CNET has an interesting post up detailing what we can expect in the next generation ARM processor. Just yesterday we took a look at the iPhone 3G's ARM 11 vs. the new iPhone 3G S' Cortex ARM8 and the difference was impressive -- most impressive. Well, next year is promising a dual-core ARM Cortex A9...!

Icebike sent this in, wondering out loud: "Is it too soon to start speculating on 2010?" And the simple answer is "no, no it's not!" It's longstanding practice here at TiPb to wait a polite 1.372 seconds after a new iPhone model is introduced, and then begin with "So, next year--"

That spirit in mind, TiPb can't help but wonder what this, combined with multi-core PowerVR GPU's, wrapped up into custom system-on-chips by Papermaster, the PA Semi team, and all those new GPU gurus toiling away in Steve's basement, means for a 2010 iPhone? (No, I won't call it an iPhone HD -- yet!)

At the very least, I think DC comics is going to have to invent us a faster Flash!