Ill Nine Inch Nails fan Reznor FaceTimed from stage last month passes away

Andrew Youssef has passed away, according to Rolling Stone. Youssef was the Nine Inch Nails fan that NIN frontman Trent Reznor used FaceTime to connect with at a Las Vegas show in November.

Youssef was a hospital pharmacist and concert photographer who suffered from colon cancer. His desire to see Nine Inch Nails perform live was motivation for him to continue treatment - he chronicled his travails in a column for OC Weekly entitled Last Shot. Reznor struck up a friendship with him once he read Youssef's story.

During a concert performance as part of NIN's Tension tour, Reznor connected with Youssef and dedicated the song "In This Twilight" to him (Youssef used the track name as the title of one of his columns). The moment was caught on video.

Via Rolling Stone

Peter Cohen