iphone is working phone (locked or unlocked does not matter) if it stuck at any stage, u have to restore to fresh os before jb
    2- turn off iphone - open itunes (the iphone does not conect to pc at this time)
    3- while iphone is off conect to pc the phone will auto turn on( itunes will ask for active or whatever just egnore any message from iTunes)
    4- now itunes and iphone can communicate ( all jb software alway borrow conect line between iphone and itunes)
    5- now run blackra1n and let it run by itseft do not hit any button until iphone complete jb ( about less than 30s)
    It works for iPhone 3gs 3.1 3gs 3.1.2 and 1g 3.1 ( if you firmware 5.11.07 you jb and install cydia. That's all it can do for now. Now you can install cydia. It can not unlock iPhone , or install app through pcsuite or iphonebrowser , just cydia
    my system : pc win vista sp2
    iPhone : 1g os 3.01 / 3gs os 3.1.2 / 3g os 3.1
    all test 100% work
    If you phone had been previously jailbroken, you may still have data on your phone that will prevent you from doing this update.
    i had downloaded "Extended Preferences" from Cydia. In that program I changed where it says AT&T at the top so it would say NATE. Now when 3.1 came out i accidentally upgraded and lost my jailbreak, BUT my name NATE was still at the top, even though i had no cydia or anything and my cracked apps wouldnt work.
    So i am saying even though you cant see it you may have a corrupted file or just something that will prevent you running Blackra1n correctly.
    Like i said in my previous listing..... restore from a back-up from when your phone wasn't jailbroken or just start a new phone and start from scratch.
    And remember as always....
    Be your own computer.....
    Thanks Everyone
    If this helped post a comment
  • Just tried using black ra1n on my 3G and i got bricked! Anyone know how to get my PC to read my iphone again???
  • can som please help me. i have used blackrain om my iphone 3gs. igot the application in my mobile when i insert a another simcard the iphone doesn't read it can som one help me please
  • @help
    Read. If you upgraded to anything higher than 3.0.1 through an official iTunes update, your baseband is updated and cannot be unlocked (as of yet).
    @everyone else with dumb questions.
    If you cannot handle the process of reading everything about something, you probably shouldn't do it. Restore your phone and go back to unjailbroken life. You clearly do not have the mental capacity to handle this jailbreak process.
    It works. If it doesn't work for you, YOU are doing something wrong. Not the program. The code doesn't change. The enduser does.
  • @NeedHelpBadly
    Restore your phone. If you can, restore to backup. If not, start fresh.
    If you don't know what I'm talking about, google is your friend.
  • i mean a link stupid donkeys
  • Hi to all, turn off the Bonjour service if you ar using the latest version of itunes and the jailbreak works fine in less than a minute!!
  • Has anyone found that Winterboard doesn't work with Blackra1n?
  • Cydelete, Fiverow and dock don't work, statusnotifier doesn't work either? Are they not compatible with 3.1.2
  • Blackra1n Is not "completely" jb like other tool from dev-team. You'll find some apps does not work. Geohotz does the job fast not best
    dev-team does better job but too slow
  • HI, i have iphone 3g 3.1.2 and i did everything as said.. but its not happening..after clicking make it rain it jus shows running and geting me more qrious and you know what happens to iphone ppl whn something goes wrong,so all that is happening dude and that guy whtever pic. doens’t appear.. have no idea what to do..can anyone help..?
  • HEy, Stasplaya44
    Try restoring (I know pain in the ...) then re ra1n, then install only cydia. Then winterboard. That worked for me. Seems like cydia needs to be installed 1st.
  • John.... thanks ill give it try
    this is for everyone who has problems jailbreaking ipod touch 3g.
    BlackRa1n works 100% on all other models both iphone and ipod. I've just confirmed it but before made a full restore and setting it up as a new phone then JB then backup restore.
  • Has anyone got unknown error 13 on their phone?
  • HEY.
    I've been doing some research and here are some things I've learned:
    - Blackra1n works amazing for most people.
    - The ipt3g 8gig is apparently NOT supported. Geohotz was not aware that there was an 8gig.
    - If you are trying to jailbreak any of the other ipod/phones and it still isn't working, do some good old fashioned Google searching and plenty of people have posted detailed instructions on how to fix your problems.
    - I have not been able to jailbreak my ipt3g 8gig, but just wait a bit longer for Greenpois0n. I personally am not go to hop on the train to brick town tonight.
  • I'm on an iPhone 3GS, and I swear I've tried every strategy on 10 million different pages, and I keep getting stuck on "entering recovery." I never see dude's face, just the itunes and USB cord. EVERY SINGLE TIME. I've did a shift+restore with the .ispw saved on my computer. I killed the itunes related processes/services. I put the phone in airplane mode. I've hit "make it rain" while standing upside down with my thumb in my mouth. None of this s**t works. I don't get what's going on.
  • Edit: Randomly, I decided to NOT check the box for Windows compatibility to XP Service Pack 2. It said to do it, I didn't check the box at all, and it worked. I'm on Vista 64.
  • All of you assholes who keep saying to read the fucking instructions, shut the fuck up. Just because it worked for you doesn't mean it's working for a lot of us (who can read and follow simple instructions) including me. I have a 3GS, 3.1.2, 32GB, iTunes 9 and I have tried everything as well. Obviously something is going on. Tried on multiple computers every way possible. And also, some of you say leave iTunes open, some say close it. I've tried everything. When I make it rain it reboots the phone and says connect to iTunes forever. I can't reset it into DFU or anything. A lot of others are having the exact same problem. But anyways, yes asshole, we can read and we're not idiots.
  • This might not work for everyone the first time. It might in some cases take more than one attempt just no mater how many times you restart your iPhone leave it plugged in the computer. I did the 3.1.2 upgrade through iTunes and had to hold down the home and power/standby button and let go after it turns off and not wait for the logo to let go of the buttons and then engaged the "make it rain" button and worked after a few different attempts.....but that's just me..
  • to David
    every iphone / pc are difference
    when you fail jb the first time your file system already broken. you need to restore to the fresh os
    -> put att simcard in the phone let itunes go to active page
    -> so iphone can fuction (not at emergency screen)
    -> reboot iphone once time
    -> run blackra1n
    i hope this have (i did like this with my 3gs 3.1 , it works. after that i upgrade to 3.1.2 and did same thing, it works again)
  • It works. I jb mine in ten seconds. My iPhone was preinstalled with 3.1. Vista 32 bit, iTunes 9, and firefox to download. Doesn't play great with the 3g as easy though. George is the truth at doing what he does. Wasn't he one of the first to jb the 3g? Stop all the hating. Use it or don't. What does it matter? Read and research if you have a issue and then post your questions if there's no answer. Some of you "post not read" dumb asses make use have more shit to read asking the same question over and over.
  • Any comments about 2G Ipod touch 3.1.2 peeps? I installed blackra1n but after shutting down and restarting it asks me to connect to iTunes
  • I have notice that blackra1n works better with 3gs Iphones than 3g.I have a 3g and so far blackr1n has not worked
  • blackrain is not installing into my phone. is thre any way that u can help me and try to fix this problem..i really need some help with this thanks. contact me please.
  • It seems to work flawlessly with 3gs but you have to work out 3g. I did my gf 3g like stated in the earlier post and it worked.
  • OKAY fianlly got it. before i was getting the whole itunes plug thing... until i moved the downloaded blackra1n to my c/ folder.
  • OK I want to get the new 3.1.2 OS and I'm thinking of using blackra1n to do it, but what I want to know is since I already have JB apps that have data I would like to keep. Is there any way/app that does a backup of apps and data so that they can be restored after upgrade and JB I know that AptBackup and AppBackup just store a list of your apps to reinstall, but I don't think they get your data.
  • Must I follow the same process like people do with their 3g ipod touch? Please help !!! :(
  • Eli ..what device and version do you have? ipod touch or iphone?
  • OK, I have a iPod 2G 16GB. This is what I did (worked flawlessly): Downloaded blackra1n.exe to C: Drive. Connected iPod. Closed iTunes when it appeared. Executed blackra1n.exe and clicked "make it ra1n". Observed the photo of the developer and followed screen prompts. After final boot (closed iTunes again) I disconnected the iPod from the USB cable. Ran the blackra1n app on the iPod and installed Cydia. All apps from Cydia work fine, winterboard works fine, SBsettings, Makeitmine, etc. Cheers.
  • Forgot to add, I also have the newest version of iTunes and FW 3.1.2.
    Good luck.
  • Updated to 3.1.2 have 16gb 3g blackra1n did not work for me
    had to restore 4 times . Closed iTunes stuck in recovery until I just had to
    restore I'm on windows xp ran blackra1n in sp2 mode made it rain then got stuck on in recovery screen. When I tried again it was stuck again in recovery when I held down home and power I did not see geos face just recovery screen from iTunes. On my last attempt it claimed it was done
    but my phone was still in recovery mode. So now im back at stock apps on
    my phone lost my jailbreak and am not at all happy! Any suggestions :(
  • Yatin i have a 8gig 3g iphone
  • Thanx a lot Jim.. i will attempt your process in an hour.. if it doesn't work, I'm going to pull the hair out of my head !!!!!
  • works perfectly on factory unlock 3gs iphone. i dont much about iphones or computers and did it in less than 2 min. dont think there is anything to worry about if jb-ing is all u need.
  • I downloaded my iPhone 3.1.2 update from somewhere else using firefox. When it was done I installed it through iTunes and updated my I.
  • Guys.. Do I have to install Cydia via wi-fi?
  • When u run blackra1n after it installs on ur I. It should be an option
  • I don't have wi fi yet..please help me out..what should I look for to install using my cable internet?
  • You should be able to install using 3g. I used it instead of wifi. Does blackrain app load on your phone. The app should be on ur phone.
  • Does ipod touch have 3g? Yes..I do have blackra1n on my ipod touch but I can't shut down. If I shut down then I need to connect to a pc and run blackra1n again.
  • No it doesn't. You would need wifi then.
  • Okay! Thank you kindly for your time and help ;)
    I will try again when I have my wi-fi set up .. for now i will just enjoy my music and music videos ;)
  • still no luck dude..tried everything..i have 3g damn badly want to JB..blood is cumin out of my ass now..wht to do ppl.. whtever i do..that geohot boot logo is not coming at all..seen million vid. n tried damn tired..but anywayz still tryin..if anyone can help then plz..
  • i cant seem to open blackra1n after i download it..
    i keep getting the "blackra1n.exe-Entry Point not found"
    message : The procedure entry point sqlite3preparev2 could not be lovated in the dynamic link library SQLite3.dll.:: If anyone knows how i can fix this please get back to me :)
  • I have a iPhone 3GS 32gb which came with 3.1OTB and is still running 3.1.
    I'm assuming that if I update to 3.1.2 in iTunes all of my apps and contacts will remain on the phone.
    If I then run blackra1n will all the stuff already on the phone stay on it, or do you end up with a fully reset phone with blackra1n installed on it?
  • @Jonsky
    Sync phone making sure you have transferred all purchase you made on your phone to iTunes (that's just a precaution). Upgrade to 3.1.2, all aps and contacts will be fine. Sync again. Then run blackra1n. All aps and contacts will still be fine. Done in that order the worst that can happen is that you have to restore the phone.
  • Estimados, antes de hacer su Jailbreake con este programa, por favor lean este Blog, Saludos desde Santiago de Chile
  • FINALLY Got it Cydia here i come . What i did was
    put blackrain in my c file uncheck all the boxes under
    compatibility mode uncheck all of the compatibility options and then run it
    it should work . My next question is can you install rock your iphone and cydia at the same time with no conflict? or should it be one or the other ?
  • Weirdest thing happened on my second phone, blackra1n was telling me it was successful and I could use all my cracked apps, but had no Cydia installed. Got nervous when I went to restore as new phone and got error 13, but figured it was from closing down apple processes. Rebooted, restored as new to 3.1.2 and jailbroke. Everything works fine. Appsync, SBSettings, Backgrounder (froze on install but works after reboot).
    If you have an issue, just restore and re-do. That's the best advice I can give after successfully doing 2 3gs.
  • Hey fellas, here's what I did. I have an iPhone 3G 16G v3.1.2 on Vista x64. 1) Start off with a fresh restore. 2) Uninstall iTunes, Bonjour, and Apple software update only. 3) Reboot PC. 4) Install blackra1n as per usual instructions.
    Worked for me. Good luck! :)
  • I have an Ipod touch 2G running on 3.1.2 and I didn't use a pwnage tool on it before nor have I jailbroken it before. Will blackra1n work?
  • note: I have Windows vista running as admin and the iPod Touch is 8GB
  • To everyone
    forget blackra1n. Try new pwnage 3.1.4 from devteam
    Go to for instruction
    I never try but I trust devteam better
  • i'm not gonna go through every one of these posts to try and find the answer to my question... sorry. ever since i did the jailbreak, i have no service or internet connection. anyone else have this problem?
  • I posted th EXACT STEPS yesterday, but here it is again.. rephrased..
    follow the steps on my site EXACTLY and you will be good to go, but you have to do the exact button hold/release sequence/timing as this IS KEY.
    Here is the site:
    Mine didn’t work and was doing the same as you guys until I did the exact sequence of holding both buttons, then releasing the powerbutton when the apple logo appeared while still holding the home button, then releasing the home button after the GeoHot background appears.
    If you do the exact steps, in order listed above, you should have no problem.
  • my 32GB 3GS is dead. tried to jailbreak it and got as far as the picture of Frodo. I stared at Frodo for over an hour. Now my phone doesnt respond to anything. It won't go into recovery mode, itunes wont detect it, windows won't detect it. And yes, it was fully charged before trying to jailbreak.
    Any solutions?
  • One more thing, I jailbroke my old 16gig iphone 3g just before attempting on my 3GS...
  • i used blackra1n and my phone froze for 3 hours i DO NOT reccommend using this program
  • GREAT! Ive noticed small things with BLACKRA1N. Battery Life decreased by 8.7% E-Mail Connects twice and sometimes does not download. ROCK IS A HELL OF A LOT BETTER THAN CYDIA! OH, IF YOUR PHONE FROZE UP, YOUR A D.A. FOR NOT READING BLOGS AND WATCHING VIDEOS
  • @Everyone
    Geohotz (George Hotz) was the first person to unlock & jb an iPhone first gen so being all like "HURR WAIT FOR DEV-TEAM DONT TRUST THIS GUY LAWL" is pretty damn stupid. ;)
    Read up. ;)
    Also, blackra1n works fine if you're not a complete fuckwit. <3
  • To Ben
    the first does not mean the best. You should ask yourseft why you do use redsn0w to jb your iPhone ? Why you need ultrasn0w to unlock ?
    Don't lie to yourseft .
  • Hei guys.. Please help me out here..I installed blackra1n,cydia and winterboard..after I shut down and restart I get the annoying iTunes and USB sign.. what am I doing wrong? Do I need to delete blackra1n after installation?
  • Hey everyone with a 16GB 3G 3.1.2 having problems with Geo not showing up listen. I have been doing this for 6 hours today and finally got it to work by repeating this a bunch of times.
    So, I just Jailbroke my Iphone 3.1.2 16GB 3G. What I did was actually told to me by Ikheafe so thanks to him.
    Plug up your iPhone
    Close iTunes
    Turn your Iphone 3g OFF
    Run BlackRa1n
    click make it ra1n
    Hold down power and home
    As soon as you see the Apple logo release power BUT HOLD HOME for at least 20 seconds
    Do not release home earlier than 20 seconds or until you see GeoHot appear on your Iphone.
    (If this doesn't work then try again, hold down the power and home until your phone shuts off. Close BlackRa1n and try again. As they say rinse, wash, repeat.)
    Once you’ve done that, you should have a pop-up on your computer saying Jailbreak is done. Wait for the phone to reboot. Once the phone reboots you will see Blackra1n icon on your phone.
    Hope it helps you like it did me!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i tried everything you guys said on 8gb 3g it just does not work.
    First it says connect the i phone to itunes then it goes into a dim black screen any help or anything else i can try
  • I jailbroke my 3gs 3.1.2 on vista ultimate with black ra1n and installed winterboard first thing after cydia and got frozen on the apple screen after reboot. I had to hold power and home till the flash and let go of power to make my iTunes restore my phone.
  • Not hard to do but a pain, and winterboard is my main reason to jail break. Not his problem but pisses me off that there wasn't a warning for me without having to search for it.
  • 2nd time no problem yet. Cycled power for winterboard reboot instead of letting it do it for me. But I think my solution was only installing one installer. I chose rock but may change to cydia. Haven't decided yet. So far so good. One again 3gs not unlocked new baseband jb updated 3.1.2 on vista ultimate with only rock app and winterboard working.
  • Awesome dude! Jailbroke my Ipod 2G in like four secs! Thank you very much:D
  • When I try this I see the custom screen with the rain and the little spinning pinwheel thing. Then my ipod touch goes black and nothing happens. I can't restart it or anything. I restored it through itunes and tried it 3 times already. Any help?
  • I used both vista and Xp. With my vista my iPod was stuck in the connect to iTunes screen. After I tried like 10 times i tried on my Xp. Im also using the newest iTunes if that helps anyone helping me
  • I have a iPod 3g, version 3.1.2 and when I did this it never worked. I don't know why? So I'm hoping if someone can help!
  • Doesnt work for me!!! blackra1n stay on running process and my iphone stay on itune recovery mode ,i have tried 8 time , everytime the same shittt!!!
  • This sadly doesnt work for me, if it's the USB Logo where it's stuck or the running!
    All the advise here i have followed but still no go :(
  • I got 2 out of 3.
    3GS 32gig worked perfectly.
    ipod touch 2nd gen 8gig, again worked perfectly.
    ipod touch 3rd gen 8 gig, tried three times but no go.
    All upgraded to 3.1.2 first
    Click let it rain and it starts, then the touch just turns off after seeing the recovery screen.
    Have to do a recovery in itunes to get it back.
    Have tried with itunes on or off but havent tried turning off the bonjour service though....
  • i do the whole process of the blackra1n thing and when its done the app is not on my phone and its like nothing ever happened. i have the iphone 2g what should i do
  • my winterboard isn't work w/ blackrain, please advise
    i need my themes people
  • Holy crap! It finally worked! I must have tried this about 20 times using some combination of all of the previous suggestions. I am running Win7RC 64-bit. Circumstances when it worked > no compatibility mode was checked, no Run As Administrator, I did not have the blackra1n.exe file at the root of c:. No Apple processes were running except AppleMobileDeviceService.exe. iTunes was not running. Phone was powered on and unlocked.
  • Forgot to mention my phone is iPhone 3G 8GB. The previous 19 times I tried it I was getting the "connect to iTunes" symbol every time, then I would have to reboot the phone.
  • And I didn't have to hold the buttons in a particular order, etc. I just saw the picture within about 15 seconds. Finally!
  • worked for me... iphone 3gs 16gb on windows 7 ultimate 64bit. took like 5 secs...
  • This is Amazingly fast works like a charm 2 thumbs UP
  • Hi. Can i use this on a 3gs with 3.1 factory installed? i didnt update to 3.1.2 when itunes told me to. so can i run blackra1n as it is with 3.1 isntalleD?
    dont need an unlock just a jailbreak. please reply
  • Very easy jailbreak, did have to use an XP cpu with file saved to C drive. HOWEVER, MY PHONE CRASHED NEXT DAY!!! Restored, re-jailbreaked, crashed 4 more times the next 2 days. Reverted to 3.0.1 via qukpwn and redsn0wed'd it and have no more problems. WAIT FOR DEV TEAM ON THIS, TRUST ME. Cannot tether with this either not with MyWI or BenM.
  • I tried to use it at least 10 times. no luck. I looked at this forum and seen iphone4idiots said "disable the bonjour service". Did that and soon as I tried it again, BAM it worked. thanks iphone4idiots. If you having problems,just do what he said.
  • I have 3g on 3.1.2. I was stuck at "running..." screen until i followed previous post suggestions and went to fresh restore. After the fresh restore i used the most recent backup that itunes suggested (it had been previously JB) so that i could get my contacts back. blackra1n worked immediately.
  • After repeated attempts to install blackra1n, and always getting stopped at the iTunes plug icon, I read about moving my blackra1n download to my c folder. Did so and lo and behold, it worked! Happy now:)
  • Stops at running for me, i have iphone3g i tryed EVERYTHING.
  • I followed user post 162 (Jim)'s advice, worked for me after 15 tries.
  • I just figure out, the computer must be "Authorized" in iTunes. Mine was not authorized so I fixed this by going to "Store" -> "Authorize computer." I had to disconnect / reconnect my iPhone, then run blackrain.
  • This does not woek man
  • worked after many tries. found out that my USB Wireless mouse needed to be unplugged before it worked and now works great. I would recommend unplugging all USB to be on the safe side
  • It took a while to jailbreak my 3G, and a little trouble-shooting, but it finally worked and I am so happy! Geohot is my new hero.
  • Does any one know how to jail beak an already updated 3g 8 gig because black ra1n doesnt work
  • I have tried everything(fresh restore, ending processes, holding power and home...etc) posted in every thread and was very doubtful of blackra1n working for me. I got blackra1n to work for me by putting phone into DFU mode myself instead of letting blackra1n do it...hope this helps someone.
  • I've been trying this since Monday the 12th and couldn't get it to jailbreak. And I found these instructions from "PuG" on another site AND IT WORKED.. FINALLY ! ! !
    "Been messing about with my 3G 8gb for about half an hour trying to jailbreak it lol.. followed everyones suggestions and nothing worked... THEN i cracked it...
    Do all the update stuff first then unplug your iphone and reboot it. compatibility mode your blackra1n, RUN blackra1n and click "make it rain"... THEN and only then plug your iphone back into the computer... was over and done in 30 seconds, popped up wit the message telling me my iphone would be jailbroken once it had reboot and the image of the curly haired lad with the wave of iphones popped onto the screen... it rebooted and now its done.
    In addition I stopped all Antivirus services..
