Obama using his iPhone on the campaign trail

Either sister site Crackberry.com jumped the gun in endorsing Barack Obama based on his favorite gadget being a "Blackberry", or the Senator once again proved himself the young, hip, agent of change in ditching last year's Waterloo for some Cupertino chic in the form of the iPhone.

Whether a gift from Oprah, or from El Jobso himself in lieu of campaign donations, this video (after the ad, 1:10 in -- kinda) clearly shows Obama pulling out his elegantly styled iPhone, effortlessly navigating its unmatched user interface, and easily receiving the information he needed.

We all know Karl Rove got the iPhone into the Oval, but could Obama's be the first one in the Big Chair itself? Trick question, if elected we all know he'll be rocking an iPhone 3G...

[Confession: This post is 100% politics free by virtue of being written by a Canadian in Canada who finds the US election process far too binary and direct to be understandable.]