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As we transition from April into May (yes it's May already), it's been a bumper week of news for Apple. Straight from the horse's mouth, we had Apple's Q2 earnings call, the first official indication of performance since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. We also saw a first look at the Beta for iOS 13.5, which contains provisions for Apple's new contact tracing technology, created in partnership with Google. Tim Cook even announced that Apple Stores in Austria and Australia will reopen next week! Fresh from the rumor mill, we also got a sneak peek at the prices for Apple's upcoming iPhone 12!

iPhone 12

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After enduring plenty of questions about the price of the iPhone 12, Jon Prosser just decided to go ahead and tell us. Turns out, the cheapest iPhone 12 might cost just $649, with the most expensive one starting at $1,099. All of these phones are rumored to feature 5G and an updated design featuring square edges.

iPhone 12 prices leak — and they're cheaper than you think

iOS 13.5

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The first beta of iOS 13.5 was released earlier this week, and the headlines are all pandemic-related. Firstly, Apple is going to make it easier to unlock your phone if you're wearing a mask, skipping straight past Face ID, and going to your passcode instead. The beta also includes a first look at Apple and Google's contact tracing solution.

Apple stores are starting to reopen

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A rumor earlier this week stated that store employees had been told that Apple expects to begin reopening stores in May. Sure enough, just a couple of days later Tim Cook told us that Apple's stores in Australia and Austria would reopen as soon as next week!

Tim Cook says Apple Stores in Austria and Australia will reopen next week

Q2 earnings

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Much to everyone's surprise, despite closing all of its retail stores amidst the pandemic, Apple still managed to record growth of 1% year on year in its Q2 earnings call. Headlines include record-setting services revenue and earnings of $58.3 billion.

Apple Card payment deferral

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Worried about paying your Apple Card bill? Worry not, Apple has extended its Customer Assistance Program, meaning users can defer their Apple Card payments through May if you're having difficulty making payments.

Apple extends Apple Card payment deferral through May