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iPatch brings glowing Apple logo to iPhone! [Mod]

Ohellsyeah! iPatch, an iPhone repair company in the UK, has released a super sweet mod that brings a glowing Apple log to your iPhone. Yes, you ready that right. Glowing. Apple. Logo.

Chris and Andy, the guys behind iPatch, expect the mod to retail for under £100, and a turnaround time of less than an hour. They claim the iPhone remains fully functional, with the rear glass appearing completely original with no visible alterations. The logo lights up whenever the iPhone's screen is on.

No word yet on what this might do to battery life, but like we keep saying on the podcasts, if Apple adds this to iPhone 5, they'll sell a billion of them.

[iPatch via MacRumors, thanks Mike!)]

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  • You can tell sweet Georgia was all excited about this one when she didnt double check her " Yes , you ready that right "
    No foul my dear, no foul at all.
  • Won't it turn off during a call then ? As the screen dims?
  • Spelling error.
    You "READ" that right.
  • Sweet!
  • Or you could get a flashlight app?
  • Haha! I KNEW Georgia would be ALL over this! XD
  • Looks awesome, now if only they could get it to work with the notifications so that I don't have to turn my screen on when I have a msg or something...the only thing I miss about every other phone I have ever owned was the cheap little status light...
  • If I hold this up at a rooftop, will Steve Jobs show up?!
  • He's busy. You'll have to settle for his sidekick Tim Cook!
  • rofl "a glowing Apple log"
  • Hmm... reminds me of the glowing "Palm" on my pre... is there some glowing envy going on here?
  • $100 to kill your battery life?
    Ummmm, no thanks.
  • The light from the screen is what is used.
  • 150 us dollars, 5 min battery life, iPhone around the corner.. NO Thankss
  • Do u install something to get this???
  • Do u install something????
  • Some more details from the iPatch site that I'm guessing will answer a lot of questions in the comments:
    -It has had no noticable drop in battery performance in day to day use
    -It does not cause any heating of the rear case
    -The light goes off when the screen goes off. This means it will not glow when you are on a normal call and have the phone to your ear or have the phone on standby
    -The light effect is an evenly distributed glow, much like the apple symbol on the rear of a macbook lid
    -It does illuminate when you receive a text or call, or when your alarm sounds
    -It does not cause any change in thickness to the phone or result in any light leakage around the frame
    -The glass plate used is that from a standard iPhone 4 and is, therefore, available in black and white (or even custom colours if required)
    -The colour of the apple logo can be changed by applying a colour filter and its intensity can be reduced by reducing the front LCD brightness. There are other, currently classified, mods that may be possible too depending on testing. Currently, when the light is off, the apple has a frosted glass appearance but this may change to reflective silver, if possible, to maintain the original look of the iPhone
    -The camera function is completely unaffected either with or without flash
    -Plans are to release an export franchise kit which will be available to trained repairers abroad. It is by no means simple to replicate and would not be advisable to attempt without the expertise and knowledge of how the iPhone functions at a circuitry level. Details of how to participate will be released in the future
    -It will void any warranty with apple but the modification is fully reversible, returning the iPhone exactly back to how it was (at a smaller additional cost)
    It will come with iPatch's standard 90 day warranty so if anything goes wrong, you are covered
    -International orders are welcomed although please be aware of the delivery scale and costs
    was made with Iphone2g years ago:
  • Its glowing wrong...probably because you're holding it wrong
  • Yeah, I'm curious too if this will affect the battery life of the phone? It looks cool, but I like keeping my phone's battery for as long as its capable of.