    Confirming what CT63366 said. When blackra1n gets your iPhone to reboot to go into recovery mode, remove the USB cable. Then when its on recovery mode (i.e. USB cable pointing to iTunes on iPhone screen), plug it back in and see Geohot's face on your iPhone appear. :-)
  • Nope, doesnt work, ipod touch 3g refuses to boot after this.
  • Thanks Mike on 10/12--after turning 'OFF' XP-compatibility mode blackra1n worked ...after 5 failed attempts with XP-compatibility mode ON; running Vista Business SP2.
  • wow! that was so fast! I updated mine which is 3g 3.1 all you need to do: download blackra1n and save in C: click make it rain plug your iphone in your computer Voila! count 1-10 then you will see the picture of blackra1n guy and wait to reboot.. you are done and finally jailbroken your iphone! thanks!
  • hey also all my data are still save in my iphone!!! this is really great and fast!
  • guess. what.
    mike on 10/12 is a life-saver.
  • Worked like a charm...but had to try for more than 20 times....
    Here is how i did...hope it'd help somebody,
    Windows 7 RTM 64bit, iPhone 3G 16GB ---
    Tried all possible ways as everybody said...pressing and holding on didnt work...
    when it worked,
    the .exe was in C drive, Ran as an Adminstrator, iTunes was CLOSED, what made the different is unpluged my Microsoft wireless keyboard any mouse..(as I saw by someones comment) thought its lame...but somehow it worked 4 me....
    the easiest Jailbrak ever...
    Thank you GeoHot and the person who left the comment :P
  • After 3 hours I finally got it to work by doing this:
    1.Disable sync in the intial phone settings
    2.Edit>preferences go to devices tab and check disable sync.
    3.Put phone in air plane mode
    4.Ran blackra1n as admin and winxp compat
  • I cant believe how shitty this jailbreak is... it is actually the most stressful and hardest to do yet. My iphone just shows the sync to itunes screen every time i do it. ive tried every which way, no luck. these little faggots need to tighten it up
  • Unjailbroken IPT 1G 16g 3.1.1 (updated for free) jailbroken in less than 20 secs, reboot took longer.
    Didn't work the 1st time so disconnected, got stuck in DFU (silly icon where USB plug points to the ITunes icon), just turned off iPod, turned it on again, everything back to normal, connected sync cable to PC, "Let it ra1n", BAMMMMMM, jailbroken.
  • This jailbreak DOES work on the 3G w/ the 3.1.2 update, I just jailbroke and I've already installed apps requiring a jailbreak and they're working just fine... I too had initial problems restoring after downloading the blackra1n app (kept getting stuck on the logo instructing me to connect to iTunes). Finally, after the 3rd reset after getting stuck - eureka! Persistence is the key...
  • Ok people I found the key to one eyed willie. For those getting stuck on running in blackra1n with the phone showing the usb connector and itunes do this.
    1. put blackra1n on c drive
    2. turn compatibility mode on. Vista users put XP. Xp users put windows 2000.
    3. run program and hit make it rain. The program should get stuck on entering recovery mode at this point.
    4 with the program stuck on entering recovery mode, hit power and home on the phone to turn it off. Leave the phone off.
    5. close blackra1n. turn compatibility mode off. run it again, hit make it rain
    6. turn iphone back on. wait for it to jailbreak.
    I've now done this on 2 iphones that wouldn't work the way the normal directions state and it worked like a charm. Give it a try.
  • my ipod is 3.1.2 and it finishes downloading but does not reboot ive tried rerunning blackra1n and ive tried to hold both buttons thats does not work any ideas
  • YES !!!! this worked perfect on my iPhone 3gs on firmware 3.1
  • I've tried everything on this website, and every idea on others! I have a iphone 3g with 3.1.2 and cannot get blackra1n to jailbreak the phone. If I've tried once, I've tried 30 times. I've even tried it on several computers to no avail. I did make some advancement, when hitting 'make it rain' it was going to the usb to itunes screen and staying. NOW it gets a little past that on a black screen and just stays there. Any other ideas before I give up? I'm running Win 7 and have placed blackra1n in every possible place and tried running it in every type of compatiblity mode available.
  • Does this work for the 1st generation ipod touch?
  • iphone 3g here, previously used redsn0w. Not sure if that makes a difference or not. Had a real heck of a time trying blackra1n. Tried all the "put it on the root of C drive, hold power + home, blah blah, nothing worked EXCEPT for the following:
    Windows 7 x64
    blackra1n exe was on the desktop (some fixes say it MUST be on the root of C:)
    iphone was plugged in, just sitting there.
    right click on blackra1n.exe, set compatability mode to XP SP3 (read here to use Vista, but it blows and I refuse to associate with it)
    right click blackra1n again, Run As Administrator.
    That's it, worked exactly as described after that. Took about 20 seconds to put the blackra1n app on the phone, I'm downloading Cydia as I type this.
    To all the folks who used this, you should donate! To everyone complaining about it, keep researching, the right method is out there for you! Then Donate! I did!
  • Geo hot can u jailbreak 3.1 3g with blackra1n?
    also im not and official carrier but when i update my 3g it gets locked then i put in a disactivated sim and connect it to the computer then it is activated but not unlocked is this something u would like to post trust u will get donations off of this
  • thank you john that tip you said about restarting it work thank you thank you, its wierd it work fine at my school but it wouldn't work at my friends house until i did that thank you
  • a word of notice DO NOT DO NOT install all of the installers it will muck up your ipod or iphone
  • if you do install all of them you will not be able to set any themes. You've been WARNED
  • LALWZ i'm a hacker LALWZ
  • does anybody know any good sources thank
  • why is the itouch 3g tethered
  • ive tried this a couple times and its a pain in the ass to restore since every time i try to jailbreak my ipt3, the picture of the dude comes up, then a little loading thing at the bottom comes up and then it goes black and it wont reboot. anyone know whats goin on? cause i followed the tutorial and stuff and it still didnt work.
  • Mine gets stuck on the restore screen until i give up and try to restart then it pops up as "Done!" but it really isn't.
    it lied to me :(
  • please its been 2 days now i cant seems to jailbreak my iphone using blackra1n i did all the tips and guide but its not working for me i'm always stuck on running no matter what i do. but the iphone of my friend that i just jailbreak it work fine and done under 3mins. please help dont know what to do anymore
  • And... There goes my iPod Touch 2G. Stuck on a colorful screen, won't do anything, even turn off. For people who want to see.
  • this doesnt work at all for 3.1.2 on iphone 3g
  • Sorry but I tried this and everything like remove the sim card ect nothing works tried on 3 different pc On my laptop It gets stuck at the usb restore in itunes and on the other 2 computers it gets by this and I never see the boys face and all I see is a semi lit dark screen and on the computer it says wait for reboot I leave it there a hour and the phone shuts off I turn the phone back on and it says connect to Itunes again any help would be great because everything people are saying here does not work even had a friend that is great with computers and phones try it all different ways and he tried on his computer and it did not work Thank you for your time Iphone 3g 8gb at&t version 3.1.2 model mb702ll I have been trying since blackra1n came out Thanks for your time sombody out there must have a real answer I tried email geohot but never returns them where is the update for the 50 percent of us that this does not work Thanks all have a great day
  • I tried like 20 times over 3 days, but no luck am using 3G 16GB.
  • I've run blackra1n on the ipod touch 3g, it works perfectly until you reboot the device, I then have to restore it back to it's original state!!
  • 3G +3.1.2: -
    Guys/Gals, follow the alternative method by iSpazio at btm of page on "Jailbreak your iPhone iPod 3.1.2 with Blackra1n" article. It deals with situations in which you don't see the Hotz graphic + get stuck on "running". Cheers.
  • Look, there is an obvious conflict between blackra1n and some systems. The simple solution is to try a different computer, several if you have to. I'm just curious as to why I am having intermittent issues receiving PUSH notifications since I installed this jailbreak.
  • Can anyone tell me how to unlock an iphone 3gs 3.1 firmware 5.11.07 out of the box? PLEASE????????????
  • HELP!! I do not have wifi on my ipod touch. but i need to jailbreak!! Blackra1n says it needs wifi to download cydia to finish the jailbreak. Is there anyway to get cydia without having internet? Can the jailbreak even finish without installing Cydia??
  • sigh I have a 3G White 16GB 3.1.2 FRESHLY RESTORED over 20 times following other peoples advice, simply rebooting it 100 times if the blokes face didnt pop up. NOTHING, Not one difference putting the file in the C drive downloading it from firefox, admin no admin NOTHING, Mac vs PC NOTHING. It will not let me no matter what I do ): I Have Read everyones comments above me and followed basically everyone, vids from Youtube still NOTHING. I have tried every possible solution and it has failed. There seriously HAS to be another jailbreak apart from this. Its just ridiculous how many times Ive tried and tried. my email EMAIL ME OR REPLY TO THIS IF YOU HAVE ANY OTHER WAY OR METHOD OR ANYTHING ON HOW TO DO THIS ):
  • sorry thats nitro (underscore) menace (underscore) @ hotmail (dot) com
  • great jaibreak very fast but my winter board is not working
  • Been trying to jailbreak this for a couple of days now. Updated to 3.1.2 via iTunes.
    Currently running Vista.
    Tried all possible and impossible combinations of rebooting my iPhone, putting it in recovery mode, in DFU mode, holding power/home buttons for different time periods, and alas, after a solid 30 tries Frodo appeared on my iPhone. His jolly face stared right back at me for a good 20 seconds and the phone re-started. Got me right back to square 1, emergency screen with no jailbreak. Another 20+ failed attempts later, Frodo miraculously re-appeared. Again, stared at me for a few seconds; iPhone re-started and back to emergency screen.
    Any ideas how I can get Frodo to actually jailbreak this thing?
  • i have tried jailbreaking my Iphone 3G 8GB on vista for nearly over 5 hours and still nothing ive done everything like put Blackra1n into C: drive, run as admin, etc and it allways gets stuck on entering recovery i left it for like and hour and was stuck ive restored it loads of times is there anyone that can help !!!
  • does not work for me. Im running Iphone 3g with 3.1.2 anyone else have any luck with the 3g?
  • Worked great on my 3G tonight, took 30 sec after itunes took 5 min to update my phone. Only thing that doesn't work is can't get appsync to install, gives some error not sure if appsync is even ready for 3.1.2 yet tho.
  • Ok, I had V 3.0 and used redsn0w and it worked a treat. was able to sync apps no worries, then I upgraded the firmware to 3.1.2 and lost all my apps. now that I have jailbroken my 3GS V 3.1.2 how do I sync apps to it?
  • I've used blackra1n to jailbreak worked like a charmed
    but I do not have anymore the option the share my internet connection
    any clue ?
  • I was about to give up on this after trying to run it from two different PCs. As my iPhone is stuffed to the gills with apps I decided to do a FACTORY RESTORE to 3.1.2 and then run it. It worked first time after doing this.
    Ran on Windows 7 in Vista SP2 compatibility mode, Bonjour service stopped.
    Nice simple jailbreak.
  • Can someone help me out with some one on one getting this thing to work? I have been working to get this jailbroken, but i can't get it to work 100%.
    Email me
    If i could just get one good person to help me out, that would be awesome. Thanks.
  • This will not work with ITouch 3g model starting with 'MC' which is probably the 8gb model. I tried on 1g, 2g and it works. As long as model number don start with MC, this will work.
  • Yes it does work on the itouch 3rd gen, it took me until the 3rd time of trying but it did it within 5seconds, but jailbreaking didnt seem all it had lived up to be for me, hopefullly i will change my mind about it :/
  • this video explains how to fix the problem I (and many others) encountered where blackra1n would start and then the phone would just get stuck in recovery mode forever. the fix involves holding down the power and home buttons like in the original quickpwn, just watch the video TWICE before you actually try it. hope this helps!
  • this isn't working. after i do exactly as it writes here, and on many more sites (even with pressing power and home buttons), everything goes well (blackra1n installs on touch, and after that i install cydia from blackra1n) but my touch 2nd gen is not jailbroken. when i try to install cracked applications, i get error message (unknown error occurred 0xE8008001). model number is not start with mc.
  • okay i have Ipod touch 3.1.2. i know its tethered but it still works doesnt it? i hit make it ra1n and it does everything right but then when it comes back to reboot it doesnt come back on. what do i do to make it come back on and work properly? please tell me what to do.
  • mine keeps getting stuck on "waiting for reboot" I have a iPod touch 2g with 3.1.2 firmware, if that helps any. please help someone?
  • How do I fix the phone that I just bought two months ago that your software bricked?
  • Good work! had a fair bit of trouble with vista but the instant got onto xp worked like a charm.
  • I have successfully jailbroken my 3GS 3.1 but unable to unlock... can anyone help? Ultrasnow won't do the unlocking job.....
  • If you can't get it to work, disable the bonjour services (go to Start > Run > services.msc, right click on Bonjour > properties > disable) and in task manages, end all processes that are appl related, except for AppleMobileDeviceService. Basically, just end iPodService and iTunesHelper. Run, and it works!
    Just remember to enable the bonjour service again!
  • i have a question???
    im new to the whole jailbreaking thing sooo...
    Is it okay for me to install cydia and hackulous through the rogers internet and not wifi or should i wait to install these until i have wifi??? will rogers detect that i've jailbroken my phone??
  • Worked perfectly first try. . . THANKS!
  • Thank you Sia.G. I tried everything and did not work until I desabled my Bonjour in the vista Services!
  • Greatest thing I have ever tried. Actually works for 2G. Didnt have to wait like you did with the pwnagetool for 3.1.1. Much better and takes about 20 seconds including recovery mode time. And you do no work. Love it.
  • Somebody needs to help me asap before i launch my iphone 3g 3.1.2......i tried every way possible and all it keeps saying is running...HELP!
  • im getting desperate... ANYBODY?
  • The alternative method over at worked perfectly for me with iPhone 3G 16Gb + 3.1.2 :D
  • how to install blackra1n in your device..make your " WiFi " ON... & run " make it ra1n "
  • Dont even waste your time with this 3.1.2 is only bug fixes so it is not nessasary to do it immediatly so you can wait for the dev teams jailbreak especially for the iphone 3g because most have complained of it not working. everybodys safest bet is to wait for dev team, get aptbackup to get your stuff back then update and that should take care of most of your problems...
  • DougAus..that website and alternate method worked....too easy...thanks
  • Go here and follow aternate method
  • Just got this to work at last!!! I tried this about 20+ times and it stopped at various stages and never actually worked so I closed iTunes then checked my running services. I closed all services to do with iPhone or iPod and also the iTunes helper service. I also had lots of rundll32.exe services running which I thought might have been from all the times I tried to run the blackra1n program so I closed all of those too.
    I then slid the slider to get to the home screen and run blackra1n again and it worked straight away.
    I don't know if it's because of how I did it or just coincidence but it's probably worth a try for anyone still having problems with this!
  • Is this version of blackra1n a beta
    and do you have to have ipt 2g plugged in to the computer in order for blackra1n to work
  • If anyone is having issues jail breaking with blackra1n plug in the phone, hold the home and power, keep holding until you see the apple logo (should take at least 30 secs) then let it boot back up, then click make it ra1n. Thank you john ^^^^^
  • it works. disable all itunes/apple applications on your pc after u do the 3.1.2 update. reboot your phone once. put phone in airplane mode.
    after it works, go to cydia and do update. then search for afc2add in cydia apps. install this and winterboard, iphonebrowser, etc will work!
  • i have a colorful screen just like james above me rllyy high up
  • my 1 touch 8g 3,1,2 wont jail break???
  • why???
  • Alright..after restoring my iphone 4 times..finally got it to work.
    Using vista, iphone 16gb .
    This is what i did:
    1)restored the phone
    2)switched to the rear usb port of my comp
    3)restarted the comp
    4)closed itunes
    5)started taskmanager : stopped ituneshelper, synhelper and a couple of processses starting with sync..
    6)blackrain in c:/
    7)right click, run as admin
    8)make it rain
  • I tried blackra1n on my iTouch 3.1.2 (7D11) about 10 times. It would go through all the steps but when it is suppose to reboot you would only get a blank screen, despite all efforts to turn it on. it won't. Any body can help
  • gr8tful, thats what was happening to me and I tried it 20+ times. Then I did what I put in my post above and it worked first time after that.
  • i upgraded my iphone 3g with the 3.1 software from itunes... now my phones dead, any ideas anyone . PLEASE. or maybe i should just get another one & be more
    careful next time
  • I found here the solution:
    I hope it will help you.
  • I used Blackra1n to jailbreak my 2g Iphone. It did everything fine but now I don't have wi-fi anymore under settings. HELP!
  • after takin bout 10 mins or so to reboot, there's no blackra1n app on my ipod. wats up wit that? wat shud I do?
  • does not work. no one helps me. waste of my life.
  • i used blackra it work good fast n easy but when iuse iphon explorer its wont show me my root files its sasys need to be jailbrked or jailbrokn !!how is that alrdy i have cdya n rock n my idvice?thanks
  • What do you mean not capable like I gave 3.1.2 and it won't reboot my phone after the process is done it just stays black
  • Woot! took me four tries but it finally worked. Don't know what made it work though. Tried opening itunes, nothing. Disabled Bonjour, nothing. Plugged it in and let itunes show up first and unchecked the "open itunes when ipod is plugged in" option and closed itunes, Success :)
  • geohot, you are awesome!!! Thanks a lot for this fantastically easy jb. I did it with 3G and 3.1.2.
  • What a nightmare. Heres what finally did it for me, as soon as the phone goes into restore mode and screen turned black hold down the sleep button and do not let it go until his ugly mug shows up on your screen. Took me a million times and that was the only thing I did differently.
  • holy crap dang man 10 seconds and i already got cydia open!!
  • I cant get Cydia to install, it keeps saying no internet connection and could not download. Please help.
  • If it doesn't work for you, don't fret, it's not you fault like all these A-holes keep saying. I jailbroke my 16GB 3GS in 10 seconds using this program. However, my sisters 8GB 3G will simply not work. It gets stuck in recovery mode every time I try. Just wait for a solution. Check posts often.
  • great program worked like a charm on my 16gb 2g ipod
  • i have a 8GB 3G and i cant get my phone to come out of recovery mood! help plese
  • @ john
    thank you for that advice my iphone is now jailbroken :D
  • Do I NEED to restore my iPod Touch 2nd Gen before running blackra1n? I'd like to just update my non-jailbroken iPod to 3.1.2 and then blackra1n so I don't have to back up all of my music and apps and such.
  • I have a 8gb iPod Touch 2g with 3.1.2 and I used blackra1n but I always have to restore it ,because blackra1n said "done, wait for reboot". I have been wait and nothing pls
  • Good Day Everyone:
    I am a virgin at this Jailbreaking things and am wondering the future of my Ipod Touch 32Gb.
    I have been successful at the jailbreak (dudes mug appears)and even loading cydia. When I go to reboor I get the Itunes USB pic.
    Am I doing something wrong?
    I also have questions regarding life after the jailbreak(1st time jailbreaker so be nice):
    - How do I reboot my Ipod Touch 32Gb?
    - Can I ever use Itunes?
    - How to I add apps?
    - Is there a program that is better than Itunes to add songs and apps?
  • I clicked the blackra1n button on my mac. Everytime it keeps crashing, my iphone won't even turn off and the computer doesn't recognize the iphone anymore. It's totally stuck in the "connect to itunes" screen. HELP!!
  • You need to make sure you have libusb installed! I tried this probably 30 times before i remembered that i might need libusb. After i installed it, it worked perfectly.
  • if u tried to jailbreak ur iphone or i-touch with blackra1n and got a black screen after the process had finished.and now cant do anthing.
    see my blog to recover ur I-pod to its original state and enjoy
    its worth reading as u can get ur i-touch or i-phone back working
  • Follow post 101 instructions - worked for me straight away after countless tries. Running Windows XP SP2 with iPhone 3G 16GB with 3.1.2. - Strange picture through
  • HI, i am running 1G itouch with 1.1.4 firmware. can i blackra1n it? if yes how?
  • i tried about 100 times
    and blank screen
    download from firefox it works pefectly
  • Hey guys!
    I finally did it. Here's what worked for me:
    -Put blackra1n in C:
    -You don't need to run itunes or kill any process
    -Slide ur finger to unlock ur iphone (you should be in homepage now)
    -Run blackra1n
    Here's the key part. I tried this a million times on vista and it did not work, but it worked the first time on xp. If you have vista right click on blackra1n> click on properties> go to compatibility tab> Check the box saying "Run this program in compatibility with Windows XP"
    If your iPhone freezes after the dude's face pops up, wait a little then hold the sleep butten until ur iphone is off, then turn it on and blackra1n should be installed for you.
  • Just bought OTB iPhone 3GS today. Do I need to be aware of
    anything nos before I connect it to my computer? I want to jailbreak
    and unlock. I want to keep My baseband 4. As for right now I have nothing installed, only emergency screen.
  • Amazing. Took less than 5 seconds on a 3.1.2 OS itouch...
  • please comebody help me am trying it it stucks on connect cable with itunes what i have do plugin or no plugin am dont understanding please somebody help me
  • I have a 2G touch... If I jailbreak using blackra1n, will it be tethered or untethered?? Please answer somebody, thanks
  • *****************NEW VERSION RELEASED********************
    *********BLACKRA1N RC2 RELEASED ON OCT. 26th ***********
    Tried Blackra1n RC1 never worked no matter how many time I tried.. DOWNLOAD THE NEW UPDATED BLACKRA1N RC2. Worked on the first try..
  • hi…this blackra1n thing worked fine on my iPod Touch 2G on windows vista well and i was able to install Cydia too. But however one little problem. Even though i can install apps from cydia i cant install cracked applications downloaded from other sites (like can anyone give the reason for this pls :). thanks….regards.
  • OMG... jailbroke only in 2 sec......
  • I managed to jailbreak a 3GS and have the blackra1n icons on the phone, however i have no 3g signal, only GSM. I get the error, "you are not subscribed to a cellular data service" any idea why this is? Do I need to install any of the packages Icy, Cydia?
