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iPhone 2.0.2 To Be Released Today? (Update: Go Get It)

Word from a merry tipster, whom we would trust with our lives (well, maybe the lives of our pets, we're not madmen), is that AT&T is informing the faithful:

As with most major software releases (like the iPhone 2.0 software), vendors typically release enhanced software updates shortly after the major release. Vendors tweak their code to optimize the performance of the device and the customer experience. That’s the case with the release of iPhone 2.0.2 (5C1) code that will be available on iTunes at 5:00 PM eastern time today.Customers should plug their iPhone into an iTunes equipped computer, that’s connected to the internet, and follow the prompts to upgrade their device. The results of this software release will improve the customer’s experience while operating on our network.

Note the bolded text above. Could it be? A 3G fix already? Or are we looking at more mysterious "bug fixes"?

Thanks for the tip Bla1ze!

Update: Looks like it's up. And Rene fills us in on all the nitty gritty details in the update notes:

"Bug Fixes"

Gee, thanks for the information, Apple! Well, folks, when your download finishes, let us know what you think!

  • Does anybody know if by 3G reception they also mean cell reception in general? Cause overall reception in my house (practically downtown Chicago) blows big time, I have to turn off 3G to get minimum bars to make a phone call.
  • And pwnage will occur within 48 hours I'm sure.
  • 5:01 eastern time and my iphone is current version 2.01
  • Same here. My 2.0.1 is current :(
    But then again, I ain't no Kevin Rose or... Dieter Bohn...
  • 5:07 EST. No update.
  • 5:07 and Downloading 2.02 now :)
  • Maybe the 2.0.2 is being delivered via MobileMe? :D
  • 5:09pm ET, and downloading 2.0.2!!!
  • Ok, NOW 2.0.2 is rolling....
  • Sorry for all the posts, but... it's 248.7MB (!!!). Probably normal.
  • 5:11pm and downloading as we speak...
  • @ hotrod: LMAO Apple is not NASA :)
  • 53 min remaining?!
  • Damn, and I'm at work without my cable to sync.... :-/
  • Yeah, I'm a little anxious about things. Just wanted to give everybody a heads up. Hope to see it improves something. ;)
  • Done downloading - now installing - I know it probably wont, but where I am in NJ, 3G has been down all day...maybe this will fix it???
  • D'oh! Error. Download zero-byte'd it for an EPIC FAIL. Trying again... Hating those who got it...
    @Bad Ash: Could be worse, you could be on a slow Canadian cable connection that's probably being throttled and costs a fortune! :)
  • It just finished and restarted now it is backing up my phone again, but from the capacity graph at the bottom, it appears that everything is still there and I don't have to resync everything.
  • Nothing needed to re-sync for me - would be interested to know what this specific update was for. 3G network running better for me...but that may be my imagination b/c it was down in my area all day...
  • Done. 2.0.2 (5C1) on phone, and all apps and music still in place. Now I'm off to test any better connectivity.
  • Oh, and A BIG THANKS to iPb for letting us know FIRST. Thanks so much.
  • Just downloaded & updated to 2.0.2... Haven't noticed anything particular yet, and DID notice that my location issues (iphone always thinks I am in Washington DC -- rather than my home in Boston) have not been fixed. :/
  • Anyone have a direct download link for archive purposes?
  • Just updated... I've been suffering from the ALSOD (Apple Logo Screen of Death) problem mentioned in so many forums... caused by updating apps crashing the entire system. I can't be certain it solved this problem as it is unpredictable and I don't want to tempt fate until I have time to fix the problem if it happens again (e.g. a few hours of restore and non-phone usage). My 3G seems faster (376 via iNetwork test), but don't have anything to compare that to.
  • BLARG! Zero'd out again!! @##%#%@$^%!%^@$^@$^!!!!
    @metime: for "archive" purposes, eh?
  • Damn... another update that they didn't release concurrent with Pwnage... THAT is the update trigger I'm waiting for. LOL ;-) 2.0.3 to the rescue? ;-)
  • @Rene yup. I want to download it now and fiddle round with it later when ... um ... some other group catches up :)
  • Wish I knew what all the fuss was about :P
  • The update worked spotlessly for me. At my house there was 3 reception bars until the update - there are 5 now. 3G web browsing (google and yahoo searches) seem faster now.
  • Hmmm... 3G in Nashville was down all day today too.... I bet this has something to do with it....
  • Sadly, no reception improvement for me.
  • So I uploaded to 2.0.1 when it came out. And after that my Phone when into backup mode (Thank God!) and then was out of commission all night. It said that I have to restore it. I was pissed. So I wake up the next morning to restore it and it backup to my last backup (Thank God!)and I was up a running again. But I have been experience App problems. I was unable to update some of my apps.
    Anyone having the same problem. I am not updating. Not at all. If it's not broke don't fix it.
  • I think this is to get us to stop jailbreaking it, also i hope it fixes my ipod touch because its been constantly saying there are no songs or videos, then i plug it into itunes and it says that there are songs on it but the ipod doesent show songs its so annoying! THis better fix it or im going to be sending millions of angry letters to apple lol
  • So i updated and now i get NO signal in places were 3G was previously spotty at best. My roommates POS samsung 3G phone gets perfect reception and my 300 dollar iphone gets ZERO.
    Maybe i should have stuck with my blackberry...
  • @ Brian: the phone is not to blame, at least in my case. When I put in a t-mobile sim reception is much better than att's
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