What you need to know

  • During a recent interview, SoftBank president Ken Miyauchi may have revealed the release date of the iPhone 11.
  • According to his comments, the release date would fall on Friday, September 20.
  • That all checks off as Apple likes to release new iPhones on Fridays towards the end of the month.

September will be the month Apple announces and unveils the iPhone 11. That much we can expect from its past history, but a concrete date is still not known. But a recent slip up by SoftBank president Ken Miyauchi (via Macotakara) may have inadvertently given us the possible iPhone 11 release date.

On October 1, Japan is rolling out an updated Telecommunications Business Law. Among the changes it is enacting is separating high end devices like the iPhone from the most expensive plans. With the iPhone launching in September, Miyauchi was asked how SoftBank would handle the new law with the release of the new Apple device and here's what he said:

"Honestly, I am wondering what should I do for 10 days. No, I shouldn't say that," Miyauchi said. "Anyway, I don't know when the new iPhone will be released. However, almost after 10 days, it will be unbundled."

If we follow his comments, it sounds like he said the iPhone 11 would be around for 10 days before the new law takes effect. That'd put the its release date on September 20. Coincidentally, that also falls on a Friday, which is is the day Apple releases new iPhones.

That all checks out but it's still not confirmed, so don't take it as gospel quite yet. We still don't know when Apple will announce the new iPhone 11—though most peg the date as September 10—and even though September 20 makes sense as a release date, so does September 27, the last Friday of the month.

We'll continue to monitor the situation moving forward. An invitation from Apple for the iPhone September event should be mere weeks away.

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