  • when i download this i try to download cydia and it says could not download Error: Error Domain=NSURLErrorDomain Code=-1001 UserInfo=0x115E30 "timed out" what do i do. please email me. that would be much better. or
  • JB iPT 3gen and the first time everytime I opened any legal appstore apps they would crash immediately. Just restored and rebroke after computer reboot and fcukin sweeeeeeeeet!
  • hi, after I save blackra1n and try to open it up from my desktop it says "cannot find entry point.." or something like that. Anyone know what to do to help??
  • hey could anyone tell me how to jailbreak a ipodtouch 16 g and version3.1.2
  • is there anyway i can jailbreak my itouch directly from my itouch without a computer
  • TY TY TY TY TY very much!!!
    I love this program!!!
    TY TY TY TY TY very much!!!
  • wow i have literally been trying to jb 3g iphone for days now didnt really do anything different but it worked crazy fast first attempt today go geo
  • Will this work for iTouch 3g 3.1.2 firmware??
  • I tried so many different ways to do this.
    This is what worked for me on 3g 3.1.2
    Plug the phone in, close itunes, run blackra1n. When it hangs on running, itunes will open on it's own, close itunes again. then go into Task Manager and end process on ituneshelper. Then close blackra1n and run it again.
  • It worked perfectly yay
  • Use blackra1n now, its revision 2 and works much better on 3g's. There is one thing I've noticed: the file system is not really unlocked with iFunbox and 3.1.2. What's the best file explorer for the update?
  • i jailbroke my friends ipod and now it wont turn on or connect to my computer i have used this program before many times on other ipods. what can i do to fix this?
  • nvm problem solved
  • jailbreak worked perfectly, i've installed cydia and rock, but still am unable to install downloaded apps, i've read i need an installer app. but can't find one that supports 3.1.2 firmware. help.
  • Question..
    I have a 3G 64gb touch with 3.1.2 and it seemed to have worked. Only problem is that when I sinc my ipod, none of the apps I have in itunes transfers to the ipod touch. I get an error that states: "The application " " was not installed to " ipod " because of an unknown error (0xE8008001). " Any insight will help..
  • question:
    I have an Iphone 3G 16GB. I have succesfully jailbroken. 3.1 Firmware.
    I can use it. But if I left it on for severl hours it crashes and I obtain only a "white screen of death".
    If I left it without charge for a couple of days everything turns OK. But I cannot understand why.
    I tried everything. Back to 3.0. Left without jailbreak..
    nothing to do. If I use it for 10 minutes BAM! White screen...
    I supposed it would be wet. So I opened it but the spots are still white, not pink...
    Can anyone help me?
    Thank you...
  • 3.1.2 8gb 2g ipod goes into recovery mode every time but then screen goes black and stays until i hold home+power thentry again yet no jailbreak if you can help please reply perferably via email with subject ipod touch jailbreak
  • Just ran BlackRa1n on iphone 3gs 3.1.2 OTB ran flawlessly and took about 30 seconds.
  • this program sucks balls every time i try to install something using either icy,rock or cydia i have to restore my ipod and i loose all my information
  • This program is a piece of zhit, fuked my 3gs 7 times already, DO NOT INSTALL THIS ZHIT IN UR IPHONE !!!
  • Fuking program, iphone is frozen now, for 4 hours
  • When ever I turn off my iPod after the jailbreak it goes into recovery mode and I a.m very ipset
  • nehmo20 I love you!!!! 2 days I have been trying to do this - and your suggestions were the only ones that worked for me - you rock!!!!!!
  • Does this version have copy and paste? It's been ages since I did a firmware update.
  • I've tried and tried and tired but blackra1in still won't worl on my IPhone 3g(not even blackra1n rc2). I keep getting stuck on the usb screen and nothing happens. I'm sick of retoring my iphone.
  • I tried this 4 times and have FINALLY had success!
    I have an iphone 3G and am running on Windows Vista.
    From the many, many forums I've been reading tonight it seems alot of people had to tweak things around to get things working. The following is what worked for me.
    If the below doesn't help you, keep researching, keep trying! Moved Blackra1n to my C:/ Drive Restarted my laptop (Not sure if this is necessary but I gave it a go) UNCHECKED the compatibility Windows xp service pack 2 in the Program Properties (I had it checked b/c other directions said to do so.. but having it not checked worked for me) Had iTunes program opened, but minimized and turned off "Automatically sync when iPhone is connected" option Unlocked my iphone screen (go to your icons page from your battery/clock screen) Right click on Blackra1n and Run as Admin Clicked Make it rain As soon as iphone goes black I held POWER & HOME buttons. When APPLE logo comes up on screen I let go of POWER and kept holding HOME Screen will go to picture with itunes and USB cord, kept holding on to HOME until the Blackra1n picture appears. Hope this helps anyone else!
  • Btw, for those of you getting stuck on Recovery Mode, if you have the "Quickpwn" program on your comp, open it and it will tell you to exit recovery mode to Hold power & home for 15 seconds, and then hold power for 2 seconds.. it turns the phone off and restarts normally w/o going back to the stupid recovery mode.
    I think you might have to have the program though, I tried to repeat this w/o the program opened and it wouldn't exit Recovery Mode.
    ... if it's any help I believe the QuickPwn I have is Version 2.2.5-2 . I had this program still installed from when I jail broke my 3G on previous firmwares.
  • The jailbreak works but as soon as I restart my iPhone after installing a cracked app it starts in recovers mode. Is there any solution to that problem? Maybe the jailbreak wasnt really successful?
  • Hello all help would be most appreciated. I was playing tap tap revenge with my jailbroken itouch 1st gen 8gb on firmware 3.1.2. The jailbreaking program used was blackra1n. It suddenly just went into recovery mode all of a sudden and it has been impossible to restore my itouch. Everytime i tried restoring it, it would just come up with an unknown error (28). Read through lots of forums, apple help and still to no avail. ive also tried running blackra1n in the recovery mode directly as some videos said it might work so as to reset my itouch but it always hangs once i see the guys face. Any ideas??
  • ^did you manually restart or do you mean when it auto reboots/respring after installing ? Maybe you can try what I had to do wth quickpwn to get out of recovery and see if your apps function properly and download another app see if that happens again, or try holding home and power until screen turns off (didnt work for me but i read for some it does?), or just restore your phone in itunes (longer route) and jailbreak it again.
  • i format my mobile and i cant restore it and i dont have att sim it always says error 13 can any pls help me
  • wow it jailbroke before i even realised! amazing :)
  • I have a new iPhone 3gs 16GB with 3.1.2 software w/o a simlock. I've succesfully(or maybe not?) jailbroken it with blackra1n rev2. There were no problems during the jailbreak process, but now every time I restart my phone, it gets stuck in recovery mode. I have to run blackra1n again to make it work. Is there any solution to this problem?
    Today I'm going to borrow a Macbook and try to do a jailbrake with PwnageTool 3.1.4 - I hope it will solve this case.
  • please help me..... i cant jailbreak my iphone its a 3g 16gb black,,,, i tried to use the blackra1n many times but i couldn't when the phone reboots it just give me the iTunes screen please help
  • Awesome work by geohot
    Here goes the tutorialUnlock iPhone 3g 3gs using blackra1n
  • For those of you that are having difficulties opening and running Blackra1n. HERE IS A FIX!!!!
    * Right-click the blackra1n icon and click properties.
    * Click the Compatibility tab.
    * Under compatibility mode click the box to enable it and select Windows XP (Service Pack 2). Click OK, and then run blackra1n.
  • I NEED HELP!!!!!!! see the thing is i unlocked my iphone (first gen mayb second) a first time already. Then just today i updated it to 3.1.2 and tryed to jailbreak it with blackra1n. after i do that the no sim card install came up and said insert a valid sim with no pin lock to activate iphone... can someone please reply to
  • WOW WOW WOW! Loveeeee it! Thanks a lot to everyone here especially to George Hotz. Was very skeptical about JBing my iPhone but did it yesterday night and it was done in 5mins. Then downloaded Cydia via wifi and did many many wonderful things... soooo happy!
    Windows Vista 32 + iPhone 3G 3.1.2
    I restarted both PC and iPhone first then; put blackra1n.exe file into C:/ folder. opened itunes slid “slide to unlock” so that i was on home screen. ran blackra1n.exe and it worked. Did not stop any processes in task mgr whatsoever.
    Still running fine this morning.
    Thanks in advance.
    I will go drop some donation to George!
  • Has anyone found a fix for this? This is still happening on my iphone.
    I have a 3G 64gb touch with 3.1.2 and it seemed to have worked. Only problem is that when I sinc my ipod, none of the apps I have in itunes transfers to the ipod touch. I get an error that states: “The application ” ” was not installed to ” ipod ” because of an unknown error (0xE8008001). ” Any insight will help..
  • @ Roadrunerboi in BKK (post 388)
    Instructions worked a treat!
    was having issues before hand, but followed his instructions and bam! Epic Awesomeness.
  • Also - here is a good guide with pictures.
  • i try to install blackra1n on iphon 3g and it is stock on the display of the happy guy what can i do ?
  • Hi "the dhoodster"
    Glad it all worked out. I am very careful with my expensive toys so I read up on almost everything before I began. And even had my fingers crossed while JB-ing. ha!
    Isnt it great? My iPhone just "suddenly" filled up with apps... all of them FREE. Loveeeee it! Not to mention opening you phone on the metro and having another user gawk at it not knowing why your GUI is different from theirs. ;)
  • wow this is great.
  • Hi, used this on my phone worked grate but when I went to settings and went to reset the phone it now wont come on its just dead any ideas ?
  • hey guys! i have/ had a locked 3g. It was unlocked but then i had to restore it and had to load 3.1.2. i knew that there was now possibility to unlock again so i didnt use it for 2 weeks because in germany they are t-mobile-locked. yesterday i did the unlock with blackra1n and its working again. thanks for that
    BUT now i all of my itunes apps dont start...
    i tried several things like deleting all apps on the phone and in itunes and loading them again but still the same shit...
    is there a solution???
    whats about restoring and unlocking it again? do you thing it will work?
    Please held me because thats driving me mad...
  • after jailbreaking my 2nd gen 3.1.2 ipt i started jailbreaking friends ipods... now i tryed jailbreaking a 1st gen ipod running on 3.1.2 and it did the normal thing but now it wont turn on... i tryed dfu mode i tryed continuous restart i tryed connecting to iyunes i tryed running blackra1n and pretty much everything i no but still nothing... could i please get some help?
  • For those with a 3G getting a black screen stuck on when it's supposed to reboot to Geoff's pic. I found that leaving itunes open, and killing off "ituneshelper.exe" in the task manager made mine go through first try, as it's supposed to. Also copied/ran it in the local disk, as admin, but w/o itunes open it wouldn't go AT ALL past the black screen, regardless of how I ran it, or how many times, would just sit there for a long time on bs, and eventually just turn off.
  • @John (Post #1)
    Hey bud i also have a 2G iphone, i really want to update my iphone to version 3.1.2 without it locking back up (im using T-mobile as my carrier) and my iphone is currently version 2.2
    so can anyone please help me? i want to use blackra1n so bad but im not sure if it will lock up my phone. anyone please help me!!
  • Can someone please help, i use blackra1n rc3 to jb my 3gs, everything is working fine with cydia and so on,,, but when i try to restart my phone i just can start it again without connecting it to blackra1n or itunes, it shows me the cable and the itunes logo, any idees?
  • How do I take the programs I downloaded from blackra1n once it's on my phone already off?? For example i dont want the programs MyProfiles, IntelliScreen, Backgrounder, Cydia, and biteSMS, so how do i take them off my iphone??
  • To reboot your iPod you have to reboot it, by going back to blackra1n as if you're jail breaking it again
  • so i used blackra1n and it works fine but my ipod touch 2g will not lock when i press the lock button any ideas why?
  • @Ann (Post #401)
    Go to Cydia
    Go to "Manage"
    You can delete whatever you want there.
    Hope this helps.
  • Ann - In order to remove Apps/Programs installed on your iphone, you can do it one of two ways. 1. You can open Cydia, then click "manage", at the bottom right corner. Then pick "packages", Then you can search alphabetically for the apps you want to remove. After you find the apps you dont want anymore, click on it and it gives you the option to reinstall, or remove.
    2. Search for a program in Cydia called "Cydelete". Once installed on your phone, you can remove apps that you got from Cydia just like normal apps. The X's on the icons will just be another color.
    Hope this helps.
  • oomg i was scared to do this and thought it would be complicated but it was done in a matter of seconds on my new touch. grreat job
  • ok i'm new here i just used blackra1n it said i needed to set boot neuter but when i open it it says error couldn't talk to boot loader this may be due to a commcenter collision so bootneuter will exit! whats with that can i stilluse cydia? help please ty
  • well idk if this question has been posed already caus im not about to read this shitload of comments but my ipod has been jailbroken and none of the apps were that normal cause i heard a lot of the wiping wtuff and ...idk
  • how do you know if the apps u get come out free?
  • isnt this supposed to delete stuff????
  • ????
  • i have a touch 2nd gen with 3.1.2 and i keep seeing this 1604 error. what do i do?
  • wow!!! awesome!!!!! it updated my phone in less than 30 second! good stuff!!!!! i'm noting!
  • Okay I'm running an 8 gig iPhone 3g 3.1.2 and I ran it with a PowerBook g4 it worked percectly the first time make 100 % sure to bAck up your phone first and if u need to update ur phone un done the jail break 100% from ur phone computor and iTunes and restor it . I
    still frekibg iur that I might get. A 300$ paper weight so I might just undo it
  • Hi all...
    Just another note... I think my wifi distance increased after JB-ing the phone. I used to not get 2bars of recep in the rooms (router outside) but not I get the full range.
    This is IMHO of course.
  • is there an itouch 1st gen jailbreak?? if so sum1teel me where i can get it
  • its not working on my ipod touch 1g!!!!!!!!!!!!! someone help!!!!!! please!!
  • My home button doesnt work and my itouch says its disabled and my itune wont let me in it says there's a password and enter a code to get in to
  • WOW so many idiots here, it works 100%
    It does not brick the phone,
    If your worried about a new update and it causeing it to brick..........How? Unless you understand how the programing works on the IPHONE do not make such stupid comments. Please.........
  • iphone3g is running with 3.1.2 firmware already unlocked i performed all d steps bt dere was no response after an auto reebot after opneing blackra1n only d blackra1n logo came once but the blackra1n app did nt appeard on d screennn....any suggestions....
  • Hi,
    i got the black raindrop on my springboard, but when i install cydia in blackra1n, it download and respring, but there comes no cydia!
    I'm on 3.1.2 with my iPhone 3GS.
    please help
  • help please, i have an ipod touch 3G 8GB, when i bought it, it had the 3.1.1 firmware, but iupgraded to 3.1.2 and when i tried to jailbreak with blackra1n, i got the picture with Geohot, but when it gets to the part when it's supposed to reboot, the screen just goes black and doest reboot, can anybody help me please? ty
  • I have the new i touch 8GB 3.1.2 how can i jailbreak it?
  • my iphone now isnt showing ipod and phone and other applications that i REALLY NEED!!
  • Ok i have read all of the instructions, and the jailbreak did work but when i shut off my phone it goes right back to the connect to itunes screen and it makes me use blackra1n again. Is there a way to fix this? I have used blackra1n on my 16gb 3g and it worked fine but on my 32gb 3gs i have the problem noted above. The 3gs is 3.1.2 and the 05.11.07 firmware..
  • What about 3gs users with the old bootrom before apple released the new one? Do jailbreakers have to worry about the reboot process of connecting it back to the comp to run blackrain again or are they good to go? I know you have to do the tether when you have a new 3gs with the new bootrom but was curious about the old bootroom. And those of you that do have this problem, to check your bootrom from a mac put your iphone in DFU mode and run system profiler and it should say what bootrom it is. If its prior to 359.3.2 then it is the old bootrom and according to other websites should work fine without tethering the boot, someone please confirm.
  • gr.. not many games, some of which are lite. LITE!
  • what does jailbreaking do?
  • Hey for those having trouble try this: IT WORKED FOR ME when I was getting stuck "entering recovery" point
    Ok people I found the key to one eyed willie. For those getting stuck on running in blackra1n with the phone showing the usb connector and itunes do this. 1. put blackra1n on c drive 2. turn compatibility mode on. Vista users put XP. Xp users put windows 2000. 3. run program and hit make it rain. The program should get stuck on entering recovery mode at this point. 4 with the program stuck on entering recovery mode, hit power and home on the phone to turn it off. Leave the phone off. 5. close blackra1n. turn compatibility mode off. run it again, hit make it rain 6. turn iphone back on. wait for it to jailbreak. I’ve now done this on 2 iphones that wouldn’t work the way the normal directions state and it worked like a charm. Give it a try
  • I have an iphone 3g 16 gb. PC with Windows XP.
    I tell them what is my problem:
    Upgrade to 3.1.2 with iTunes updates.
    Movistar Argentina I’m not interested Gazette and release (although they deserve it because the attention is malisima but it is another topic)
    so the iphone still goes perfect.
    I Jailbrek with Blackra1n rc3 perfectly and I miss the GPS locate me. PushMail youtube and wrong.
    Restore the network configuration. And the gps still reach me.
    Install push fix, as I had suggested and nothing.
    I went back to restore to 3.1.2 and no jail, works perfectly.
    Thinking the problem was Blackra1n, I jailbreack restoring in custom firmware, those that already have the Cydia, and again the GPS locates me.
    I searched the internet and some say it’s the time change and a mistake that Movistar Argentina, but I when I blackra1n probe and release, with a chip
    another company and I did not locate.
    The Temne is that I would like to install tomtom have a gps like people, but with this problem the program did not locate either.
    I hope someone knows who goes and if you have any solution.
    Thank you very much
  • i have just used the program blackra1n which is an awesome jailbreak program. it did it in less than 15 sec. now that it is done i have tried to get winterboard and it will not show at all on my springboard... Is there any1 out there that knows why and or how to fix this problem? THANX ALL
  • Now I've tried blackra1n three times for my iPod Touch, version 3.1.2 yet it won't work. I start the program, comes to the part where it says Done, wait for reboot and then the screen on my iPod stays black. And when I turn it off and on again, then the blackra1n drop isn't there.
    What's going on ?
  • try the site
    it has great step by step instructions for everything. i used blackrain for my iphone 3G running 3.1.2 and it worked perfectly. i now have tons of free cracked apps and no issues with any part of my phone. george now has the unlock and jailbreak for any version of iphone or ipod on all firmware and check for updates for any issues you might run into b/c there's already solutions to dl in cydia for them!
  • i forgot to mention for those of you using windows vista or NOT change the compatibility to winsow xp. i tried installing blackrain about a dozen times and it would be stuck saying "entering recovery" and id have to restore my iphone over and over again. i finally unchecked the compatibility just for the hell of it and sure enough i had blackrain in about 5 seconds. despite what the instructions say...if it doesnt work that might be why.
  • windows* ack
  • I'm kind of an idiot with this stuff but will it work on a iPod Touch 1st gen with the new 3.1.2 firmware
  • very good jailbreak i clicked jailbreak as soon as i did it was done!
  • Geekygirl.
    I jailbreak my 3g with blackra1n. Im have a hard time to install crack apps. Can you help me out???
  • hello.
    i jailbreak my ipod touch with blackra1n. but i cant add songs to my ipod touch. any solutions? thanks.
  • is he the king or is he the king???
    best jailbreak ever!!!!
    -very easy
    -very fast
    -just the best
  • i blackra1ned my touch 2g 3.1.2 and its kinda messed up i need to know how to unblackra1n my touch now anybodya has suggestions??? pls email at
  • ok so i woke up this morning and my iphone 3g 3.1 was in recovery mode!! i didnt know what was wrong so i tryed to jailbreak it with blackra1n. i installed blackra1n, clicked on "make it rain" and then geohot showed up on my iphone screen. but the problem is that, geohot has been on my screen for about 15 mins and it says "done,wait for reboot" on my computer. somebody pleeease help me!!! and tell me what to do or if i just should do something else to get it out of recovery mode. oh, and when i try to restore it to get it out of it it wont let me. it keeps saying "a problem has occcured" or something like that
  • email me at if u have a solution to it
  • hey , i bought an ipod touch(3g) and there is a problem i cant delete my apps bc when its wiggles, i dont see the X
    can somebody help me?
  • every time i try to jailbreak the usb cord picture with the itunes logo comes up and the jailbreak doesnt work wat do i do plz help
  • UNCHECK the COMPABILITY WITH WIN XP and it will run (if u use vista or WIN 7).
  • If you have a 3G ipod touch and the model number starts with "MC" then Blackra1n won't work.
  • omg! easiest jailbreak ever! love it thanks a million!
  • Does this work for ipod touch 2g 3.1.1 OTB never jailbroken before?
  • Listen I have a 2nd gen itouch (thats the newest 1 isn't it? I bought it at an apple store in june.) I hae the latest firmware 3.2.1 and i downloaded blackra1n with perfect success. Hope that helps.
  • awseome!
    make sure you leave blackra1n running when you do this
    when it asks to reboot just do the power cycle yourself by holding down the power button at the top and when it reboots you get the Itunes and ipod plug picture but don't worry! just plug in your ipod and you should see the developers face again, it will continue to reboot and you have all your stuff still including winterboard!!!
  • it dont at all damn blackra1n i have watched vid after vid and it keeps doing the same thing i have a itouch 32gb 3g and i get everything downloaded it looks fine i go to download something rebot it go's to restore mode i have it hooked up to the usb like they say i have to but still it does that and i lose it all if you can't help i got two fingers for blackra1n and it's not peace
  • yes Bizkuit that was it i couldn't download from anything cydia none of it but i i didn't have anything running just shut it down myself and there was the fro hell yea
  • thanks GEOHOT U are soo smart
  • Hi
    I bought itouch 3G 3.1.2 but i cant open youtube in it. its says cannot connect to youtube, my wifi is fine ....i cant play youtube videos also in safari:( please give me solution for that.
