Gigaware HD Radio for iPhone/iPod touch Now Available at RadioShack for $80

Gigaware and RadioShack have teamed up to bring you an exclusive HD Radio iPhone/iPod touch solution with the Gigaware In-line Control with HD Radio for $80. Previously, if you wanted a portable way to listen to HD radio, your options were limited -- the best solution being the Zune HD. This versio

  • Easily connects to your iPhone and iPod touch via the dock connector
  • Receive HD radio signals that offer CD-quality sound
  • Song information, such as title and artist, appears on your iPod's display
  • iTunes Tagging saves artist and song information to your iPod for purchase via Apple's iTunes
  • Discover HD2 substations hidden between your regular stations that only HD radio can deliver
  • Play, Stop, Pause, Forward, Backward and Scan controls that your fingers can locate by touch

So at $80 a crack, is this something you would be willing to try out or are you happy enough with your own music and iTunes?

IM Staff

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