iPhone 2.0: Stereo Bluetooth, GPS, Printers, YouTube, and... Bricking?!

The deep dig into the latest iPhone 2.0 firmware beta 3 continues, with iPhoneBuzz reporting that they've found strings and/or references to A2DP stereo bluetooth support, bluetooth remote control, GPS (internal or external via BT not determinable yet), something to do with printers, Google 411 for Maps, as well as previously rumored YouTube plugin for MobileSafari Touch, the Infineon 3G chipset, and the apparent removal of the previous Nike + Sports references.

Hinting that Apple might be getting back into the cat'n'mouse game with unlockers is also a new reference to the chillingly named "BRICKED_AND_UNLOCKED_SIM_STRING" (cue Imperial March theme). What this means, and how long it takes to pwn it remains a mystery at post time.

So, is our 2.0 lust reaching a fever-pitch yet? Does brick-timidation put a damper on it? And where the name of all that's Jobsy is our cut'n'paste?

What do you think?

Rene Ritchie

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