  • How i can unlock Iphone 3GS 32GB With 3.1.2
    i try 20 times i dont work i come back to CDIcon that i mast install frimware agin any idea !!
  • It worked perfectly!!! Awesommmee!!But It almost infected my computer with a virus. Good thing I have an Antivirus!
  • i seem to have jailbroken my iphone 3.1.2 i get this symbol in some places that looks like a play sign with a line through it can i get rid of this or is it normal
  • all i want to know did he do it!!
  • FYI to anyone running Vista/Windows 7 if you will NOT check compatability mode it WILL WORK. As stated above in these steps: Restore to 3.1.2 OS / Turn off iPhone Connect iPhone via USB to PC with iTunes open After iPhone starts run blackra1n.exe with iTunes open The process will complete and your done after reboot Vista x64 Quad Core system iPhone 2G 3.1.2
  • guys, it takes some time it took me 3 hours, but its all about the timeing worked for my iPhone 3gs and iPhone 3g
  • i have a iphone 3gs and after jail breaking the phone is getting into recovery mood after restarting it. can u help me solve this problem
  • Does any1 kno if there is a pp for windows that will not get a tetherd jailbreak for iPod touch 3rd gen
  • Hi,
    Have problems with 3G 3.1.2, after running blackra1n can´t open iPhone and run install Sn0w and Cydia. In the screen is still the usb plug and Itunes and text saying "connect to Itunes, 'strange' SIM". My SIM is PIN-locked. Can someone help please??
  • gentilmans pls help a nice lady whos trying to find out about a problem that i haveit for a while....
    ipod 3g 32gb 3.1.1 and i have blackra1n jailbreack every time i sicronyze the apllication i receve a error. what can i do to install my own applications? from torrents? couse in cydia and rock i cannot get big applications
    the error is that 0xe8008001 i apreciate and thks
  • Hi.. i'm new to iphones, but i bought a 3gs iphone recently which worked on my country and a different country too which means that it's unlocked, it had a 3.1 software then i updatetd it to 3.1.2, but it doesnt have the cydia from the begining.. i read about jailbreaking and the blackra1n programme and i tried it several times.. i reach to the point where the blackra1n appears on my iphone and i open it and install the cydia from it, and everything seems to work well.. but when i switch off my phone or when i need to reboot it after a programme everything goes wrong. becoz when i on it, it asks me to connect it to itunes and when i do it asks me to restore it and it returns it back to all the original settings as when i bought what do i have to do and what it the solution?? and another question: if i got the cydia, would i lose it again if i updated the phone next time? and how would i keep the applications from cydia on my computer for future backups??
    i would be so thankful if someone replaied me with clear explanations =).. waiting ur replay
  • How do you download the Appulous thing to download the apple apps for free. I had my ipod jailbroken before with a different program, so i was just wondering if i can find this somewhere in this jailbreak or is there like a different program that does this that is used on blackra1n? any help would be greatly appreciated.thx
  • I used this software on my ipod touch 3g....and it worked:):):):):)
  • was recently inundated with this problem. You should be getting the 0xE8008001 Error.
    The solution is this.
    Hope this will help any of you.
    Open Cydia > Manage > Sources > Edit
    Add source "" cant post links >.< lol
    Section > > "AppSync for OS3.0" > Read info
    Install > done.
    Thanks for the iphoneblog.
  • heyy... i ran blackra1n like a million times and after "make it rain" comes i hit that and then it says "running"... and doesnt do anything after that... what do i do? please help!?
  • and ur able to use this on an ipod touch 8gb right?
  • hey i used blackrain everything went well but my ipod just stays at a black screen and doesnt reboot i reboot it manually and the blackrain app isnt on my ipod wat do i do
  • Have the same problem after a successful reboot, blackrain is not installed. I'm using itunes 8. Will try 9 later.
  • Hello please help. I have done this all perfectly on my FIRST GEN iPhone. Yet I cannot seem to find a programe on cydia to unlock it for my T-Mobile sim card. Help would be appreciated.
  • It did work. I totally love the app. For everyone who's isn't working, retry the process again. it should work. if not on the first time, then sure on the second. it worked fine for me, and now I'm loving my IPod to the extreme. Jailbreaking does make you lose all your apps you've downloaded and music, so be sure to be ready for that(you could always just sync them back in or re-download them again) My Ipod version is 3.1.2 ;].
  • hi i have a problem which i will enter recovery mode everytime i on/off my iphone 3gs after jailbreak . anyone have any way to solve this problem.
  • Same problem as question 478 Jack. HELP!
  • Awesome!!! iPhone 3G 3.1.2 worked in about 1 minute! Thank you so much. Donation will be forthcoming.
    One question. Do I still connect to iTunes for syncing?
  • does this program work on windows vista?
  • Ok, idk if anyone else is having this problem but after i jailbreak my ipod touch(3rd gen) it works fine until i turn it off then back on. As soon as i turn it on it goes into recovery mode making me restore it loosing everything i downloaded through cydia. Any ideas?
  • i v heard that if u have jailbraked itouch 3g and u have putted apps in it....if u turn it off or restart it.....u lose ur that true ...???? how can i fix it?
  • Hi,
    I jailbreaked my iphone 3g version 3.1.2 with firmware 05.11.07 using blackra1n. Initially iphone rebooted and it showed geohot pic and then after reboot it showed blackra1n icon on the iphone. Being a dumb guy and not knowing the difference between jail breaking and unlocking the iphone I uninstalled blackra1n immediately assuming I unlocked the IPHONE. After that I ran blackra1n 50 times to unlock it, but I am not able to see blackra1n icon (Does not know how to install Cydia or ra1n) with out this. Almost spend 15 hours on this. Please help me how can I fix this problem. Thanks in advance.
  • This took 2 minutes on my 16G 3Gs!!! Awesome!!!! My donation is on the way!
  • why does my fone keep asking to connect it to itunes wen i switch it on ?? can you please help mee?????
  • and i have a iphone 3gs 3.1.2
  • HOLY COWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. it works! i love u blackra1n!
  • i tried to install winterboard and when my ipod tried to reboot it stayed off. and now when i try to turn it on the apple logo comes up and then it turns back off. How do i get it back on?
  • every time i do it i click make it rain the my ipod shows the jack pointing to itunes....... and nothing happens. any ideas of how to fix it?
  • ok it works now but it unlocked my ipod with cydia reboot... and all my apps gone!!! it did not even unlock ive been trying for looong time ill post when it works
  • Rerunning the app after every reboot is lame.
  • No matter how many ways or times I try to Jailbreak/Unlock my brand new Iphone 3GS, I get the msg "Different SIM detected: Please connect to ITunes" when I put my TMobile SIM in. Here's the steps: I used blackrain per the instructions without ITunes running. I hit make it rain. Everything looks good like its down loading. I enable my wireless on the phone and launch the blackrain icon on my phone. I install both Cydia and snow. Everything appears to install ok I swap my ATT sim with my TMobile sim and get the above error msg. I can make and receive calls with the TMobile sim in. The weird thing is when I receive a call, it is as if my contacts are loaded because the persons name appears that is calling me. It also recognizes that it is a TMobile sim by the Tmobile at the top left hand corner of the phone. The extra things I have done to try to make it work.
    a. Restore the iphone using ITunes then started the process all over again.
    b. Repeated the process with 3G enabled and disabled
    c. Tried to install Blackrain with either the Sim cards (Tmobile or At&T) and with none
    d. After install of snow & cydia with At&t sim, removed Sim, did reboot then installed Tmobile sim Here are the particulars on my phone: Version 3.1.2 (7D11); s/n 32946 (1st 5 #s); model MC123LL; firmwre: 05.11.07
    I am doing this from a Windows 7 machine
  • I have a 3g iphone and i had not problems downloading the jailbreak. however I can not run any of the apps that i have downloaded from the app store i can push the button and see the app start for about 2 seconds. will i be able to run my apps from the app store and the apps from the jailbreak? Please Help. thanks
  • Hi, i want to remove this jailbreak from my iphone 3.1.2 can this be done???
  • Hi, I am planing to jailbreak with blackra1n... will i loose my contacts, games, pics, apps?? I have an iphone 3g, 8gig, running 3.1.2, firmware 05.11.07... PLEASE HELP
  • I got this to work perfect, even downloaded the Appsync 3.1.2 which works as well...
    Everything is ok until the phone is switched off and back on again. It shows the "Connect to Itunes", which then asks to restore.
    It is obvious that this only seems to work on the older iphones as I have tried everything.
    I have the
    3.1.2 (7D11) firmware original (1 weeks old)
    Modem Firmware Date: 05.11.07
    Does anyone have a solution on this problem as there does seem to be loads of users having this very same problem.
    I can confirm I downloaded the ipsw from the link, and everything does install without any issues....
    Including installing all the ipa games and apps.
    It's if I switch off the phone I have to do all this again, which is time consuming and I loose data saved in one of my apps for mileage and business logs....
    Hope someone can advise...
    Feel free to email me at
  • KC And A - I have the same problem as you, i can jailbreak with no problems. Install Cydia, app sync etc with no errors. But everytime you switch the device off and on the stupid itunes logo and USB appears. Now the only way I have found to get the device back on without restoring it to original settings is to connect the device up and run the blackra1n again.
    It should then keep the current settings and apps etc and you can continue as normal. What I want to know is there a work around for this excpet:
    1) leaving the phone on 24hrs a day
    2) reconnecting to blackra1n everytime reboot the device
    2 of my mates has got the same iphone as me 16gb with 3.1.2 but there ones work like a treat (without the rebooting issue)
    I read somewhere that most recent iphones has had the bootrom software changed and that stops blackra1n working with it (hence the bootup problem)
    Is there or will there be something to stop the reboot problem??????
  • I'm having this problem and would like to know if someone knows how to fix it. I have an iPhone 2g jailbreak to 3.2.1 using blackrain. It works fine but it shuts downs for no reason if you let it wihout toching it or if you unplug it from the charger. The battery is fine but that's the only problem. please help!!
  • Blackra1n does not create the afc2 service needed by iphonepcsuite
    You can install the afc2add program in Cydia to add the service. Just search for it in Cydia and install.
  • haha far out, how stupid r some people. jb in about 10 seconds. workn perfectly now. btw mines a ipod touch 3g 3.1.2.
  • I'm currently using the Iphone 3GS 3.1.2. I jailbroken it and the downloading and the rest of the apps usage seems normal except when I restart the phone manually, it requires me to connect the iphone to itunes. So, I'll have to use Blackra1n again and it resumes back to normal. I had the exact problem as 'KC And A' mentioned above. Please advice me how to deal with this problem.
  • hey is it possible to jailbreak this at all..any program out there???and btw any1 has wifi probs with the itouch
  • ok, i was stupid and accecdently deleted blackra1n app. I went back to andwent to put the app back on, and it did all its normal stuff, my ipod (3rd gen) rebooted i went to my apps and the blackra1n app wasnt there,. I tried like another 10 times and it never came up. mi fren is also tring to use blackra1n (2g) but the app wont come up on his either. plZ need help comment if any ideas TY!!!!
  • thanks for the JB. this is amazing. I have a 8gb 2g and I had to upgrade to 3.1.2 to get a certain app. I was scare at first but it work out brilliantly. I left itune on running in the background and I guess it really worked.
  • just used blackra1n on my iphone 3gs, got cydia installed and everything, but it's so weird that diskaid says my iphone is not jailbroken. how is that possible? i don't understand how it is, because i need to get to the root folder but can't due to this
  • hi, i have a ipod touch 8gb 2nd gen
    i follow the instructions and it work well however after rebooting it doesnt go straight were it should be and it's prompting to hook it up to itunes to restore.
    i tried several times. hope they can do a remedy on this problem.
  • I download everything right, get blackra1n on my computer, attempt to run, and thats where the problem occurs. It says QDFC.dll not found. Not sure what the means, but if you know, please help.
  • Couple of quick notes for people who are having trouble:
    0 - Highly advisable to run it on stock iPhone (not Jailbroken etc)
    1 - Restart computer. Close all program (MSN, AOL etc). If possible your browser as well (especially INTERNET EXPLORER)
    2 - If you are HACTIVATING (using BlackRa1n to activate) - TAKE YOUR SIM OUT OF PHONE!
    3 - When running Blackra1n on Vista or Windows7 , put comptability mode as "XP sp2"
    4 - If hacktivating: Add wifi network. Download cydia + snow. Install them. Restart
    5 - Put sim in. Enjoy.
    [Make sure you have .net 2.0 framework installed]
  • Also
    3b - If you don't see icons after jailbreak. Unplug (keep sim out). Then reboot completely
  • I have the newer boot software in my 3gs 16g it sound like. I install everything but if I reboot or get winterboard it is stuck until I restore the phone. It sucks. I read this whole forum and wasn't sure if anyone had a solution or not..??
    I read about the afc2 but I am not sure that is going to help this problem. Can someone please explain more clearer? Much appreciated
  • How do I know what version ipod I have and if its jailbreakable or not?
  • why do it take forver to reboot my ipod touch 3G after installing an application? It can't be restored! HELPP!!!
  • HELP! i am trying to jailbreak an iphone S black rain is downloaded, but it does not detect my device, same for my i-touch. The plug is in securley, i dont get it. My phone was not jailbroken before. Help?,Please?
  • PROBLEM PLEASE HELP!! - I have completed the entire process and it has been working for the past month or so, but recently I have not been getting any wifi, been getting a message when I open my text messages saying could not connect to cellular network and also look for license, my camera has been getting a pixelated image for a week or so, and also today I got a message saying "This accessory is not made to work with IPhone"
    Please Help it would be much appreciated
  • Hi All, I need help i have 3GS with 3.1.2 jailbroken with blackra1n, however, Cydia logo has disappeared suddenly, but everythig works fine except battery not more that 11 hours. please help Thanks
  • It worked for my iphone 3g but i tried jailbreaking my old iphone 1st generation os 3.1.2 and it didnt work. The picture came up, blackra1n said it was jailbroken but when it says i have to hook it up to itunes, what'd i do wrong. Help please
  • For those of you who are stuck in recovery mode after you press "make it rain", just rerun blackra1n and it should jailbreak your ipod. I tried it using ipod 3rd gen and macbook. Good luck!
  • U no how it says that don't update to 3.1.2 if u want to unlock it? War if it already is cuz I bought my itouch yesterday
  • tried it on windows vista & didnt work, on mac it did
  • He should make it so that you do not even need to plug in your iPod touch you should beable to do it over wifi
  • k i paid my neighbor to jailbreak and unlock iphone 3g and a couple of my itouches, my iphone 3g is running off of 3.1.2 vrs doh i cant upload apps from and they have blackra1n, cydia, n icy on one conflicting with another, cuz on the other hand a couple of my itouches only has cydia and i can upload apps from that same website...nyone has this type of prob???
  • and y is everyone saying u can't unlock with 3.1.2 vrs. either my iphone is lying to me but i look in the about section and it says im running 3.1.2 (7D11) newho, my ? is if i was to try and jailbreak and unlock on my own would it work with windows 7?
  • does it work on 2g iphones?
  • Has anyone figured out how to fix the reboot situation between blackra!n and the itouch 3rd gen?
  • Hey guys I was wondering if you can do the jailbreak without restoring so you can keep all of your apps and data on your iPod?
  • it works for ipod 3g but if you turn it off you need to start all over . i did it three times and as i was addind a app it restored on me and deleted avery thing so i dont recamed it to3g owners ...
  • .... >:/
  • does jailbreaking your ipod 2G 3.1.2. give you wi-fi like a iphone ? please help thanks
    && i jailbroke my ipod but now i have nothing because i don't have wi-fi at my house
    and now i have an empty ipod with nothinng :(
    i need someones help !
  • Guys, need your help. I installed blackra1n and it unlocked my iphone - very nice so far. Now, every time I reboot my phone then it shows me the image where I should connect to itunes. If I run the blackra1n then it unlocks again and everything is fine, but of course I cant continue doing that ... so what is the solution for this ?? thanks
  • hi i done every smoothly, but when i got to the installing of cydia it said 'timed out', i dont understand whats wrong can you please help me out. u can contact me on, thanks.
  • Every time I run blackra1n, it stalls on "entering recovery." I reboot my iPod, and every time it says my iPod is in recovery mode now, and iTunes won't recognize it. If I try running blackra1n again, it gets stuck on "waiting for device" I have to restore 3.1.2 each and every time! What is going on?
  • it wont work for me it just stays on the connecting to itunes screen on my phone. im running on Windows7 too?
  • how come no one's answering if it works on iphone 2g
  • I have exactly the same problem as Zack, it keeps stalling at entering recovery
    I have a 8 GB Ipod touch 2G
  • everything in the installation goes well but when i go to the springboard the blackra1n icon is never there i try installing it million of time but with no result i get to see the geo picture and everything installationg complete but when i open the springboard i dont see the blackra1n icon... some advice would be really good
  • please help guys!!! i have a ipod touch 3.1.2 8gb n think its a 3g im trying to jailbreak it and iv done it over and over again but my screen just goes blank then goes on to the apple icon and goes back to the menu mode i realy want to get it jailbroken can anyone help me plz thanx xx
  • Same I really want my new itouch jailbroken but don't think it can be jailbroken......... Yet
  • Hello I have been having alot of problems getting my iPhone 3Gs jailbroken I was really hoping you guys could help. Everytime I click make it rain it goes into recovery mode then I see geo. Everything seems to be going just great I'll down load cydia. Or rock. But as soon as I restart or reboot the phone it goes straight to recovery mode!?! But the weird thing is when I connect it back and make it rain again it goes right back to everything. But if it gets restarted same thing all over again. I don't know what the heck is going on. I have 3.1.2 if that helps. Thanks so much guys!!
  • For iphone 3gs, running 3.1.2 with latest bootram "improvement" by Apple, you can only do a tethered jailbreak until either Hotz or Dev Team manage to find a way around the obstacle deliberately planted by Apple.
    In the meantime, the only other solution is to just leave your iphone on all the time. I don't see any reason to ever switch it off in the first place, unless you are flying (you can just switch off so that you cannot receive signals from carrier, but still leave it on like a pda)...
  • i had no trouble making it rain with my ipod even though its using 3.1.2 but after i shut it off and then turn it on it asks to be connected to itunes like when i first turned it on after i bought it so i did the recover thing itunes requested me to do and the blackra1n app and rock aren't on my ipod and neither are any of my other apps and the problem is still happening has this happened to anyone else and how do i fix it? thank you for leaving any suggestions
  • @Grant McNulty. You didn't have to run the recovery as requested by iTunes. Just run blackra1n again. If you restart your ipod you have to run blackra1n everytime. I just avoid restarting.
  • @ek9 and Jul: I've jailbroken a 2g touch. Just need to make sure you are upgraded to 3.1.2 or you'll brick it (which I did)
  • Question about apps. When I download apps using appcake or intallous they disappear when I sync. Am I missing a package? I install Appsync in cydia.
  • OMFG thank you whoever said to turn off compatibility mode!!!!! This was driving me literally insane, but this simple solution fixed it perfectly. FYI, running Vista 64 with a 3.1.2 3GS 16GB.
  • what does it do in the aftermath.sumbody plzzzz explain what can i do differently!!!!!
  • i hate how ipod touch 3g is tethered, it really stinks
  • hey people help me i have jailbroken my ipod touch 8gb 2 gen using blackra1n it was very easy well im trying to jail break my friends 8gb 2gen ipod touch but blackra1n isnt working out plz help!!
  • i run blackra1n on my mac for my 3gs and it puts it in recovery mode and nothing happens! help!
  • I'm thinking about downgrading the ipod touch 3g 3.1.1 to 3.0 and jailbreaking it using redsnow 8, will it work? it worked when i accidentally upgraded my 2g to 3.1.2 and than downgraded back to 3.0.
  • i was watching someones youtube video a they said you need to jailbreak ipod 3g (3.1.2) twice i worked for me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i tryd doin in twice it stil dunt work iv dun it ldz ov tymz i reli dno wa 2 do xx
  • wow work withing 1 minute thanx just one quick question do i need to install the app called installer
  • also i am running on windows 7
  • My Iphone 2g became disabled cause of the passcode so i took it to apple store to get reset to factory settings, and it got updated with newest firmware, The girl activated my phone using my friends ATT sim card, but i am trying to use blackra1n to jail break it so i can use it with tmobile it goes through all the steps but on the last one reboot it just sits on a blank screen!! anyhelp on this THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Like some of the people here, I had issues installing blackra1n.
    When I ran the program, it would show the picture of the cable and the Itunes symbol, but would not do anything other than say it was in recovery on the PC.
    I disabled compatibility mode and it worked first go in seconds. Might be the solution for some people.
  • I'm tired of installing blackra1n everything goes well but when i check the springboard is like it never happend i can't get to see the blackra1n icon can someone please help me i would really appreciate it
  • spacespinner could u tel me how to turn of compatibility mode please as i have no idea how to do it lol thanx
  • I cannot install hackulous and appulous or when I try to download app from appulous it's say safari can not download this file
  • I jailbroke my iPhone at 3.0, do I to jailbreak it again when I restore it and upgrade it in 3.1.2? answer please
  • @DrManhattan you'd have to find a 3.0 firmware for the ipod touch 3g, which i dont think exists?
  • please can somebody tell me how to turn off compatibility mode please!
  • Okay, I've been seeing similar problems, but nothing I can quite identify as mine, so here goes... Blackra1n, it installs fine. Geohot's picture, recovery, reboot, on. No problem, the icon's there, I can run it, it's good. But, it's when I turn my iPod off then back on that it goes into recovery mode. Anyone know what that's all about?
