iPhone 2.2: Google Street View, Auto-Correct Off, and Emoji

Developers are continuing to dig away at iPhone Firmware 2.2 Beta 1, and Macrumors brings word of a few more juicy finds:

First up is Google Street View for Maps, which Android wowed the crowds with at its recent unveiling. Just like location services, however, it looks like Apple and Google will be rolling it in for iPhone users soon enough.

Next is a Settings control to enable or disable the auto-correction feature of the keyboard. Many of our own readers have been asking for this, likely to get their SMS <3, 133t, can has lolcatz, or, you know... other languages on.

Lastly, Japanese Emoji icons seem to have finally found their place in the iPhone-verse.

Still no word, however, on the delayed Push Notification Server support or many of the other most griped about, still curiously omitted features like... oh, we don't know... cut and goram paste?!

So, are these enough new features to wet your 2.2. appetite? Want more? And how important is it to you that Apple balance the amount of new features with the risk of instability a la 2.0?

(Macrumors screenshots after the jump...)

Rene Ritchie

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