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iPhone 2.0 Jailbroken -- the Video Proof

The fine folks at iphone-dev want to make it clear: they've jailbroken the iPhone and they have the video above to prove it. Now all we need is a release announcement ...and maybe confirmation that it will work on that rumored 2.01 release. On the first score, they let us know they're hard at work. They must be -- it's clearly fried their taste in music -- check the video above out for proof of both.

Thanks to Cherryhead25 for the tip!. [via]

  • interesting... this screenshot clearly shows that they're using privilege separation -- different processes running as different users on the iPhone. Last I checked (admittedly a while ago), everything ran as root. So the security situation of the iPhone itself has improved a great deal.
  • hey look this: is the first firmware 2.0 ON-LINE jailbreak!!
  • hilarious
  • Total noob here...considering it absolutely necessary to jailbreak an iPhone to load it with applications not found in the "officially approved" app store?
    I'm asking because:
    1. I would be worried about losing applications because of iPhone updates
    2. I would like to know that I can access my Yahoo and Windows live IM's, as well as applications for document editing.
  • I saw another great article about something very similar to this with actually the same video but it also had another video of a phone unlocked aswell.
    Quite interesting check it out here:
    Also if you wish to link sites just respond and we can link up: