iPhone 2.1 Beta 4 Seeded Without Push Notification !?

So the news isn't that iPhone 2.1 Beta 4 has been seeded to developers, no that's expected. With a (hopeful) September release, iPhone 2.1 should be receiving its finishing touches. What the news is, is that the much ballyhooed feature of push notification is missing. As in gone. Not there. Removed. iPhone 2.1 Beta 4 removes the push notification feature from the test version.

Should we begin to worry? Push notification has been present in iPhone 2.1 since the very first beta. Apple says its been removed for further internal development. Obviously, the removal of the push notification feature would prevent developers from understanding the animal that is push.  But then again, we at TiPb would rather prefer a delayed polished product than a rushed buggy one (ahem..MobileMe).


  • I think you're right - no new cloud offerings until the existing ones are fixed.
  • Someone over on arstechnica's comments makes a great point. This is a BETA. Better for Apple to test it and discover there are problems and yank it from the beta than to discover there are problems after RELEASING it and make people wait two-three months with their applications erasing their data and crashing their phone.
  • I don't mind a delay....Make it work first. Make it solid =)
    I'm having to much fun with "Sketches" anyway... it's keeping me busy =o
  • I love the different applications on the iPhone. Lots of things that are more useful than WM. However, the main issue that Apple has to tackle is the instability of the device. I can only imagine the increased number of crashes/reboots one would experience if the iPhone actually multitasked. Get this all sorted out Apple, then introduce a new feature. Every reboot or crash I have, the more I want to move on to the next best thing - And that Treo Pro is looking great.
  • To me a delay in something like this is justified. Personally I wouldn't mind if 2.1 just made 2.0.1 more stable. Push notification is one of the main reasons i bought the device in the first place, but addressing the instability of the device should be the first priority.
  • Probably shifted focus to fixing the 3G connection issues.
  • The charger wroekd for a couple weeks no problems now it would seem the contacts are already worn/bent a passenger now has to hold the plug firmly against the phone or it won't charge. Don't waste your money get a blackberry branded charger .