How to evolve Togetic in Pokémon Go right now!

Update: With the release of Gen 2, Togetic can now be caught in the wild. Only one problem: She's almost impossible to catch!

Togetic is the evolution of Togepi, the Gen 2 Pokémon baby still partially trapped in her egg. When the Gen 2 babies were first introduced, Togetic was instantly the rarest and hardest to get Pokémon in the game. That's because you couldn't hatch Togetic from a Pokémon egg or catch one in the wild. So, you had to hatch and walk Togepi until you got 50 Candy, then evolve.

As of February 2017, you can catch Togetic in the wild, but there's a problem: She appears to have one of the lowest base capture rates in the game. That means, 99 out of 100 times, she'll jump right out of your Poké Ball. People are depleting their Ultra Ball and Razz Berry reserves trying to catch her, throwing upwards of fifty of each her way. Sometimes they get her, sometimes they flee, but every time she fights like a Dragonite not to get caught.

So, if you really want Togetic and need her to complete your Gen 2 Pokédex, hatching Togepi and walking is still a viable option. Even more so now since, with Gen 2, Togepi's walking distance has been fixed — down from 5 KM a Candy to 3 KM.

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How do you hatch Togepi?

Pokemon Go hatch Togepi

Pokemon Go hatch Togepi (Image credit: iMore)

Togetic evolves from Togepi, so first you have to hatch a Togepi. How do you do that? Well, the Pokémon inside an egg is determined when you pick it up. Togepi hatches from a 5 KM egg. It appears to be one of the rarest hatches, though. Unless you got lucky during the Pokémon Go Holiday Event, which had temporarily — and very slightly! — increased the odds of hatching a baby, it means the only way to get her is to collect and hatch a lot of 5KM eggs. A. LOT.

For that you'll need to:

  1. Hit a lot of PokéStops.
  2. Buy a lot of Incubators (sorry).
  3. Walk/run/bike a lot of steps.

If you have Pokémon Go for Apple Watch, and it's actually working for you, using it as a workout can help speed up the hatching process. So can things like GPS drift, if that happens where you live or work, and even leaving Pokemon Go on in the cupholder while driving in low-speed areas. (Just don't distract yourself by looking at the screen!)

It took me almost two weeks and dozens and dozens of eggs to hatch my first Togepi but others hatched several the first couple of days. That's the cruel capriciousness of Pokémon Go's random number generator (RNG) for it. All told I hatched two Togepi during the Holiday Event, for a total of about 30 candy.

How do you evolve Togetic?

To evolve Togepi to Togetic in Pokémon Go requires 50 Togepi candy. (Yes, for some reason it's called Togepi candy instead of Togetic candy, which is how the other baby/mature Pokémon candy are labeled.)

If you can't find or successfully catch Togetic, you still have these two options:

  1. Hatch multiple Togepi.
  2. Walk your Togepi as a buddy.

Each Togepi you hatch will give you from 10 to 21 candy. So, you'll need to hatch at least 3 Togepi to get enough candy to evolve Togetic. Given how low the odds of getting a Togepi egg are, that could take a while. (Though, it could also happen at any time, because random is random.)

What about evolving Togetic into Togekiss??

Whoa there young bison! Togekiss is the next evolution of Togetic, but she's also a Gen 4 Pokémon and we've only just begun getting Gen 2. So, be patient. It's never too early to start saving 100 Togepi candies, of course, but be patient.

Any questions?

You probably want to try and hatch at least a couple Togepi, that way you jump-start your way towards evolving and get to keep a baby around for your living Pokédex. Regardless, if you have any questions about evolving Togetic, or anything else, drop them in the comments below.

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