Google's My Account will now help you find your lost iPhone

Google has updated its My Account page for controlling your Google services like Gmail and others with a new "Find my phone" feature. It lets people locate or lock down their smartphone.

Google says:

Find your phone is a new feature that will help you if your phone is ever lost or stolen. In a few simple steps, you can not only locate your phone, but also lock and call it, secure your account, leave a callback number on the screen, and more. The feature can be used to find lost Android and iOS devices, and soon, you'll also be able to access it by searching Google for "I lost my phone."

This looks to be an extension of the company's previously launched service to find a lost phone via Google search.

Google is also adding a new way to access My Account from a smartphone by voice ("Ok Google, show me my Google account"). In the near future, it will add a way to simply use the Google search app to search for your name to bring up a shortcut to My Account page if you are already signed in

Check out the Find your phone feature in My Account

John Callaham

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