iPhone MobileMe Kills Crackberry Dead

Ouch! Was that the sound of Crackberry Kevin Hulking Up for another NERD FIGHT, or RIM CEO Mike Lazeridis smashing the desks over at R&D?

Seems like Gizmodo's Jesus Diaz has just put Apple's new MobileMe push Email, Contacts, and Calendars service through it's iPhone paces and their verdict?

BlackBerry is dead, dead, dead. Dead.

And this from a self-confessed former Crackberrian, no less, using a Spanish SIM, on a UK Network, over EDGE! Along with the better, faster, and more powerful OS, Diaz credits the flawless App Store, media, and new enterprise and consumer features as making the Blackberry look "like a brick".

Yowzer, they say there's no such thing as bad press but... Yowzer...

As to MobileMe itself?

Not a single glitch—the thing just worked almost instantly. Knowing that Apple is using Sun Java Messaging Servers, probably paired with Synchronica or Consilient's over-the-air synchronization modules, I'm not surprised. It feels like they have put together a rock-solid operation.

Sign me up! (D'oh, I'm already legacy'd in!)