Inaugural Wall Paper for the iPhone

The UI wizards at Gx5 have been a favorite of mine since they saved my old Treo 680 from the Garnet-uglies back in the day. So, when sibling-site leader, TreoCentral's own Jennifer was kind enough to forward us news from Gx5 that they had whipped up some iPhone (and iPod touch) optimized Obama wallpapers just in time for the Inauguration, we figured we'd pass it on to you, our readers, as well.

(For those new to the iPhone and unsure how to change wallpaper, don't worry, we've got you covered!)

Rene Ritchie

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  • Yes We Can And Yes We Did! Obama08!!
  • YEAH!!!
  • boo...
  • @ j: +1
  • Nice!!!!!!!
  • Are there any of Michelle stomping around like an angry Clydesdale? :lol:
  • oh how the tables have turned
  • bye bye small businesses
  • @ Matt Sawyers AKA msbaylor:
    If the small businesses that you think are going to magically disappear with Obama in the White House are like yours, thank god and good riddance.
    Your cough iPhone Blog sucks as much as your grammar, punctuation and tact.