  • Ok I'm a new owner of an iPod touch 2nd generation 8g I was wondering can someone tell me every step I need to take to jailbreak my iPod please it would be very helpful to me
  • Here is a guide :)
  • is it normal that when i jailbreak it works great and fine in basically every way untill i 100% shut it down, or it dies. then it put my ipod into recovery mode again and it asks for me to restore. is there any way to make it so that i can shut down my ipod completely and be able to turn it on with out re-jailbreaking it through make it ra1n???
  • When I try to download Cydia, it won't appear on my springboard. HELP!
  • I tried to jailbreak my new iphone 3gs 3.1.2 yesterday with blackra1n but when the image of geohot disappeared the phone went black and dead. I restored it and tried again but with no fortune. Someone having the same problem or knows how to fix it?
  • i think jims advise worked. i dont know because i install something on cydia and when ir reboots it appears the itunes logo and the usb cable and when i go to itunes it appears that i have to recover and when i download cydia it appears an error. Should i download rock instead? plz help!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • plz help, everything went ok but when im tring to install cydia or rock it has an error the error says, oh wait it just finished the installation ok! because i reconected now im gonna download winterboard to see if it has the reboot problem.
  • now cydia is reorganizing...
  • Please Help... I have managed to get blackrain onto my springboard but can't get to select any of the packages (cydia etc)as it says "please check your internet connection" I also have "No service" on my sim. Does anyone know what I can do to get connected?
  • How come no one is attempting to help with the problems people are complaining of? Is it because yours works perfectly and either you refuse to believe there could be a problem, or you don't give a damn because, hey, yours works, why should you care? we need help, so help us.
  • please can somebody tell me how to turn off compatibility mode ive askd so many times i would be so greatful if sum1 can tel me.
  • my Wi-fi stopped working, what do i do?
  • hey guys so i tried jailbreakin' my ipod touch 8gb 3g 3.1.2 firmware and when i tried downloading it didn't let me. it said error 403 or something like that. i have a windows vista (: someone help me? kayy thanks (:
  • i was doing jailbreak from a XP Virtual Machine running on linux and it didnt work at all, i only get itunes connect icon and not the retarded face. I did it on a native XP and i saw the retarded inmediatly. There was a problem with usb sync, exploit was being send too fast.
    I hope this helps
    I have an Iphone 3GS 3.1 OTB, upgraded via itunes to 3.1.2
    now jailbreaked thanks to George. Keep the good work!
  • hello I recently got an iPod touch 3g and I jailbroke it. well I'm having trouble getting the themes to work and I can't seem to figure out why. I download cydia and then winterboard and the themes go to winterboard but when I checkmark them it doesn't change anything. so how do I reboot cydia and winterboard without it deleting blackra1n. please get back to be as soon as possible, it would be greatly appreciated, thanks a million(:
  • please somebody tell me how to turn off compatibility mode! x
  • I am having the same problem as jodsterbhoy, has anyone found a way to fix this problem? I read on a post that you should reset your network settings with airplane mode set to off, and when you reset it should work but that didnt seem to work either. Any help would be much appreciated as this is really starting to wear on my sanity.
    Thanks in advance.
  • Sorry thee problem is after blackrain is installed i get a message please check your internet connection...
  • Hayley what version of windows are you running? Usually it involves right clicking on the app in question and then properties=> compatibility and then its really easy from there, just uncheck the option
  • i jailbroke my ipod touch with backra1n but i need unjailbreak it so i can go back to apple =with my warrenty and get my hardware fixed.
    but every time i try top restore my ipod so the jailbreak is deleted after it restores it says restoring firmware and then gives me the error code 6
    what can i do to fix this?
    i tried recovery and DFU modes
  • Hey guys, I just jailbroke my 3gs v. 3.1.2. Everything is working phenominally!!!! Quick question though, will I be able to hook into tge newest iTunes on my comp and sync music, pics, etc. Without any problems? I love blackra1n and it's working so well and I don't want to mess anything up by trying to sync.
  • Why does my iTunes keep resetting my iPhone 3GS right before it's about to finish completeing the JB?? It has done it over and over now. Is there a way i can make that stop?? I'm on an iMac by the way
  • Hi people! I hav an 3g iTouch 8gb and i've tried like 100 times to jailbreak it but doesent works. But, to the people that got stuck on the blackscreen or recovermy mode, i hav the solution without restoring it.
    Blackscreen: hold POWER and HOME together until u see the apple logo.
    Recovery mode: enter DFU mode by pressing POWER and HOME together 10sec then keep pressing ONLY HOME for 6 seconds. After u enter in DFU, jsut restart ur iphone/ipod bye holding HOME and POWER until u see the apple logo.
    So for me the jailbreak didn't work so i would appreciate if someone could help me.
  • Oh and one more thing... i don't have wifi. My friend has wifi and his ipod is jailbroken verry fast and eazy but mine=FAIL so please help!
  • Please Help Is There Anyway To Jailbreak Ipod Touch 3.1.2 3g Without Blackra1n Because When My Ipod Restarts It Says I Have To Plug It Into Computer For Itunes And Then Deletes Everything After Restore ... Btw Restore Is The Only Thing I Can Do After It Has Been Restarted Someone Please Help My Email Address Is Its Really Starting To Annoy Me Thanks In Advance :) xxx
  • i found out that you should not turn your ipod off, tht would cause it to recover , i think you supposd to keep it locked. buh i have a question , will it go to recovery if the battery dies , i need a reply plz and thx alot
    and a another noob question , if your touch is locked can it still lose battery life ?
  • this is a normal problem the reboot issue every time the phone or i pod shutsdown or the battery dies you have to run blackra1n agin to reboot it
  • I think the reason a lot of questions aren't being answered is because people find it difficult to help people who fail to read what has been stated at least 10 times. Apparently there is no way to keep blackra1n on your 3g ipod after you shut it down/power it off. The only way not to have to re-install is by keeping your ipod on. This has been stated several times. If you don't want to have to keep installing the app after reboot don't use this app until a more lasting version has been developed. I'm not sure why the other questions haven't been answered. I've never jailbroken anything but I know one can learn alot by simply reading. Good luck all.
  • i have already broken my ipod and am tethered. it died on me and i had to use a mac to re-ra1n it. blackra1n says that it was a sucsesful jail breaking and all that nonsense, but it does not show the picture like it should and then reboot. it just continues with the plug into itunes picture. help?
  • Ok, so I've been trying to install blackra1n on my iPhone 3GS (running 3.1.2) for the past 2 hours, and my phone just kept getting stuck on "entering recovery." I restored my phone probably at least 10 times, and it still wouldn't work. I just FINALLY got it to install, and it was really quick and didn't give me any trouble. :-D
    What I did:
    1. Turn off iPhone
    2. Unplug iPhone from the computer
    3. Run blackra1n (it will say "waiting for device")
    4. Plug in iPhone
    5. Wait 20-60secs, done
    Hope this works for at least some of you. I had installed blackra1n when I first got my iPhone a few days ago and it worked perfectly, but I don't know why I had so much trouble after restoring it and doing it again. Works now, am going to play! :-D
  • Hey I jailbroke my iphone 3gs in 30 seconds and it also unlocked my network settings so it automatically jumped from 02 to (IRELAND) but if i switch my phone off i have to jailbrak again using blackrain otherwise it will not reboot? any idead, excellent jb!!
  • How to Put Your iPod into DFU Mode
  • its helful for errors and virus on the ipod or iphone whatever.
  • Jailbroke my iphone 3GS recently purchased with the latest hardware and software (3.1.2) in about 30 seconds. Just have patience. Took me two tries, the second time I waited for a while before doing anything, even when the computer or iphone look like they hung.
    No regrets on the tethered reboot since I leave my phone on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year...
  • Does Blackra1n work for the 3rd generation ipod touch version 3.1.2?
  • hey guys iknow this is gunna sound dumb but i jailbroke my ipod for the first time...everything went well but ihad no idea that the blackra1n app was supposed to be on i uninstalled it and restored my ipod plus it asked to update it so i did that. after that i realized that the blackra1n app was supposed to be on there so i tried again but it doesnt work. it just saids entery recovery and sits there...ive tried everything but i still can jailbreak it...can someone plzz help
  • Haley, right click on blackra1n.exe on your desktop and hit properties. Go to the compatibility button along the top and uncheck run this program in compatibility mode.
  • I have a first generation 8gig iTouch.
    I restored it from the old jailbreak i had, so i could use blackra1n. i get to the "make it rain" button, press it, then it says its going into recovery mode. my itunes recognizes this, then tells me that i MUST restore my ipod due to it being in recovery mode before i can do anything with itunes. so i'll have finished the jailbreak, but my itouch is useless cause i HAVE to restore before i can get to the home on my itouch. WTF IS WRONG WITH IT ?!
  • I have an iPhone 3GS and I have jailbroken it with blackra1n. When i open the iphone,it goes on recovery mode and I have to conect it to my pc and run blackra1n.exe
    What should I do to skip the connection?
  • does this work if your Ipod2g is at firmware 2.2.1? It is already jailbroken with QuickPwn like a year ago.
  • just got my 2g to jailbreak, after many tries. i kept getting stuck in restore mode. the last time i closed blackrain and reopened it, hit make it rain again and it worked. goodluck to all.
  • kritonpc - nothing you can do except wait for someone (either dev team or geohotz) to get around the latest bootrom. meantime, don't switch off your phone. if you do, make sure you have a pc near you so you can start blackra1n again.
    this is called a tethered jailbreak.
  • hey id like t but i cant pay cuz i dnt have a crdit card is there any way around this
  • If you care about other people plz read this message. I have 2nd gen and keep installing program it says done reboots then no push icon found anywhere on iPod. Tried compatible mode on and off tried dfu mode tried restart all with no luck. I'm running windows 7. Email dsnel@Stevens. Edu for some help I'll pay you ten dollars via paypal if u can get this working
  • Hi ppl,
    I tried to run blackra1n, but everytime I run it, the phone reboots, then ask to unlock sim, so far so good, but the icon of blackra1n and Cydia is not present on my screen.
    Can anyone help me?
  • i hav a 32 gig ipod ouch. 3.1.2 firmware right out the box and i think its 5.11 baseband. blackra1n only gives me a tethered jailbreak. my friends 8 gig is the same thing when wwe try. i want to be able to turn my ipod on and off when i choose. what should i do?
  • i jailbroke my ipod touch 3rd/2nd gen 8gb, yesterday succesfully. know its off and i plugged it in and i ran blackra1n but it gets stuck at running. ive done everything that is says everywhere but i cant find a solution.
  • ok forget what i said, after literally no joke, the 50th time it worked. i unchecked compatability for the 5th time and it then stayed at the first screen, i plugged in the ipod and it started running and it said it was done and i saw the magnificent geohotz on my ipod.
  • after you are done all of this stuff how do you get the free apps on your ipod. i do not know how to do that
  • go to this vid 4 free apps:
  • why does it keep saying u have to reboot your phone not just respring??? how can i reboot it?? every time i try it goes into recovery mode..
  • I wish I could get as far as some of you. I downloaded Blackra1n for my mac and can't even get the program to start. I've shut down my computer. Deleted the program and downloaded it again on countless occasions. I thought maybe it was because I was still using 1.5 Leopard, but I just recently upgraded to the lastest Snow Leopard and have still gotten no luck with getting it to even start up. WTH is wrong?
  • 10.5* My bad
  • I tryed to download blackra1n but the program kept closing and I tryed the jailbreaking before on his laptop and of corse some kid came up a ripped the cord out which completely wrecked my iPod, so now we restored it and there is a little battery percentage number there which is odd. But if you could pleas help me, that will be great.
  • yup. 3.1.2 still not work for 3g :)
  • I have Ipod touch 1G, 3.1.2. tried to jailbreak it with blackra1n and its not working, when i start process it shows on my ipod screen picture connecting to itunes, and nothing going on later :( so every time when it didnt work out i have to restore my ipod with itunes again. Why it`s not working???
  • I have a Itouch 2.2.1 and I pressed "make it rain" on my mac and my itouch stared to reboot witch I think is normal. Now my Itouch rebooted, Itunes comes up and says "you have to restore this itouch if you want to use it but then my itouch gets to the unlock screen and itunes notices it and registers it like it usually does and nothing has changed. My friends 3.1.2 iphone had a guy in black rain pic on his screen when he did it but i didn't and when his rebooted he had an app called blackra1n. What can I do?????PLS HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • If theres anyone that has the "entering recovery" stuck problem follow these steps:
    1: put blackra1n.exe in C: or ur main hard drive
    2: press ctrl+alt+delete and open the task manager
    3: go tothe processes tab and close anything that has to do with apple, ipod or itunes.
    4: run blackra1n from c: as administrater and it should work
    NOTE: i had itunes closed and the home page on my ipod was open (not the lock screen but the screen after u unlock it) and im using ipod touch 3g with 3.1.2 firmware
  • ok ive read lots of storys so im guessing that iphone 3gs with 3.1.2 will not jail break very easy with blackra1n????
  • i have 2 ipods one is a 2nd gen and the other is a 3rd....both with 3.1.2 and i used blackraain to jailbreak them, they were both fine for a couple days, on my 3rd gen i installed a program from cydia and it had to reboot, i did that and it went into recovery mode, i had to restore it and i re did it a second time and installed ipod rebooted like it said would happen, and it went back to recovery mode...can anyone help me out?
  • Chris, rerun blackra1n again. There is no need to restore the iPod unless you are getting rid of the blackra1n jailbreak. When the iPod reboots, it will always appear saying to connect to iTunes. just plug it back in and run blackra1n on your computer. Everything should be the same.
  • Hi all I m in a big problem. I jst jailbreak my iphone 3gs, and I installed a theme called 'a better mustang'
    after rebooting it.. my iphone dont gettng start.. I jst see the apple logo.. nthng else
    pls help..!!
  • i accidentally updated my iphone 3g in itunes ito 3.1.2 version and now i cant use it please...
  • A picture of the guy comes up and I cant get rid of it...
  • RICHTIG HAMMER LEUTE!Ich hab vorher so viel scheiß probiert wie quickfreedom und so aber das ging ja innerhalb von nen paar sekunden danke leute!
  • God, this is what you want it to do. Wait a little longer and if it doesnt boot right, shut down the ipod, wait 5 seconds, then turn it back on. If the Connect to iTunes screen comes up, rerun blackra1n and hopefully it will work right this time.
  • my ipod jailbreak blackra1n really fast. less than 10 seconds, but the reboot take like 40 minutes and is still not work.
    1) i tries to restart my ipod by holding down home and power
    2) I has restore my ipod to it factory setting which is 2.2.1 3
    3) i tries to jailbreak for like the 10th times now is still not work, the rebooting part is killing me.
    4) the picture is suppose to pop up but is pop u like 1 second, i barely see it and is continue. or sometime is just pop up white screen for a split second. and on window is said jailbreak is done. please wait for reboot,
    5) i have been do so and wait for it to reboot. for like 40 minutes.
    pls help.
  • my ipod is rebooting by itself y
  • My friend turned off my iTouch after I jailbroke it. i tried to rejailbreak it as I was told to when this happened. So I tried but the jailbreak no longer works. I get a black screen other than the dude on my ITouch. PLLLLZZZZZZ COMMENT AND HELPPPPPPPPP MEEEEEEEE
  • Nick: If you read previously, you need to rerun Blackr4in with your ipod connected (essentially, you need to re-jailbreak it, kind of). Then click "make it rain" again. Because you have a tethered jailbreak, you need to do this every time you turn off your itouch. So don't turn it off if you don't need to, or have a computer nearby!
  • I have tried to jailbreak my iPod touch 2nd generation with the softwar/firmware of 2.2.1. I have not been able to jailbreak it yet. all that happens is i push the "make it ra1n" button and it goes into recovery mode, as noted, but once it says congrats... blah blah blah... wait for reboot, it will NOT reboot even when i run it again.
    please help
  • I have jailbroken my ipodtouch using black rain i cant install cracked games. my ipt model is mcxxxx. is it possible to install cracked games with this model. can you please tell me how if it is thanks.
  • oh, and needless to say i haven't updated to the software of 3.1.2 yet or the 9.0.2 itunes update. i doubt thats the problem but just decide to add more info so someone can help me, also the screen remains black while rebooting no picture of any guy comes up after the plug and itunes icon
  • my other apps dnt wrk
  • I've tried both pwnage an blackra1n and they both don't work for my 3Gs on 3.1.2. I'm a MAC user but that shouldn't make a difference. After blackra1n I see the screen shot of the many iPhones then my phone goes into recovery. It's very annoying. So far, balckra1n has worked for everyone but me. Please help.
  • Just run again, some iphone 3gs need to run 2 time blackra1n to work....
  • ok so ive been jailbreaking my ipod since day one on almost every single version. i've jailbroken my 1st gen when i had it and my second gen and many others> its usually easy for me but recently i got a 3g for my birthday and tried to jailbreak it on 3.1.2 and it says that it was successfully jailbroken and then the screen reverts back to the restore screen, which restores it to factory settings. does this jailbreak not work for the 3g itouch? and is there any way to fix this problem.
  • Does Blackra1n work for the 2nd generation ipt with software 2.2.1? or do you neeeeeed 3.1.2?
  • Hey , I need some help here,
    I downloaded Blackrain, clicked on make it rain, and it all works as it should ( I see geohot and it reboots) bu I dont see the blackrain app.. Ive tried several things but nothing seems to work.. I just never get the blackrain app. Plz help ;)
  • I'm wanting to jailbreak my ipod touch 2g but i read somewhere that if your model # starts with MR, it will work but if it starts with MC (mine is MC) it will not work,what does the model # have to do with anything? can someone shed some light on this?
  • Question
    I was able to jailbreak my new 3gs running 3.1.2 (7d11) with firmware 05.11.07 using blackra1n. I realize this is a tethered jailbreak. Is anyone working on a resolution to the tethered jailbreak that will resolve having to rerun blackra1n once you power off and back on the phone. Everything else is fine, its just the fact that if you have to power off the phone or the battery dies, the only way to get the phone to boot back up ist to rerun blackra1n. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  • Its been acouple of day now since i use blackrain to jailbreak my phone ,i go to use and its askin me to connect to itunes how do i fix that. My phone runs slower now can anybody help me
  • Hi I have not kept up with iPhone unlock/jailbreak so please bear with me.
    I hesitated to upgrade due to the difficulty of unlocking and jailbreaking iPhones after 3.1 came out. I stayed with 3.0.
    I currently have an unlocked & jailbroken iPhone 2g and am using Windows.
    Here is my question:
    Will Blackrain be able to unlock (or keep it unlocked) my iPhone 2g while jailbreaking it? Thanks in advance!
  • Will it work on ipod touch 2g mc model? i know that it wont on ipod touch 3g mc model, but what about 2g mc?
  • Mine is MB i think, least thats what it says why are they all differnt?
  • I was having some trouble getting BlackRa1n RC3 to work with my iPhone. I tried 5 times and kept having to restore the phone with iTunes. Finally got it to work and wanted to let people know what I did to hopefully save people some time.
    Turns out that the new apple iPhones still run 3.1.2 but now its 3.1.2 OOB which has an upgraded iBoot which fixes the iPhone bug that allows Jailbreaks to be persistent across restarts.
    1) Run Jailbreak. For me this would briefly show a restore screen, then a picture of GeoHot, then the iPhone would restart and again show a restore screen forever. This is where I gave up before and restored by iPhone.
    2) Don't restore yet. BlackRa1n should have had an alert popup saying that it was done and the "make it rain button" will have become a grayed out "done, wait for reboot". With you iphone still plugged in go up to the file menu and quit black rain. Then reopen Blackra1n and the "make it rain" button will reappear.
    3) Rerun Blackra1n (your iphone is still in recovery mode) the same process will occur again but this time it should reboot back to a working iPhone.
    4) Follow the other tutorials to run BlackSn0w and enable tethering etc.
    Note: on these new iphones with 3.1.2 OOB the iphone will go back into restore mode on every reboot (pressing the top sleep button for 3-5 seconds) the only way to fix this is to tether your phone and either rerun BlackRa1n or Restore with iTunes. This is definitely not ideal so consider carefully whether jailbreaking your phone is worth it.
  • I downloaded and installed blackra1n for my ipod touch 3.1.2 but after i selected what i wanted to install and shut it off. Now, when i turn my ipod back on it is stuck on a screen where a usb icon is pointing to an itunes icon with an arrow. What do i do to fix this? My ipod is useless and won't turn off the right way. I tried to what other websites said, but when i open itunes it does not reconize my ipod when it is stuck on this screen. Please help me.
  • I’ve got the 8 gb iphone 3g. It’s version 3.1.2 and has the latest firmware 5.11.07. When I run blackra1n everything works fine, it reboots, I get the restore screen, and I see Geohots face. However, once this is done I don’t have the blackra1n app on any of my screens. I’ve tried every method I saw on this comment page and have had no luck, any help would be great.
  • Can you still import songs???
    After doin this
  • guys i have a problem i leave my iphone to finish his batery and now who go to recovery again i hav3 20 hours and he stuck show me the red batery and nothing happened plz help mee!!!my english is bad sorry..
  • I have managed to unlock my iphone 3G and am now using an Orange sim card, but it never keeps the signal, worked fine on the original o2 sim, now I get signal sometimes and mostly I don't unless I take out the sim, put it in my old phone and then put it back into the iphone! Has anyone else had this problem? Is there a solution?
  • when i downloaded this i wen to the blackra1n app and downloaded rock and cydia like it told me too and restarted it, now what do i just pop my simin and it works or what?
  • ya like my name says i dont think that its worth jailbreaking the ipod because it doesnt have any good games. although there is a large amount of other apps that may be worth the while to jailbreak for them. TO ANSWER A LOT OF PEOPLES QUESTIONS, YES THIS JAILBREAK DOES WORK FOR IPOD 1ST GENERATION AND YES IF IT HAS 3.1.2 AND ITS 1ST GENERATION IT TAKES 1 MINUTE THE MOST.
  • yeaaah!
  • @Somanza I've noticed the things you said, and the ipod turns back on. But the problem is that, everytime you turn it off, it goes back in recovery mode.
