iControlpad for iPhone Gives You Real Buttons

Trying to break records on your iPhone? Can't manage to do it with the touchscreen? Well jailbreak nation, it looks like there is a solution---iControlpad!

Though the image above is just a prototype, it takes obvious visual cues from the PSP, just take a look at the button layout and form factor.  Supposedly, it works via serial port and is currently supported by GBA, PSX (ZodTTD developed) emulators. They are planning on releasing the source code and SDK soon so hopefully more developers can jump on board.

Honestly, I'm tempering my excitement for this. I personally feel as if putting buttons and an analog stick will trap iPhone's games 'in the box'. But emulators are for re-creating the original experience, so I'll let it slide. Either way, it could be a great idea if utilized the right way.