In all of the about 10 seconds devoted to the iPhone in this year's Apple pre-holiday event, Steve Jobs let rock with the iPhone 2.1 announcement. No demo, though we suspect it will be very similar to the iPod Touch 2.1 software that received so much loving. Jobs did run down the "feature" list, however:

Pretty much nails all the recent complaints. But that's about all it does.

Don't get us wrong. We said we wanted stability first, and this is stability first. We're happy. Really. But the kid-on-Christmas inside us... That kid says no push notification service? And so much for those who hoped for cut/copy/paste, or turn-by-turn GPS. Unless Apple's still hiding some "secret features", guess we gotta wait until at last 2.2 for that, huh?

Better solid than just new bugs... Hopefully -- at least -- the Genius features and new interface tweaks will carry over from the iPod Touch as well. (Absent Nike +, of course!)