iPhone 3.0 Beta 1 Screenshot Gallery

We have been, and will continue, to cover specific features in their own posts, but for those of you -- like us -- just chomping at the bit for more iPhone 3.0 Beta 1 goodness, here are some preliminary screenshots to tide you over.

If you haven't already, check out our previous massive news roundup, and let us know what you want to know more about next!


Rene Ritchie

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  • On the 3rd image where it's a new mms message, what is that smaller battery looking indicator?
  • Apple's bluetooth headset.
  • @AdMn The other indicator is for the apple bluetooth. Headset
    I think this update addressed a lot of what ppl requested. They should of had all of these features from the jump ( like spotlight mms etc ) but Apple has their way of making ppl wanting more.
    I'm 90% happy with this update.
    I still would like the wifi menu to change to ' network 'because getting to the 3G toggle is slightly convoluted. I either leabe it on or I leave it off because of where they put it.
    I still want a finder to host files I downloaded from the mail app. Also I would like to sync the supported files from iTunes. Filing in mail is not enough. Might this feature be limited for the same reason video is not included ? Writing and erasing from the NAND memory can wear it out ?
  • Are we ever gonna get chat that runs in the background???
  • can you give me a hand or point me in the right direction. i spent last night trying to figure out how to install the new OS. I got nowhere and cant find any support to show me how to install it. do I need to use the SDK or iTunes???? or is it a hack?
    thank you so much in advance for any pointers.
  • @james
    they just announced push notification yesterday...
    you payin attention?
  • @Nate:
    My understanding is that, if you're a registered developer (paid your $99), your UDID is in the system, and you downloaded the beta from Apple, just hook up to iTunes, point your restore to the new firmware, and go.
  • @rene ritchie thank you so much but I am unfamiliar with how to point to the firmware. cant figure it out...
    do I need to start the restore process than it will let me choose or do I change a menu setting somewhere?
    again thank you so much
  • I wrote a review of 3.0 here:http://jordanbalagot.com/blog/2009/03/18/iphone-os-30-first-look/
    Biggest problems are that the youtube app is not working at all yet--every tab and the sign in button says "Cannot connect to YouTube".
    The other prob is that MMS isn't actually working yet.
    But everything else is great!
  • Wait, so that bar is what? Battery value for the headset? Signal strength? Please explain.
  • @megarain
    yea its the headset battery life.
  • @Jordan (or anybody who has looked through SDK)
    Is the access to the ipod library area read-only, or will apps have any ability to write there as well?
  • For those trying to install the iPhone Beta OS software (and this is because Apple drops the ball on providing any clear instructions - READ Notes below before trying these steps)
    1) Download both the SDK and Beta OS
    2) Run the SDK (XCODE App) with your iPhone attached
    3) Copy the long UDID string of characters
    4) Log in to your iPhone developer account
    5) Register your iPhone as a developer device using the UDID string (paste it here)
    6) Close iTunes
    7) Go back into XCODE and Restore the OS (basically point it to the downloaded iPhone OS 3.0 beta file)
    8) Once complete, unplug the iPhone, open iTunes and replug the USB
    9) Either setup as a new device or restore using your old image. NOTE: Restoring will bring over your network settings, some saved App files, etc. but will not sync your Apps/Photos/Music automatically.
    10) Sync
    11) Oh Happy Day! You are now done and up and running!
    a) You MUST be a registered iPhone developer or you will brick your phone. $99 at developer.apple.com
    b) You SHOULD register your device as a developer device BEFORE you upgrade the beta OS
    c) You CANNOT revert back to a previous iPhone OS so once you go down this road, you either will get iPhone OS 3.0 beta working on your iPhone or you will render your iPhone useless. Make sure you have a developer account and register your iPhone BEFORE doing the above steps! To register look at steps 4/5 above.
  • Just wanted to point out that visual voicemail has been disabled in 3.0 beta...
    One downside to the many new features....
  • EDIT: Visual voicemail works after calling and disconnecting per Jordan's blog.
  • TY Danno
  • After watching Apple's video yesterday, I was surprised that those who were at the presentation (like Engadget) didn't notice the SMS missing from the (what is now called) Messenger app and immediately blog it as an obvious hint of MMS being added. They didn't foresee this? I would've known right then If I'd been there. :roll:
  • AHH forward messaging ability! Now I have no excuse to ignore those evil and pointless forwards.
  • Has Apple lifted the restriction on 3rd party apps accessing the calendar? I loved using SyncML on my old treo and would like the ability to sync my calendar with work.
  • this is probably a dumb thing to want, but I want smileys!!! :)
  • I don't the "Messaging" icon. They should MMS in the little cloud, cause it's very plain and unappealing. But that's a minor thing that bothers more, and I think I'll get over it eventually.
    On the bright side, we finally will have Copy/Paste! and MMS of course and a bunch of other things that will come in handy. I wished they improved the camera though, that would have made it the perfect iPhone (iChat too!)
    Do you think they will release a new iPhone this Summer like they did last year?
  • Any idea if subscriptions will work in conjunction with an Activesync account? Currently, if you use Activesync for your calendar, you can't create another calendar on your iPhone. So in 3.0, can you subscribe to a calendar while also using Activesync?
  • @rene. Will the voice recorder app record a active phone conversation?
  • @ Danno Bonano:
    You DON'T have to register your device as a developer device BEFORE you upgrade the beta OS. You can do it AFTER installing the OS : Get iPhone configuration utility (http://support.apple.com/downloads/iPhoneConfigurationUtility11forMacOSX) to get your iPhone's UDID (identifier) Connect to the iPhone Developer Program portal, and in the Devices section add your iPhone (http://developer.apple.com/iphone/manage/devices/index.action) The next time you will launch iTunes your iPhone will be activated.
  • Overall I think this was a good update... I still think they could have improved the camera app. For example they could of added effects like black and white, sepia, and other photo booth type things... I think apple is going to add to this update still... Also video mms support...
  • Also a lot of things are glitchy...
  • But I expected that