    And then you have to black rain it out again.
  • Hi all,
    I have freezing problems also and tried runing it at as normal not under sp2 and not as administrator and this worked a treat. hope this helps
  • I get the jail break just fine but when i download something like winterboeard i cant get our of recovery mode , anyone know what to do at that point ?
  • Okay now this was interesting. I was trying to use blackra1n to jailbreak my iPhone 3G 3.1.2 on Windows Vista and it kept hanging on the USB/iTunes icon. I was following all the steps to a T. I switched over to my laptop running Windows 7 and did the exact same thing and it worked. First try!
  • yeah..easiest jailbreak ever using blackrainn
  • I want to jailbreak properly iphone 3gs(ver:3.1.2)...
    Can anyone help me out plz...
  • Blackra1n is really something great. I used it on my newly purchased iPod touch and it turned out to work very well. My itouch is decked out and all it took was about a minute just a minute of watch geohot do his thing. I was sure about the whole jailbreak thing at first but it turns out to be something that people are really missing out on. Try it and if possible make a donation!
  • I´ve got a problem with the blackra1n. I have the first generation Ipod, with the latest version of the software (3.1.2), and I run the blackrain, the "drop" icon of blackra1n appears in the screen, but when i sincronise an aplication, i just don´t see the icon. The itunes tells me that the operation has been succesful but I just don´t see anything. So I restored the ipod, did everything again, and I can´t see the icons of the applications i transfer. I can assure that with the other version the ipod was just fine.
    if you have a 2nd gen or possibly a 3rd gen (not confirmed yet) that you have jailbroken, if you use blackra1n on the 2nd gen it WILL work, BUT if you install cydia or rock or anything like that, YOU CANNOT, REPEAT CANNOT POWER DOWN YOUR ITOUCH!!!! THIS IS WHAT PUTS IT IN RECOVERY MODE!!!
    its a major bug that hackers are unable to fix, and after the first gen jailbreak came out apple fixed this breach in the 2nd gens coding, so if you power the device down it will crash.
    HOWEVER putting it in standby by clickin the top will not affect it, you still have a jailbroken itouch. So the down side is your ipods on 24/7, but its still jailbroken.
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  • ive just read that iphone OS 4.0 is out on jan 27th...what happens to my 3.1.2 jailbreak then? is there a way to update my blackra1n?
  • I had the problem where I set the theme but when i hit the home button the theme didn't set it just went to the original theme. I fixed it by syncing my ipod, then rerunning blackra1n, WITHOUT resetting my ipod then it just worked... i really hoped this worked!!!
  • Slim Shady: i have a touch 3 g. v. 3.1.2 and i CAN power it down without crashing but only if i run blackra1n in compability mode for windows vista sp2 and as administrater!
  • this new blacknr1 works so fast and easy!!! ive never jailbroken anything so easily!!!
  • this is my secibd time jailbreaking my ipod touch 3g v 3.1.2 and it doesnt show up on my ipod touch the blackra1n icon
  • sorry second time
  • help please any one
  • @ all with no success. Control, alt, del, turn off processes related to apple- itunes, bonjour, and so on, but DO NOT end process for AppleMobileDevice. Make it ra1n!
  • I've tried many times to jb 3Gs (3.1.2). I face 2 problems here:
    1. if I connect to itune via cable, the phone goes into recovery mode automatically if I power off the phone and on again, it goes into recovery mode as well. There must be somtheing I missed during the jb. Any help would be great. (I am running widows 7)
  • if power off the phone ang on again, it goes into recovery mode as well.
  • I've got a weird problem. Can't tell if others have the same issue. Since jailbreaking, I can't have both my iphone (3G with 3.1.2) and my desktop on the wireless network (Airport base station) at the same time. The IPs are different, but it doesn't matter. I can have one or the other, but not both. I've reset, rebooted, everything solution people have offered for others, but my problem remains. Anyone else know?
  • download afc2add through cydia to get pc suite to work.
  • I got the same problem as SRH2008 does anyone now solution for this problem? I have 3Gs (3.1.2)
  • How do I delete this fagot kid's picture off my phone?
  • This program is kinda weird and frustrating
    i have THREE Ipod Touchees and it worked on the first one i did
    but the other 2 dont work whats up with that????
  • I installed blackra1n on my iphone along with snow, cydia, and rock, and my battery life plummeted ridiculously. I was losing literally 1% of my battery about every 2 minutes, and the phone wasn't even doing anything. I have wi-fi turned off, push set to every 1 hour, and tethering turned off. I didn't install any Cydia or Rock apps. Just a clean, vanilla jailbreak. Is anyone else having this problem? I can plug the iPhone into the dock (with the screen locked and off), and the charger is having difficulty just keeping up with the contant drain (it's taking twice as long to charge as it used to). What the heck would be causing this? Is there any way to find out?
  • Quick follow-up: I also did a complete network reset from the settings menu (and even deleted the tethering config file), along with a hard reset (completely powered off and then back on), but that didn't fix the battery life problem.
    Any ideas?
  • Okay I have a problem.... I jailbroke my 2ND GEN IPOD TOUCH with blackrain, downloaded cydia install0us installd patch and still i cant get the friggin IPA files to install it sais they are invalid.
    And my other question is what is this difference between a JAILBREAK and an UNLOCK. thanks for ur time hope someone will answer my question correctly.
  • My iPhone 3GS has crashed and will not come back on. It stays on the Apple screen and that's it. I just recently jailbroke my phone using Blackra1n. Please help.
  • Hi. By mistake I have upgraded my iphone 1st generation to 3.1.2 and now it is not detecting the carrier. No network signal is coming although Wi Fi is working. Pls guide me, how to downgrade to a capatible firmware version of iphone 1st generation.
    Looking forward for a quick response.
  • why everytime i jail break my iphone useing blackrain if my phone dies or turns off i have to restore it back to factory settings or back it up?
  • i have a 2nd gen ipod touch 8mb... i restored to factory setting and closed itunes and then ran blackra1n, it shows it working and then goes to the itunes plug then just goes to blank black screen, i dont get george hotz pic on there, what am i doing wrong? i got the damn thing to work once but tried to load winterboard and it went into a like a reboot and screwed up my jailbreak... can anyone help me... i also run windows xp if that makes a difference... if you would like to talk more directly to me my email is or you can find me on facebook under shawn morgan from MI
  • IS it necessary to have iTunes 9 or can i use a lower version with this jailbreak?
  • I have a few questions.
    (info: New iPod Touch 3g on 3.1.2 software, running iTunes
    I just cracked my iPod with blackra1n, then have been downloading apps through installious, and have appsync installed as well. Everything has been running fairly smooth... until I have to restart my iPod. Each time i restart my iPod it gets stuck in recovery mode and I have to restore it, losing any downloaded apps (appsync doesnt seem to be working :/ ?) Do I need to download a different crack for it to work properly? My friend has a 2g touch on 3.1.1 and his is working fine... I've been searching the web for hours but cant find anything, and would really like to not lose my apps i already have too if possible. Any suggestions?
    (e-mail is if you want to reply there too)
  • yo its simply awesome this program tanks a lot for it =)
    i used on my itouch 2g and it works great =)
  • i am having the same problem as spencer is and i dont want to lose all of my appps and have to re sync them because the ipod keeps going into recovery mode. somebody please tell me what to do?!?!?!?!?!?
  • @hazza5000 I jailbroke my itouch 3rd gen and its all worked than it rebooted as it should and than it said connect to itunes and i had to resync all of my stuff and loss lots aswell is there jailbreak software for 3rd gen yet???? plz
  • is there jailbreak for 3rd gen 8gb itouch yet
  • why wont it work with the i pod touch for the 3g
  • im trying to use blackra1n but i keep getting an error can anyone give some tips?
  • With my iPhone I jailbreaked it last night and I had download a thing off of cydia and it said it had to reboot and when it did it didn't turn back on all it did was show me a USB symbol pointing up saying iTunes what does that mean?
  • I was having the problem where it gets stuck in recovery mode after showing the guys face. To fix this, I just ran blackra1n again while it was in recovery mode and things worked great.
  • Iphone 3GS 16GB Worked like a charm on 3.1.2 much faster than quickpwn Thank you....
  • i cant find my icy on my ipod touch 2g 3.1.2 when i used blackra1n
  • Ok guys listen up, I have 3 iphones 2 3g 3.1 firmware and one 3gs 3.12
    ok i used blackra1n on my 3gs and it worked fine apart from having to connect to a pc with blackra1n and itunes installed everytime i boot, i then next ran it on both of my old iphone 3g`s with 3.1, again worked fine and can reboot both devices all fully jailbroken. The strange thing in this is that the 3gs iphone (3.1.2) now works with orange as well as o2 but not tmobile ot virgin or vodaphone and just one of the 3g ones works the same way too, but the other 3g iphone on 3.1 wont unlock at all it says on the phone differnet sim found and asked to be connected to itunes when connecting it itunes refuses to regiister phone and says contact carrier, but whats more interesting is even though when unplugged from the pc and the screen shows emergancy call only if you ring the orange number from another phone the iphone then rings and allows you to answer the call ? its life its unlocked but the screen or phone thinks that it isnt how strange anyone any ideas....
  • The website doesnt work anymore for some reason!!!
  • I jailbroke my iPhone 2g/ it was working fine then all of a sudden it rebooted and i cant get to my contacts, phone, messaging, or settings!!!!
  • 1 the website does work clear your cache in IE, and 2 your iphone is most likely in recovery mode with itunes running and the phone plugged into your pc`s usb run blackra1n again it should sort it or if that fails restore your old backup
  • i gave up on blackra1n... i used redsn0w and it worked just fine... now i do have to run a tether each time i reboot and i have a 2nd gen ipod touch... but my model starts with a MC so it only can run tether.. i dont know if that would have made a difference in blackra1n or not...
  • Ok, if there's no way to keep my info after each reboot then i dont think the hack is worth it... Is there any way to make my 3G Touch go from 3.1.2 to 3.1.1? My friends 2G touch works perfectly on 3.1.1. Is there any way to do this, cuz I would love it so much if something actually worked for me for a change ;)
  • visit this site for some awesome tips on jailbreaking and cool cydia apps like infnidock
  • Hey blackra1n didn't work . It worked but iTunes told me to update and some thing else and it deleted 7gb worth of stuff and the jailbreak was deleted. If u have any suggestions
  • hi all
    i was wondering if someone can help me with this lock issue.
    i am using balckra1n but the thing is that my phone is rebooting by itself every now and then.
    and i need to do the procedure every time.
    any tips.why is it doing that problem./
  • this app worked like a treat and for once i would recommend this to all, i have iphone 3g 3.12 firmware 05.11.07
  • hi, I jailbreaked my ipod touch 8 GB with blackra1n and a few hours ago i had to reboot my devise to add a theme, then it said I had to plugg it in my computer and go to itunes, but if i do that i have to un jailbreak my ipod and then all will be lost
    HELP me please !!!!!
  • Ive stupidly upated my Ipod touch to the very latest version- Is it possible to have my Ipod jailbreaked?
    ˙ʇsǝɹ ǝɥʇ ǝʞıl ǝıp 'ʇsǝq ǝɥʇ ɥʇıʍ ssǝɯ
  • Never mind ive worked it out now.-
    ˙ʇsǝɹ ǝɥʇ ǝʞıl ǝıp 'ʇsǝq ǝɥʇ ɥʇıʍ ssǝɯ
  • i did this and it worked fine i had cydia but then 20 mins later it told me to connect it to itunes and then it got restores :(
    good for jailbreaking and tips
  • Mine Works Fine it's Running The Newest. 3.1.2 I Just can't Turn it off. Or it will say it's In Recovery and needs Itunes So i then Run Black rain again. But I can't Finish Torrents on it
  • hey when i down load blackra1n why does my phone work sometimes and then it frezzes up sometime its is the 3gs with the 3.1.2 and firmware 05.11.07
  • 3gs with 3.1.2(7d11) does not work? Tried 5 times? After reboot I have to restore through iTunes.
  • ok so i jailbroke my i-touch and now im trying to get iAccess on it so that i can change my keyboards, well in order for me to do that at one point i need to respring my i-touch(turn it off) but everytime i turn it off i have to restore it completely and i lose cydia and rock and blackra1n so how do i get it to stop making me restore my i-touch everytime i turn it off??
  • please e-mail me!!!!! i need help with my i-touch 3g 3.1.2?????!!! HELP!!!!
  • I am very tempted to jailbreak my 3GS. But i was wondering, do i loose all of my apps i have downloaded on my iphone from the Apple App Store? Or is there a way to prevent me loosing all my apps i already have? Any suggestions i would greatly appreciate it! Thank you.
  • well tony, you wont lose all of your apps but you cant turn off your 3GS after you jailbreak it cuz it will make you restore it and then you have to re-sync everything!
  • you guys asking questions from Jan 13th till today are idiots
    if you read the Somanza's comments there have been some answers
    "Turns out that the new apple iPhones still run 3.1.2 but now its 3.1.2 OOB which has an upgraded iBoot which fixes the iPhone bug that allows Jailbreaks to be persistent across restarts."
    some iphones released after October have a different iboot that is what blackra1n was circumventing, so some of you retards think you're more clever than others because you got the patch to work but it's just a question of the iboot load in your phone, all you other people shouting help, learn to read the comments, and most likely wait for OS 4.0 and a new crack
  • That was amazing!
    Jailbroken in one step with no problems, i didn't even have to restore!
    Thank You!
  • Why is it that everytime I use cydia or rock my Ipod touch wants to restore? Everytime it restores, blackra1n, cydia, and rock are gone. All I want to do is change the background for my Ipod touch. By the way, my Ipod touch is a 3rd generation. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
  • ipod touch 3G hack exist! just go to
    but theres an error, once you jailbreak ur ipod touch 3g if you turn it off it will enter in recovery mode so do not turn it off TY:)
    sorry about my english i'm 14 and i'm from mexico :E
  • Question anyone...after jail breaking the ip3gs it wants itune everytime I do a hard reboot? It's that screen when you need to do a restore. why?? how do I fix this???
  • well first you have to turn it off. then you have to turn off yo computer and delete all memory from both ipod and computer. the reason why this is doing that is because your ipod and computer is retarded, one, and two, that means it will self destruct when you fully jail break it
  • Please help, when after I turned off my 3gs with blackra1n and cydia. I can't start it again without PC and blackr1n.exe, which is really troublesome. Please help.
  • Delete what memory? When I install something in Rock and its ask for a complete reboot, I get the screen with the usb wire and the cd. So, I need to turn itunes on and connect to the iphone. I jailbroke an 3g with blackrn1n and no problem rebooting. Can anyone give me an answer that will help me?? Thanks,
  • I jail-broke my ipod touch 3g. and when i turn it off i have to re-jailbreak it anyway that can be fixed?
  • Disable bonjour.
    Worked on Itouch 2g.
  • if you install winterboard, and you experience problems, such as i did where it rebooted and locked up with the itunes icon, and it wont go any further. all you have to do is RERUN blackra1n. let it re-jailbreak your iphone and then it will reboot. winterboard will be installed. DO NOT RESTORE. i have a 16g 3gs.
  • i guys...i just help my fren JB his iphone 3gs using blackra1n. everything fine until there is a problem where those old games/application that installed before JB , cannot be open. That is once i enter it jump out to the springboard.
    Is there any application to install in order get it sync ?
  • Once I Jailbreak my iphone3gs, which went fine with no problems, everytime i reboot after that it put me recover mode (screen with usb wire and cd). I can't do a standlone reboot!! Can any help me with this? I just want to be able to reboot the iphone any time without being in recover mode!!!
  • I ran the program, clicked make it rain , it went into recovery mode and the went black on the screen of the ipod. after a while it just came back to the home screen without the blackra1n app. im using windows 7 os and set it to be compatible with xp it didnt work what do i do please help !!!!
    thanks in advance :)
  • Hey, I'm using Quickfreedom to jailbreak my 3g ipod touch and at the 3rd step, it asks me to put ipod in DFU mode and then start pre-jailbreak so the ipod screen can turn white but when i start pre-jailbreak, my ipod screen does not turn white...what do i do to make the screen turn white when pre-jailbreaking??
  • Hello Guys,
    Please help me clear my doubt.
    Iam using unlock iphone 2g with 2.0 firmware.
    1. How should I upgrade to the latest firmware?
    2. Will my phone be locked? If yes than how should I unlock it?
    3. How about my current data on my iphone?
    4. I have itunes 8.0. should i upgrade this also first?
    I may be sounding quite basic questions but your help in detail would be highly appreciated.
    Also for yr information Iam fm India and have bought the phone from the grey market.
    Thks in advance.
  • The interesting fact is, the 3g does not have that problem, it will in fact reboot without going to recovery mode after jailbreak, our DAM 3gs phones have the problem!!!!!!
    I hope geobot is reading this!!
  • Hi i have jailbreaked my iPhone 3GS yesterday and it was all fine and I did realized that it never connected to any WiFi so far even though I had it enabled. Prior to jailbreaking I had updated my firmware from 3.1 to 3.1.2 and updated carrier settings too. Since my WiFi is not working I reseted my network settings. Now it is struck at apple logo repeatedly while going blank in between after sometime. Please help me.
  • do you need to keep the app blackrain on your devise
  • Alright, I have the ipod touch 2g. What is 3.1.2 and if I download blackra1n what is all this about being locked and unlocked. I have no idea about any of this stuff but I want to jailbreak it. If i download blackra1n what are the bad things about it. If my ipod dies can I still turn it back on after car charging it or would I have to hook it up to the computer and do the whole process again? Thanks fo any information.
  • i tried using blackra1n on my 2g 3.1.2 touch and it crashed my now is a red and yellow plaid screen and has the connect to itunes in the background. i tried plugging it into iTunes but is doesnt register that it is an ipod touch. what shoud i do?
  • Mine did the same so i plugged it into another itunes and it restored everything but I got y ipod back.
  • does it work for ipods
  • Once I Jailbreak my iPod, which went perfect, everytime i reboot after that it put me recover mode(stupid iTunes thing with USB wire). I can’t turn off my iPod at all. Can any help me with this? I just want to be able to reboot the iPod any time without being in recover mode the same as that other guy with iPhone. Add me on facebook or bebo aswell to give me answers (
  • blackra1n sucks because when i tried it, it erased everything on my ipod touch
  • Hi there.
    Great installation help...thanks, fixed my problem.
    Anyone reading this guys stuff should bookmark it.
  • Hi,
    I have a 16GB 3GS, I can't access the music/video thru the IPOD tab via iphone PC suite. Everything else is working fine. I heard iphone PC suite doesn't supportany firmware above 2.x.x. Is it true? Right now I have to use CopyTrans for the ipod management. Is iphone broswer able to do it all? If yes, I might give it a try.
  • I used blackra1n, to jailbreak my iphone 3Gs 3.1.2 but everytime I swichoff my phone, I have to connect it to my pc & make it rain inodrer for it to switch on again! any suggestions on wut to do?? can I restore mt settings & perhaps try to jail break again??
  • I jailbroke my iphone.. but a) my sim only works in it for about an hour and b)itunes isn't working..i cant upload any music on it.. please help mee.
  • ok so i jailbroke my ipod first gen 8gb and it worked fine than i accidently reset my ipod in itunes and everything was deleted now when i try to install blackra1n and jailbreak it it get stuck in recovery mode and there is no picture u know the kid with the ipod around him that does not pop up its just a black screen forever any suggestions on how to fix it so i can jailbreak my ipod again? please reply..........or email me thanks =]
  • Hey guys, I had used Blackra1n on my iPhone 16GB 3GS and used it for a while. I deceided to install afc2add thru Cydia then had to reboot. NOW... my iphone wont reboot at all, i've tried using Blackra1n again heaps but no luck. Please help? Email me on - - Thanks
  • When will the blackrain thing work for the 3g?!?
  • yeah the jailbreaking technique is good but im on 3g so is tethered:(
    every time i download an app it reboots and i have to run the blacra1n thing again.
    is there a way to disable this tehered stuff???
  • blackra1n garbage tried like 4 or 5 times and it always gets stuck on done, wait for reboot never reboots any suggestions
  • I have the same problem with many people above. I get crazy with the iTunes & USB cable screen. Plz help!!!
  • Blackra1n will only work for you on an iTouch/iPhone if you did NOT update to the new Apple update of 3.1.3. This changed the firmware so if you try to use blackra1n it will just make the screen black on your device and it will not allow you to jailbreak it no matter what.
    You will have to basically wait for a new jailbreak program to be released which should be within the next day or two so just keep an eye out if you already accidently updated!
    The other thing you can do is see if you can find firmware 3.1.2 from google for your generation device and just download it and press Shift+Restore on iTunes to use that instead of the new 3.1.3 update
  • my wifi doesnt work i cant pick up signal anywhere
  • hey i jail broken my friends ipod third gen it worked until i rebooted the iPod because i was downloading winter board. it said i need to plug the iPod in to Itune so i did and it said that i need to restore it can u tell me what i need to do to get it to work.
  • Can you please figure out a way to use blackra1n with 3.1.3 firmware.... my dumbass accidentally downloaded but i know im not the only one. I NEED HELP!!!!!
  • I Dont know how to do this. Could sombody maybe email me at and we could do teamveiwer? Thanks,Evan
  • Will there be a jailbreak for iPod touch firmware 3.1.3
  • i just got my ipod touch 2g and have firmware 3.1.2 will jailbreaking it have a chance of ruining it? im just wondering if its wirthn it to jailbreak it people please answer
  • hi i was upgrading my iphone from 3.1.2 to 3.1.3 while doing so the power went off i got a message of connect to iphone so iwent 2 grey marrket got it restored back to 3.1.2 but it not accepting the sim as i bought it frm, australia here in india its not accepting the sim now b4 it was fine dude and i lost all my contacts 2 please some1 help me n suggest how 2 get it started and as well as how 2 get back the contact list i b very grateful plz send me on my email if possible how 2 get it staRTED
  • SOS
    i need serious help here... i jailbroken my iphone (3G) a few months ago, and 2 nights ago, I was using it and it just got frozen.. I tried to restart but when I turn it on it wouldn't work... and the screen is all black with the apple, it won't even show the sign to connect to itunes and then do all the process again.. it's just all black..
    i put it to charge but it lights up by itself and gets really hot..
    please can evyone help me!!!
