iPhone 2.0: Going Gold This Friday?

Since Steve Jobs announced it back in March at the iPhone SDK Roadmap Event, the iPhone 2.0 firmware has seen 7 updates, some bringing with them interesting new features for consumers, others giving more tools to developers. Delivery date was said to be "late June" which for Apple typically means June 30th, 11:59pm, but is now expected to be closer to the July 11th iPhone 3G handset rollout.

One sign that they're nearing the end of the long road to 2.0 comes from Gizmodo, via what they claim are sources inside Apple's iPhone development group. What sign is it? A rumor that iPhone 2.0 will hit "gold master" this Friday, following the release of build 345.

Ladies and gentlemen, we may just have our FINAL version!

Will there be any more last minute feature enhancements? Daring Fireball says it's all about Apple making trade offs. While I certainly understand and appreciate the desire to deliver a smaller set of more stable improvements, the desire for video recording, to-do's, and cut and freaking paste is strong!

Rene Ritchie

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