iDisk App for iPhone Release Imminent?

According to a tech note, which recently appeared then disappeared from Apple's website (but can be seen at TUAW), our wait for the iDisk iPhone app may soon be over.

Surely you remember a little iDisk app that Apple promised to all of it's MobileMe customers back around WWDC 2009? The biggest feature, at least to us here at TiPb, being file sharing. Need to email a large file that is stored on your iDisk but you are away from your computer? No problem, just send it to whomever you'd like via iDisk for iPhone. Not too shabby.

Granted the above linked note does not mention anything in the way of functionality or release date, it is a sign that this app should appear in the very near future. Or we all can at least hope that is the case.

How many of you MobileMe customers out there have been craving to get your hands on this one?

[Via TUAW]

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