  • I'll leave my email please help me!!
  • i have a 1G itouch but when i jailbreak it, it gets stuck on the recovery screen. ive tried holding the home and lock button but nothins workin
    can anyone help me?
  • hi i jailbroke my ipod nice program btw. But ive seen ppl with pictures of a blackra1n theme and i want it but i cant figure out how to get it,so if you can help plz email me ,,,thanks <3
  • DAG,
    make your gunnah have to restore it becasue of an error so go to the website where you download firmware and download ipod 1g(3.1.2) make shur its that virsion and not 3.1.3 , 3.1.3 cannot be jailbroken, so itunes>hold shift>click restore>look in browser that pops up and find yur 3.1.2 firmware, now you will have it all updated now open blrackra1n and if you have windows 7 or vista right click blackra1n and go to properties and put in in capability mode but if you dont have windows 7 or vista then dont click it opr it wont work ive made that mistake b4. Now click it and let it do its thing and 1g isent tethered so once it duz its thing it will take a couple minutes to boot up
  • does blackrain work with the update 3.1.3 yet it says done wait for reboot but the phone doesn't reboot after it ive left it for a half hour and still nothing anyone any ideas whats up?!!!!!
  • dazzer71 said:
    hey there i have a brand new iphone 3g out of the box running 3.1.2 05.11.07 baseband
    it is running a vodafone au sim card at the moment
    my question is do i need to unlock or can i just jailbreak it ?
    it is factory unlocked model no mb496x
    i tried on another iphone 3g same firmware etc and it worked i had reception carrier logo showed youtube worked internet worked everything worked except the gps wouldnt flash the blue circle so it had no satellite fix
    i tried pushfix and pushfixandyoutube but nothing
    any ideas ?
  • Hi !
    My Ipod 3g was jailbroken by blackra1n and was running fine until after 2 days when i plugged it into iTunes and downloaded some apps.
    Now My iPod screen is stuck on the with it connected to iTunes even when i remove it ??? When i plug it to my laptop ...My iTunes screen shows ''iPod is in recovery mode and ..... ''' What shud i do ???
  • You need to re-jailbrake using the same Blackra1n, i hope yor may require for every reboot
  • i need help!!!
    my ipod 3g is stuck on connect to itunes screen.
    i broke it with blackra1n. then i downloaded cydia and clicked a thing to modify and clicked reboot. then my ipod shut of and wouldnt turn back on. when i turned it on it said CONNECT TO ITUNES. i have tried re jailbreaking and restoring and calling an apple expert and i cant get past the screen. any help?
  • i jailbroke my iphone 3gs 3.1.2 for the 1st time last night and everything went perfectly and all of a sudden it crashed outta nowhere and is now in recovery mode and my only option i see is to freaakin RESTORE! is there any other options! plz help me !
  • ok for all those who were havin the same issue as me (IPHONE IN RECOVERY MODE/SCREEN SAYING CONNECT TO ITUNES NO MATTER WHAT) all u need to do is "make it ra1n" on your iphone again. [jailbreak it again] exactly as u did the 1st time. and it shall reboot with the blackra1n logo guy on your screen and WALLAAH back to normal. but as a precaution after seeing all the worried faces including mine we need to back up just in case. =) have a good one !
  • ok, i jb my ipod touch with 3.1.2, which is tethered, so every time i reboot it i have to rerun blackra1n again, so i did a little experiment, i reran blackra1n on my vista, the chances of it being successful is about 3/10, or 30%, but on a mac, each time i reran it, it works 100% of the time
    -big difference, so if u guys are having problems, try it on your mac if u have on
    do any of u guys play eliminate if so add me- wardoc22
    good luck
  • I'm following every tutorial i see but it everytime I try this my Blackra1n says entering recovery and it wont do anything else...i turned everything else off i ran as admin. i tried everything but it still wont do it its an Ipod touch 3g on firmware v. 3.1.2 but i just cant get it to get past the entering recovery part.
  • so i try to get my itouch out of recovery mode with blackra1n and the program just crashes idk whats going on but i really don't want to loose everything i have on my itouch...
  • I tried jailbreaking my new Iphone 3GS 32g with firmware 3.1.2 (05.11.07) with blackra1n.
    During jailbreaking my iPhone was stuck in recovery mode. I was trying many times to restart blackra1n. And also I did try to restore with iTunes to 3.1.2 ,it's giving me every time the same message "This device isn't eligible for the requested build". So i stuck I recovery mode. Can u help me please, what I shoul do?
  • Whem ever i run blackra1n it says my ipod is jailbroken once it reboots,but mine ipod never reboots...what do i do?!?!?
  • I accidently updated the firmware on my newly JB iPhone 3g to 3.1.2 and then it just shut down and wouldnt allow me to do anything....
    I soon found out that i needed to downgrade my firmware, but many people were saying that it is not possible to do so, as apple has stopped signing 3.1.2 restore files...
    I persume this means that you cant get hold of that file, but if you visit this website it will give you a selection of firmwares to download...
    follow all instructions on this website... then, i found the following website... i found this link very usefull, follow the instructions on there..
    When prompted to restore on your itunes, do the following. hold shift button and press restore find your previously saved firmware click open and wait for it to run once this has done, run blackrain (or similar) and away you go...
    this worked for me.
  • um it never reboots for me
    and i have some tips for u guy, download it from the ofical website, and if u guys have a mac, do it on a mac, like i said, it always work for me on a mac, but on a vista its a different story
  • also do any of u guys play eliminate, if so add me, wardoc22
  • I clicked Make it rain his picture came up and everything then the ring started and my screen went black and didint re boot. Any solutions ?
  • i need help , when i jailbreak my ipod touch 3g it says waiting for system restore?? what do i do then?? ive restarted the computer and the ipod , but the blackrain app doesnt appear on my ipod.what do i do??
  • ok, if u guys get the picture of the guy, leave it alone, if it turns off, run it again, and keep running it till it works.
    I clicked Make it rain his picture came up and everything then the ring started and my screen went black and didint re boot. Any solutions ?
    and for u, hold the power button till it turns off, then rerun blackra1n
    that only happens to me when i use my vista, if u have a mac, DO IT ON THE MAC FOR THE LAST TIME, i hopeit works for u
    fw- 3.1.2
    Generation- 3rd
    Mac- ibook g4 leopard 10.5.7
    -hopes this helps ummm, lOUIS RODGER, if any of u guys play eliminate, add me-wardoc22
  • oh yeah, if your screen if black, that means its on, but stuck, so press n hold the power button till the lcd turns off, and rerun blackra1n
    if u guys have any problemms, email me @
  • i need help , when i jailbreak my ipod touch 3g it says waiting for system restore?? what do i do then?? ive restarted the computer and the ipod , but the blackrain app doesnt appear on my ipod.what do i do??
    umm, i never encountered that problem but, i think its only on an xp, but search up on win explorer
    "system restore" and the program will tell u wat to do
    -best of luck
    any problem email me at
  • I tried jailbreaking my new Iphone 3GS 32g with firmware 3.1.2 (05.11.07) with blackra1n. During jailbreaking my iPhone was stuck in recovery mode. I was trying many times to restart blackra1n. And also I did try to restore with iTunes to 3.1.2 ,it’s giving me every time the same message “This device isn’t eligible for the requested build”. So i stuck I recovery mode. Can u help me please, what I shoul do?
    try reinstalling itunes with like, idk an older versoin? im not very sure if itll work since i never had the problem b4, but... might
  • just email me if u have problem, u will probaly get a reply real soon, ill answer back wen ever i can, especially when im not in school
  • I was wondering if someone can answer this question: Can you upgrade to a new firmware with a Jail broken 3G .. I currently have 3.1.2 and the new one 3.1.3 is out...??? or is there an easy way to back up the phone and just restore or upgrade it?? I don't want to lose ANY of the files on my phone.
  • I was wondering if someone can answer this question: Can you upgrade to a new firmware with a Jail broken 3G .. I currently have 3.1.2 and the new one 3.1.3 is out…??? or is there an easy way to back up the phone and just restore or upgrade it?? I don’t want to lose ANY of the files on my phone.
    if u want to keep your 3G jailbroken, u should keep the firmware u have now
    if u make a backup, it will just restore your backup and your mail, but not the game saves and stuff, im pretty sure bout that.
    any question, email me at
    if anyone play eliminate add me- wardoc22
  • why dont windows 7 even bring blackra1nup when it is down loaded
    please answer
  • why dont windows 7 even bring blackra1nup when it is down loaded please answer
    search for it on your computer, look in different folders for it
    i had a hard time finding it when i downloaded onto my vista.
  • I updated my iphone to 3.1.2 using redsn0w only cuz blackra1n wasn't working for me. Its jailbroken but now I dont have my t-mobile service. Any suggestions. Please I need help
  • I updated my iphone to 3.1.2 using redsn0w only cuz blackra1n wasn’t working for me. Its jailbroken but now I dont have my t-mobile service. Any suggestions. Please I need help
    um, if you have 3.1.2, that baseband is unlockable now, so u can only use it with atnt
    the baseband is impossible to downgrade
  • its not working for me and i got the newest frimware and first gen ipod touch
  • hey guys, i just hacked my 3.1.2 iphone 3g using black ra1n and got cydia on there then deleted black rain... cydia opens fine and everything seems to be working but all the programs i download from it dont work and i cant get them to show up or work... is something wrong with my cydia? what should i do? thanks in advanced
  • I recently Jailbroke my phone than did an itunes update now im having a hard time jailbreaking my phone again can someone please tell me what 2 do thankz a million...
  • I recently Jailbroke my phone than did an itunes update now im having a hard time jailbreaking my phone again can someone please tell me what 2 do thankz a million…
    if u just updated your phone to 3.1.3, it isnt possible to jailbreak it anymore with blackra1n, but i think i heard somewhere that it is possible with, um i think redsn0w or something
  • can i get it on the ipod touch
  • 1st gen
  • hi i have a problem in unlocking for iphone 3g 3.1.3 when i start blaclra1n then shows entering recover window in computer after that iphone screen blue. not show blackra1n picture plz help me
  • hi i have a problem in unlocking for iphone 3g 3.1.3 when i start blaclra1n then shows entering recover window in computer after that iphone screen blue. not show blackra1n picture plz help me
    3.1.3 is not jaiilbreakable...
  • Haaai
    i need help...where cann i downloade a restore to 3.1.2. for my Ipod G3? I have only the 3.1.3. Version...
  • i need help.. every time i try to make it rain... it always pops up itunes and stops the download... waht can i do to avoid itunes from coming up... and actually make it work.
  • You do need to plug it into the computer and rejail break it when its an ipt2 to boot. Soo best thing to do is that when you download anything on Cydia and it sais to reboot device, dont click it. Hold the home button until it goes to the main screen and just respring it. Its worked for me and i havent had to re connect to the computer again.
  • Problem- My 2g 3.1.2 iphone got stuck on the apple logo screen with the spinnin time wheel. I restarted it and then my phone shows the itunes logo with the usb cable. I tried to use blackra1n and my phone now gets stuck on the picture with the iphones and spinnin time wheel again. What do i do? Help please.
  • HELP ME PLEASE. I tried to get it to work, and it got his picture on my ipod. But it stayed there for 10 minutes. So i unplugged it and restarted it and tried again. But it said it was in recovery mode! So i restored it, ran black rain, AND AGAIN IT SENT MY IPOD INTO RECOVERY MODE. HOW DO I GET THIS CRAP TO WORK.
  • I already have my iPod touch 3G OS 3.1.2 jailbroken with blackra1n. But why is it that everytime I turn off my iPod or if my batt dies, I will enter a recovery mode?
  • please some one give me suggestion what to do for my locked i phone 3g which i brought 2 months back ?unfortunately today morning i updated my i phone and its showing black screen with usb cable wire and arrow towards an i tunes logo and iam my realy worryed because i byed that phone with my own pocket money without asking my parents and i realy worked hard to buy that iam a student and i haven't enjoyed it completely and i dont even remember which version it is please some body help me out of these danger
  • i have a iphone 3g witch is unlocked and jailbroken.... i see that this site says that iphone 3g's cant but jailbrocken to 3.1.2 mines is...
  • i am facing with installation i phone 3.1.2. i was proper follow guidance as per instruction on website blackra1n. everything in a smooth running till the insructioN click "make it ra1n" than it display "blackra1n.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." not as per command/normal display "entering recovery". Please help me due i already used 10 different PC but the display command as per explained above....please help me
  • that happened to me once, i dunno wat happened
    i tried it on all of my computers but none of those works
  • have a problem, my itouch 8GB late 2009 will enter recovery mode everytime i on/off my ipod touch anyone knows why this happened, its already jailbroken with blackra!n. thanks
  • it´s loading damn long :S someone can help pls ?
  • i updated to 3.1.3 on my iphone 3g.. before i did tht it was unlocked by blackra1n.. but now when i try to do it again it says connect to itunes.. any suggestions or tip or advice.. do i need to wait for a new unlock to be released??
  • hay i got a 2g iphone my wifi workd fine and i jailbroke it and now its not working at all like if i m on a router its not that good of a signle? can some one help plzz really need help send my a email
  • I did the whole blacra1in thing but uploaded rock instead of can i get rid of rock but still keep cydia?
  • ooops if anyone knows please email me at thank you!
  • Ernie, if you read carefully, nearly all blogs are saying "DON'T UPDATE TO 3.1.3 IF YOU PHONE IS PREVIOUSLY UNLOCKED"...
    I guess there is no easy way to reverse it as the new firmware upgrade comes with a baseband update as'll have to wait for a new release..
  • My Iphone will not boot after a successful jailbreak with Blackra1n?
    I used blackra1n on my ipod touch as a test and it worked no problem, then I go to jb the iPhone 3gs 32gig. It goes through the process no problem. Enters recovery, shows George Holtz picture, then computer received the notice that the jb was successful. Only now the iPhone will not boot up again. I cant turn it on no matter what I do. Holding power and home at the same time don't work in this matter. Itunes comes up and says the iphone is in a recovery mode and only gives me an option to restore, I will not restore and lose my 8 pages apps and 20 gigs of music. I cant get that stuff back. What can I do?
  • i wish it will work
  • by the way, if i do end up restoring this will i lose my unlock? mine came factory unlock out the box in thailand. it was never hack unlocked. i guess i'll worry about all that after i get this piece of crap to turn on. i cant even boot it up yet and cant figure out how.
  • hi !!!
  • Anyway to fix tethering yet?
  • i unlocked my iphone 3gs version 3.1.2 with blackr1n ,every time i want to dl somethings from apple store ,it will give me error 1009.
    what should i do?
    do you know any good website for programs?
  • Okay seriously now, I don't care that I lost everything. I just want the phone to turn back on. I tried the restore and after it verified with apple it says The iPhone can't be restored because it's not eligible for the requested build. Has anyone else had their phone shut off and fail to reboot after attempting a blackra1n jb? There is nothing I can do to get this thing to turn on. As mentioned earlier it is a 3gs factory unlocked out of the box from apple, it had 3.1.2 on it. I just bought the damn thing 2 months ago and since it was bought factory unlocked without a contract it was about $900. I'd hate to just have to throw this thing away :(
  • okay so i just installed blackra1n on my computer and clicked make it ra1n.. but its been here for about ten minutes and nothing is happening. it just has the recovery screen on my ipod. what can i do? -.-
  • my ipod reboots after using blackra1n and its says on my laptop that my ipod is jailbroke but when i look through my ipod the blackra1n logo dosent sho on my home menu? am i doin sumit wrong ive tryed so many times now, my brother has the same ipod as me he plugs his in and it reboots and he has it on ther in a matter of seconds :s
  • Okay seriously now, I don’t care that I lost everything. I just want the phone to turn back on. I tried the restore and after it verified with apple it says The iPhone can’t be restored because it’s not eligible for the requested build. Has anyone else had their phone shut off and fail to reboot after attempting a blackra1n jb? There is nothing I can do to get this thing to turn on. As mentioned earlier it is a 3gs factory unlocked out of the box from apple, it had 3.1.2 on it. I just bought the damn thing 2 months ago and since it was bought factory unlocked without a contract it was about $900. I’d hate to just have to throw this thing away
    dont throw it away... its probaly in dfu mode or something so yeah
  • looking for a program that i can use to transfer apps to and from computer for jailbroken itouch 3g. can only find ones for music, video, and pictures. any help.
  • when i try to jailbreak my ipod touch 3.1.2 it just goes blank but its lit up i need help plz somebody
  • Same here. Now I only get the logo and NO home screen in the iphone. Windows does not even detect the phone anymore
  • i have downloaded this but i cant go on the internet does anyone know how to fix this ?
  • ok i upgraded to 3.1.3 and restored. the phone boots up now but is asking for a sim pin. i bought this phone factory unlocked otb in a though, so why would an upgrade and restore lock it? i repeat, this was never hack unlocked.
  • @ Dylan mine does the same thing too, just hold down the center and top button to restart it, it works again, but blackra1n wont install still:(
  • Hi,
    I have tried to jailbreak my IPhone 3Gs using Blackra1n. I followed the above mentioned process. However, after the blackra1n is ran, I do not see Blacra1n application on my IPhone. Can anyone let me know if I need to do anything else.
    Firmware on my IPhone is 3GS 3.1.2(7D11)
  • i used blackrain and it got all the way too done, wait for reboot....what do i do next? its frozze and ive been waiting 10min, please respond asap
  • Hey! Im having troubles, it says "Enjoy your jail Brake!" But i cant see the BlackRa1n Symbol on my Ipod. Any Suggestions?
  • Heart broken by miistake ii madeee!!!
    accidently upgrated iiphone 32g to 3.1.3 and waiting for solutiion D:
    help help help???
    ii kno iis not available for iit to be upgraded or jailbroken yet but ii really cant waiit nd dont know iif there iis gonna have a solutiion for iit, iif anyone knows somethiing about thiis please let mii know!!
    suggestiions for yu guyz↓↓↓
    keep thiis iin note!
    WARNING: Do not update iPhone 3g & 3gS to 3.1.3 firmware yet if you want to preserve your Jailbreak/Unlock for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPod touch 2G (new models) and iPod touch 3G. This is because the new iPhone 3.1.3 firmware updates baseband from 5.11.07 (unlockable with Blacksnow) to 05.12.01 (currently Unlockable) on iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G which makes it impossible to jailbreak and unlock iPhone 3GS and 3G.
  • ok heres how i jailbroke.
    i tried to jailbreak on my WINDOWS XP with Intel® Dual Core E7400 with a 4gb ram and i didn't work.
    But when i used it on vista it broke in 50 seconds and my vista was VISTA HOME BASIC with 1gb ram! WOW
    Maybe its about speed hope it helps If i does then Reply WITH
  • BRENDA:: Theres a possibility that jailbreak will work for 3.1.3 if u try my way but it maybe take 1-5 tries.
  • Zhii long!
    stepz please?? :D
  • i have a itouch have no idea what version or what gen. i tried using blackra1n but it always get stuck on (done wait for rebbot) left it on for about an hour and notting. whats up yo???
  • I just jailbroke my 3GS using blackrain and erupted in laughter. The program is a single executable with one button to click. The jailbreak took 20 seconds, and most of that time was the phone rebooting. Apple’s iPhone empire has been completely crumbled by a kid!
    Blackrain takes jailbreaking to the mainstream, because it requires no special work. Plug in, execute, click button, done!
  • I just jailbroke my 3GS using blackrain and erupted in laughter. The program is a single executable with one button to click. The jailbreak took 20 seconds, and most of that time was the phone rebooting. Apple’s iPhone empire has been completely crumbled by a kid!
    Blackrain takes jailbreaking to the mainstream, because it requires no special work. Plug in, execute, click button, done! i totally agree with this
  • Hi, i had update my iphone 3g from 3.0 to 3.1.2 OS, after i jailbrocke it with blackrain and instal cydia after instal AppSync 3.1.2. it is working normaly, but i dont know why when i connect my phone to pc, IPHONE PC SUITE gave me a warning that your phone is not jailbrocken.I cant work with pc suite now. Please somebody help me How is it possible?
  • i have version 3.1.3 nd my screen turns oink then it says restore i do that and it says ipod is jail broken but it wasnt please reply
  • I have version 3.1.2 and its the right model but whenever i try to download blackra1n on to my ipod touch, it shows connect to itunes then the screen goes black and nothing else happens, Geohot's face doesnt pop up, help?
  • blackra1n has been running on my computer for more then 30 minutes. my phone still has a black screen. and also my power button doesnt work... anyone have any suggestions on what to do?
  • I just downloaded Black Ra1n and everything worked fine until I had to reboot after downloading an app. Now my iPod does not turn on... The apple logo comes up but then it shuts off. IDK WHAT TO DO BECAUSE I CANNOT CONNECT TO MY COMPUTER IF IT IS NOT ON!
  • i tried to hacked my ipod and the itun es symbol appear and wont come off...what do i do????
  • AND AGAiiN!!!!!
    accidently upgrated iiphone 32g to 3.1.3 and waiting for solutiion D: help help help??? ii kno iis not available for iit to be upgraded or jailbroken yet but ii really cant waiit nd dont know iif there iis gonna have a solutiion for iit, iif anyone knows somethiing about thiis please let mii know!! NOW PlEASE!
  • My iphone 2g get stuck in recovery mode what do i do???????/
  • Hey you CAN JAILBREAK 3.1.3 now (well its not really but its more like time travel for your ipod touch/phone). First Download the 3.1.2, And (obiously your probably running the 3.1.3) so in itunes go to the screen where it says restore and YOU MUST HOLD SHIFT key while clicking the restore button, you will be promted to browse for your firmware, look for the 3.1.2 and you can downgrade to it soo you can jail break it. This also works for what ever version your downgrading to.
