Girl pretends iPod touch is an iPhone to scare away kidnapper

It turns out that the iPod touch is a kidnapper deterrent. In Stanton, Delaware, a 12-year-old girl was waiting for a ride outside Stanton Middle School when a man driving a white van pulled up next to her and yelled at her to "get in the van". Instead of panicking, the girl pulled out her iPod touch, held it to her ear, and told the man that she was calling 9-1-1. Believing that she was using an iPhone, the driver immediately sped off. What a smart girl.

An iPod touch may have just saved this girl's life. Now, don't be surprised when your preteen argues that if you had his/her safety in mind, you'd buy him/her an iPod touch.

[ABC via Cult of Mac]

Leanna Lofte

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