  • Ok...I am having trouble also with downgrading my firmware on my ipod touch 2nd gen from 3.1.3 to 3.1.2. I did exacatly what Lance said to do but when I hit the restore and shift button I get a message that say's....."teh ipod Roger's ipod could not be restored because the firmware file is not compatable" What gives I have a copy of 3.1.2 firmware that I downloaded and saved to my desktop...Can anyone please help me?
  • when ever i "make it rain" it works and the window that says it works and it just has to reboot comes up so i click okay and it reboots thenit starts syncing with itunes. after it is done, i look for the blackra1n app but its never there, i have tried 4 times and none of them have worked. i also realized that when it is "running" the picture of george or whoever that freaky guy on the blackra1n website thats supposed to come up on my ipod screen, it doesn''t it just has the pucture of the usb cord and the itunes logo, does that have anything to do with why the app is never there??
  • Alicia,
    I'm just like you also. Since yesterday i have not found much info regarding the problem you and I as well as alot of people are having...everywhere I go I get the same thing...just wait. Now there are vids on youtube that show you a hard way to downgrade 3.1.3 to 3.1.2, but man is it hard. I just wish something comes up soon....I know one thing I won't ever update my firmware again until I "Know" things are ok...good luck!!
  • need help to jb my iphone 3GS 3.1.2 i try it once when i reboot my iphone said connetion to itune help..............
  • I didn't realize it but i deleted blackra1n without chiding to install cydia or any thing I need to know how to COMPLETLY remove blackra1n please help
  • Can you jailbreak a 8gb itouch
  • ive jailbroken with blackrain many times in the past but my ipod touch keeps rebooting. i have the updated verison. any help?
  • I jailbroke my 3GS and my fine frooze and it didn't want to turn back on why is that?
  • Dear Sir,
    I want to completely jailbreak my ipodtouch 3.1.2 without doing rejailbreak all over again after my battery completely emptied, because its really taxing to do jailbreak again and again. if possible please give me the program that could jailbreak completely without once without doing rejailbreak again and again
  • My firmware is 3.1.3 and i don't know how to convert to 3.1.2 so i can jailbreak my 3g ipod touch. PLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAZZZZZZZZZZZZZE help me out!!!!!!!!
  • Does Blackra1n works on window 7 64x bit?
  • i need some help on jailbreaking my ipod
    its a mc model?
  • Geohot's face is not popping up what do i do?????
  • dude u rock
    but please can ya tell me a way to uninstall jailbreak and cydia as my ipod touch 3.1.2 just says conncect to itunes and i want it to work properly so please can you help
  • i tryed to jail break my ipod but when i did took for ever and i even left it over night and it was still the same and when i try to restore it on itunes it doesn't work
    any answers to that
  • @Bob check on youtube for some videos there are sure to be some solutions
  • Say guys,
    I posted a couple of week ago that I was not able to downgrade my ipod touch 2nd gen. Well I did it just now...jailbroken and all with blackra1n on my Ipod. Here is the video on youtube that I followed... Now the point is most of the videos out there are good (I'm not taking away from that) but most of them are for IPHONES not IPOD TOUCH. They will say that it's for all but it is not!!! Go to this site to make sure you have the firmware for IPOD Touch (your version of course). Again follow the video EXACTLY and it WILL work. Once done run blackra1n and your good to go...semper phi
  • Hello I mistakenly deleted blackra1n application without installing cydia, will anyone help me to get cydia
  • ok i dont get this i have an ipod touch 3rd gen 8GB with 3.1.2. and i know alot of people have said it should work. but blackrain does everything and then........ is exactly yhe same anyone help? email me
  • I was just warned that seven viruses have infected my iPhone. So now what do I do?
  • plz help i got an ipod 2nd gen for christmas and i need it jailbroken its newer than nov 10th or w/e the date was i will pay 20$ to whoever gets me my jailbreoken ipod thanks email me at
  • yo guys wheres the download link?
  • Look at my post on Mar. 16th for your iphone/ipod touch firmware link.
  • i jailbroke my ipod touch with blackra1n and it works fine but when i turn off my ipod and turn it back on it says i have to plug it back into iTunes. And to make my ipod work i have to re-instal blackra1n. is this normal or is something wrong with my ipod touch. i have a 32gb with version 3.1.2 aand 3rd genaration. Can somebody please tell me whats wrong. please email me at
  • Everytime i jailbreak my 3g ipod touch 3.1.3 it does show the picture of GEOHOT's face? and i dont see the blackra1n app on my ipod? SOMEBODY HELP!
  • Can someone help me I have a ipod touch i got it December 2008 and I just found blackra1n. I press "makeitrain" and my ipod restarts and blackra1n says its done but geohots photo doesn't come up and the blackra1n app isn't there.
    Can someone help?
  • i did it in my iphone 2g and after is finish it doesnt turn on any idea and turn it on and did it again a few times and nothing?
  • ok i jail broke my ipod like 2 weeks ago and now its stuck in the mode where it has to make me update it. i dont want to lose all of my stuff on my ipod. and i want to keep it jailbroken. WHAT DO I DO!
  • Hi
    can I ask something ?
    If I was do jailbreak before the new one that is for 3.1.2
    and when I want restore my iPhone I have to doing jailbreak again to let my phone working
    if I do this new, can this solvent the problem !
    Thanx alot ..!
  • Can you still add music on to a jailbroken ipod?
    Also, is there a jailbreak for 3.1.3?
  • Best jailbreak i have used by far! 100% automated less than a min for jailbreak.
  • Hello, i have an Iphone 3GS 16gb (3.1.2) and i jailbroke it using Blackra1n... the problem is that every time i restart my Iphone it goes into Recovery Mode and it need Jailbreak again... any ideas please??
    thank you.
  • OMG!
    THIS FREAKIN WORKED! Kid, you are indeed a GENIUS!
    Thank You So much!
    Let me explain why this is NOT working for some of you. You MUST have been previously jailbroken. You should have your ECID saved already on Saurik's server. Follow the above instructions to the letter. You must be persistent with BlackRain AFTER the restore. You should be patient with this entire process. Loading and restoring takes time. And, YES this does indeed work!
  • Original21,
    I had the EXACT same problem after my restore. This is where Step 4 above comes into play. I ran several copies of BlackRain at the same time! Then, as an act of desperation I decided to load Itunes AND Blackrain at the same time and guess what? It worked!
    Good Luck!
  • i am really sorry to ask again but what do mean my saying "LOAD itunes and blackrain at the same time" the terma "LOAD" is i dont understand..what do i have to do in itunes?
    thank you for your replies..
  • i own a 64gb 3rd gen ipod touch and have successfully jailbroken it with blackra1n.
    now here's my dilemma.
    when i enter the blackra1n app i gives me the option to download either cydia or rock. say i choose cydia (problem occurs with either installers) it seems to work at first and when it finishes downloading it says "respringing". once reloaded the cydia app i nowhere to be found.
    what's going wrong here??
  • I am in the same boat as minh guyen
    "need help to jb my iphone 3GS 3.1.2 i try it once when i reboot my iphone said connetion to itune help…"
    The iphone remains in the recovery mode. Any advice?
  • What is the easier & working way to get
    IPhone 3GS, non-JB,
    firmware: 3.1.2
    out of recovery mode without using itunes to update the firmware to 3.1.3.
  • i need to un jailbreak it to send it in to apple, my sound isnt working right. I cant find the original firmware 3.1.2, and anyone help?
  • i have the same question as jt. plz help
  • when ever i jail break my ipod 3.1.2 it says wait for reboot then itunes comes up and says you need to enter recovery mood what do i do?
  • Can someone send me the link to jailbreak my ipod touchh
  • I just used Blackra1n to jailbreak my 3gs, in the process all apple related icons/apps are gone off my phone (Maps, contacts, Ipod, mail, calculator, etc.) is there anyway to get these back?
  • does blackra1n work on ipod touch 3rd generation 3.1.2 32g's???
  • I have an iPhone 3G. I connected my phone to iTunes and it updated my iPhone to 3.1.3 without my consent! So I downgraded it to 3.1.2 using blackra1n. But the baseband cannot be downgraded, so I got 05.12.01.
    My phone shows "No Service". This hasn't happened before the jailbreak (this SIM card is the one which goes for this phone and don't need to unlock). But I am unable to phone or text. Also my GPS doesn't work anymroe.
    Can anyone help?
  • I don't believe that 3rd gen iTouches work with this....
    It starts one step and stays there for hours doing nothing, i think this was only designed for iPhones...=/
  • I have 3gs 16gb I jailbroke with Blackrain but it would not install Cydia, now the phone is constantly stuck in recovery mode and when I TRY TO RESTORE it goes all the way and then at the end gives me a 1604 error code and I cant get out of this cycle! Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)
  • It's Not Wrked And Its Got Me Soo Angry :@
    it Jailbreaked Apparently Then Itunes Made Me Restore My Ipod :@
    I Had Over 1000 Songs On It :L
    And Now Itunes Wont Even Start And Is Unable To Connect Even Though There Is WiFi And I Cant Tell Whether It Has Worked Or Not :@
  • please help me! my wireless internet cant work at all! and i dont think i haf successfully jailbreak my phone either. tried using the push network, but dsnt work too! pls help!
  • please help me!
    i tried to jailbrake my iphone but when i pushed te butten about make it rain, the iphone went in recovery mode but the only thing i see is a black screen anyone PLEASE HELP ME
  • I jailbreaked my ipod got my themes and games and everything only one problem everytime u connect my ipod to charge recovery mode comes out
  • Ive done it one my 2nd itouch and after it says enjoy your jailbroken iphone, IT STAYS ON WAIT TO REBOOT? WHAT DO I DO? when i turned it off and turned it back on, it didnt change and it wasnt jailbroken
  • Does the itouch 2g need a tethered reboot?
  • i have the a 2nd gen i pod touch. I want to jailbreak it. But id like to use blackra1n. Any one know how to install black rain on the computer? If so that wold be a great help.
    Also have a 2nd gen i phone, wa able to get you tueb working as well as the picture messaging working as well. Would like to know what else i can do to it. Any ideal's?
  • So I jailbroke my ipod touch with Blackra1n and it worked awsomely! But now my sister is bugging me to jailbreak her ipod Touch (8Gb, version 3.1.2) I've tried many times and when it's done and I disconnect the iPod from the computer it works but when I turn it off and then back on again it says I have to sync it to itunes and when I do it restores it and it isn't jailbroken anymore. I always jailbreak it the same way i did my iPod. My sister got the iPod around January 2010 if that changes anything. If anyone could tell me what to do that would be awsome! Thanks.
  • Hi am new to the jailbreak thing and I have not jailbroken my iPod yet but I really need to jailbreak that's why I've got questions. If I jailbreak my iPod touch and update it a few days later would it brick my iPod or would it unjailbreak my iPod? How can I jailbreak an iPod touch 1g v3.1.2 without a pc? If I jailbreak my iPod would I still be able to download from app store or even if I download would it unjailbreak my iPod touch? If I jailbreak my iPod then where can I get apps that iTunes restricted. I hopefully need help on my questions any answer would be appreciated. Tanx
  • jj n jt:
    prolly too late but anw u could dl the firmware for 3.1.2.. but make sure ur iphone is not upgraded to 3.1.3
    u will require shsh file in order to let ur iphone operate on 3.1.2 as apple now stop signing for 3.1.2.
    google abit n u could dl the shsh file. many says u require the shsh file being backup n load to cydia server, but u could find n dl the file if u happen to find those with the same ECID with u..
    google abit to find out how to locate your ECID, n den dl umbrella, to search for ur shsh file.
    hope it dun sounds too confusing
  • Hi. I tried jailbreaking my iPod Touch 32 Gigabyte 3G 3.1.2 and it said it suceeded but when it rebooted the blackra1n app wasnt there...
    It didnt auto reboot either....
    What should i do?
    Or does this just not work on a vista computer?
  • This was so easy to do even a child can do it! By far the easiest unlock software and done in 5. Secs lol keep up the good work!
  • I have IPOD TOUCH 3g 32GB MC Model 3.1.3. I try All things that on google, but whenever i try to jailbreak/Downgrade my ipod using itunes(Recover/Restore in DFU mode or normal mode) it gives me 'IPOD compatibility error' and it is clearly written on blackra1n, sn0w, and other tool that ipod 3g MC model should stay away from this plz help !!!!!!!!
  • Q:After I'v downloaded black ra1n I tried to run the application but the an error add apears "The program can't start because ASL.dll is missing from your computer.
    Try reinstalling the program to fix the problem" so thats what I do and it happens agian, what am I supposed to do??thanks
  • This is a great post you have written. Having this information will prove to be very useful going forward. Thanks.
  • This is a great post you have written. Having this information will prove to be very useful going forward.
  • This is a post you have written. Having this information will prove to be very useful going forward. Thanks.
  • my iphone when it was being jailbroken it is stuck on the apple sign. what do i dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  • this blackrain thing doesnt work for me because after i click the windows logo it say save file run and then something else pops up and wont let download it and the pops the make it ra1n and the say looking for device and then say that there is problem and waiting for solution but nothing happens when i close it the whole thing just closed
  • Dears,
    If you got a problem running black ra1n “The program can’t start because ASL.dll" this is because you are using the latest version of Itunes 9.1.1.
    All what you need to do is to copy blackra1n.exe file to the following location at your PC
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Apple Application Support\
    then run it from their and it will work.
    I tried it my self last night.
  • any one know where to download ipod touch 2gn 3.1.2 firmware so i can jail break my ipodtouch3.1.3? email me please
  • I have a iphone 3gs running on 3.1.2 ive been jailbreaking my phone with blackrain but when i went to do it last night it just jailbroke and didnt go into recovery mode...instead it just said wait for reboot and my iphone turns off and doesn't even reboot so idk what the problem is. Please someone help me out please? it shows the kids face and then just shuts off when its supposed to reboot itself so idk if its my phone or the computer
  • my mail problem is my iphone 2g is stuck in recovery mode loop neither mac or windows recognize my iphone 2g but it can detect other iphones. please help me with my problem been stuck with it for months now. though hope for your kind help. thank you.
  • k so i tried to get blackra1n and i do then when I open it this is wat it tells me,"Application has failed to start because ASL.dll was not found. Re-installing application may fix this problem."
    so i deleted everything about Blachra1n and tried again but it tells me the same thing. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!! I AM REALLY DESPERATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • every time i try to do it it doesnt work i get to the guy and after that when i look at my ipod the icon is not up there wht do u think i should do
  • You probabily have latest iTunes, just copy blackra1n.exe to "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Apple Application Support" and run it from there, should work.
  • I download the firmware 3.1.2 but when I try to find it from the redsnow I can't find it can someone explain me how to comprose the firmware or what should i do to complete the instalition...??/
  • I need some help with my touch...I have a 32G touch gen3 with 3.1.3 already on it...I have downloaded blackra1n and it says it runs fine...however, I have noticed that the picture of the dude never shows up on my touch and when all is said and done, there is NO icon on my touch. Can one of you individuals who are much smarter than I help me out?
  • Great info on cell phone unlocking. I like cellular phones and work at a little cell phone shop where we unlock phones and mod them for people. Add to your list of free cell phone unlock sites, I use the downloads there a lot to help me unlock phones for customers, don't be mad but hey I have to make a living some kinda way!! lol.
    Anyways, I figured you could use that in your bag of tricks too :-)
  • I pushed the windows icon at and i clicked run. It said it couldnt find my asl.dll and therefor i cant go on with jail breaking my 3rd generation ipod touch. Can you tell me what to do? thanks
  • hi
    is me saqib i want to know that how i install blackrain in my iphone 3gs 3.1.2
  • Robert777 says:
    June 8, 2010 at 8:54 pm
    I pushed the windows icon at and i clicked run. It said it couldnt find my asl.dll and therefor i cant go on with jail breaking my 3rd generation ipod touch. Can you tell me what to do? thank
    Hi Robert,download Blackrain and put it in: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Apple Application Support ....good luck :)it will work now.
  • Same problem as Adrian,
    "22.Adrian says:
    April 8, 2010 at 2:21 pm
    Hi. I tried jailbreaking my iPod Touch 32 Gigabyte 3G 3.1.2 and it said it suceeded but when it rebooted the blackra1n app wasnt there…
    It didnt auto reboot either….
    What should i do?
    Or does this just not work on a vista computer?"
    Entry no. 22.
  • Alright, I can't use Spirit, and I don't know anything about this stuff. After many hours og Googling, you guys are my last hope!
    I know I have an iPod 3rd generation, 8GB.
    I have Windows 7 home.
    -I tried BlackBreeze to fix that pesky ".11" crap, to no avail, it's still saying "blackra1n-fixed1.exe has stopped working" the SECOND I click the "Make it Ra1n" buttoN!!!
    -I downloaded iTunes 9.1 after reading 9.2 doesn't work, no avail.
    -I moved BlackRa1n to my local C disk and did the task manager thing where you end all the Apple&&iTunes tasks so they can't stop it, no avail.
    I BEG of you to help me! Pleeeeeeeeeeeease! if you prefer emails!
  • is there a jailbreak for the 4th gen update?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!
  • Wow that's nice, i want one soo bad!
  • (Gigi) If its showing a plug into itunes sign after you jail break it once it is a tethererd iphone so you need to jailbreak it twice
    And tjhen let it reboot i had the same problem with mine but then i fugired it out
  • use black rain to jail break my i phone 16 gb every thing works but when i hook it up to computer windows 7 will not see my i phone but i tunes will and can not retrieve my pic off of my phone through windows like i use to be able to
  • i have the same problem as previous post:
    "I pushed the windows icon at and i clicked run. It said it couldnt find my asl.dll and therefor i cant go on with jail breaking my 3rd generation ipod touch. Can you tell me what to do? thank"
    the answer was : "Hi Robert,download Blackrain and put it in: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Apple Application Support ….good luck it will work now."
  • Repeat what you have done. After you need to download blackrain and it should give you the option to download for Windows. If not then i cant help sorry. :)
  • i have a apple mac laptop and it will not let the blackra1n jailbreak thing work! it comes up saying that it will but i waited 1 week for it to work and it never did! so wat did i do wrong??? plzz answer cuz i rlly wuld like this jailbreak thing on my ipodtocuh 3gen!
  • blackra1n is absolutely a great jailbreaker, so simple to use and does the job very well. I wrote up a tutorial on my site if anyone still needs a help with it. It's at good day
  • i can download the software it says it cant find my asl.dll what can i do?????
  • i cant download the software it says it cant find my asl.dll what can i do?????
  • Place blackra1n.exe into the iTunes folder. ASL.dll should be in there. Run Blackra1n.exe. Done.
  • I have done this, copy and past the blackra1n into the itune folder but still not go any further than the recovery mode, it does not reboot. I am stuck there! PLEASE HELP! Thanks
  • where is the itunes folder plzz help in advanse thanxz
  • I have a jailbroken and unlocked iphone 3g on 3.1.2. I downloaded htc leopard in winterboard. When I ran the theme my phone went into recovery mode. How can I get it out of recovery mode and it still be jailbroken and unlocked?
  • I updated my itouch 2nd generation to update 4.1.2. Does anyone know how if blackra1n will work for this? Ive tried so many things but i cant get it. Help plzz
  • do jailbreak reset ur iphone? will i loose everything that is on there now if i do?
  • okjofcaquzrpddxwiohb, zaposlitev, dhpqhRq.
  • can you teether with jail broken iphone????
  • @ all u guys who HAVE blackra1n, have already put it in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Apple Application Support, and its STILL not running... u hav to start the program FROM C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Apple Application Support
    I.E. after u copy the program to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Apple Application Support, double click on it's copy INSIDE OF THE FOLDER ITSELF
    Hope this helps.... check out YOutube, there r a lot of good jailbreaking tutorials over there...
  • BTW at all the guys asking, U can lose everything on ur iphone or ipod touch if u jailbreak straight away... it all depends on ur firmware... im not sure what firmware my own iphone is at because when i updated to 4.1, it crashed... now im stuck with an unuseable iphone, so im trying to jailbreak it....
    i strongly recomend a) backing up your iphone before doing ANYTHING, and b) having a copy of ur current firmware already downloaded...this helps if u lock urself out of the phone and get stuck on the "Connect To iTunes" screen. Or, once u've downloaded the firmware, try using redsn0w
  • LOl, i post 2 uch...
    @ every1 who gets "Cannot find ASL.dll, here's what u do:
    a) copy blackra1n
    b) paste the copy in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Apple Application Support ( open this from My Computer )
    Start blackra1n AGAIN, and if it dosen't work still, double click the shorcut from within the Apple Application Folder itself
    hope this helped...
  • Tried it just to see for once what it is like to jailbreak an itouch, but DANG IT, something went wrong and now my itouch is in recovery mode (aka The "Connect to Itunes" screen of Death), tried to restore it, but no luck. Now I need a solution to fix it and make it like it was the way before, anyone got any solutions (W/o making matters worse..)? I knew jailbreaking my itouch would be a bad idea,but I took the risk and now regret it. -_- (WHY...) Anyways, if you need to know: its a 8gb 2nd generation iTouch version 3.1.2, updated once from itunes since I got it.
    Any help would be appreciated.
  • just wana say thanks to ZANE you are the man!! problem sloved thanks!!!!
  • Zane,
    My iPhone 3GS had a OS 4.1. Yesterday i tried to upgrade it to 4.2. Bit it returned an error 1015. And still on recovery mode. i tried iRed, Recboot,blackra1n,but it did't work. What can i do ? .And now i cannot restore it.
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  • I'd have to check with you here. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!
  • I knew jailbreaking my itouch would be a bad idea,but I took the risk and now regret it. -_- (WHY…) Anyways, if you need to know: its a 8gb 2nd generation iTouch version 3.1.2, updated once from itunes since I got it.
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  • thank you zane!
  • You can easily jailbreak 3.1.2 with!