UPDATED: iPhone 3.0 Beta 2 Now Available for Developers

UPDATED: According to the screenshot we just received, looks like Apple has, for the first time, re-jiggered the order of Apps on the Home Screen (previously they just added iTunes and then App Store). Now Voice Memo takes Clocks spot, Notes switches with Calculator, Clock goes where Notes was, and Calculator bumps Settings to the bottom row along with iTunes and App Store, which move left a slot to make room. Not sure about this new arrangement, what do you think?

Also, there's apparently a new Settings panel for Store, although it sounds like it's blank right now.

ORIGINAL: Sneaking in just before the end of March, Apple has released iPhone OS 3.0 Beta 2, both SDK and firmware to developers. If you're spinning apps for this summer's big release, head on over to developer.apple.com (opens in new tab) and get your download on.

TiPB has already done a fairly extensive iPhone 3.0 walkthrough of the front-facing elements of Beta 1, but we'll have to wait for the usual deep-code divers out on the internet to let us know if there's anything new surfaced in Beta 2.

Rene Ritchie

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  • Aww, just updated to 3.0 now beta 2 is out LOL
    Time tp upgrade.
  • To*
    Thats the 3.0 lag for you...
  • i need that iphone 3.0 update
  • Apple, throw in some Calendar ToDos and some icon management while we're waiting... you got a whole thirteen weeks. :)
  • Did they include a changelog? I just want something to read while I download that monstrous 2.1 gigabyte DMG file.
  • Seems to me like Voice Memo could've been made part of the Notes app (the notepad icon with part of a mic laying on top).
  • Lag is gone :D much faster and lots of bugs squashed. Looks like beta 1 did its job.
  • "Not sure about this new arrangement, what do you think?"
    Do people leave the icons in their default positions? I moved a good chunk of mine around so I would have front page access to the programs I actually use.
  • Great update. Fixes every bug I'd reported. This doesn't feel like a beta!
  • Definitly not if you can upgrade do it way more stable its out there
  • Great stuff... hopefully the update comes before summer.
  • My YouTube does not connect... Also I found a Store option under settings with nothing else there... Wonder what that's going to be!!
  • Did you restore from backup? That can always mess with YouTube for some strange reason. If so, try a fresh install. Jeremy recommends that for any OS update, and I've learned to listen to him!
  • Yep.. I did.. will try a restore without the backup.. thanks!!
  • Great update except that it broke G Maps U.S. So smoother overall.
  • Additional note regarding Youtube not working in addition to not restoring from backup (great advice when dealing with the beta firmware) I also found that until I signed in with my Youtube account, it wouldn't load anything.
    This may not be the same experience for everyone, so your mileage may vary. (I also kinda doubt this a requirement they will carry over to the public release but who knows).
  • No one mention anything about how the landscape keyboard fades when in transition i think thats cool
  • Am I the only one who hates the voice memo icon? It looks like a poorly made 3rd party app
  • It looks better this way. I've always had the Stores on the bottom.
  • What do you mean by "Also, there’s apparently a new Settings panel for Store, although it sounds like it’s blank right now."? A new App Store settings App? Or a makeover to the default Settings icon?
  • Did anyone else get this screen after upgrading to beta 2?
  • 11 Homescreens in beta 2
  • Why would they move them. I like where they are now. Yes I am one of those people that leaves the original icons where they are. I have become so used to it, that I am lost if they are moved - :P
  • I leave all my original apps right where they were also. I've been using the iPhone from day one, and would go crazy looking for them if they were anywhere else.
    I also think the Voice Memo app icon is horrid. I was kinda shocked that's an apple designed icon...
  • God will you people STFU about the way an icon looks or where it's arranged on you. It's a beta. And it's a great beta. You guys doing all the bitching over icons shouldn't even be running this OS.
  • @Evilhomer:
    We were asked "what do you think (of this new arrangement)?"
    Try reading a little slower time. If you need help with the big words, ask your mommy.
  • @Evilhomer
    The sqeaky wheel gets the grease. What gets bitched about gets taken into consideration. While I doubt they'll rearrange the icons again, that ugly ass icon could still see a change before it goes live. Wish they'd have a setting to hide the apple icons. I'd hide this one, the useless weather app, and probably the stocks app too.
  • @ Evilhomer - Some of us are actually registered paid developers with legitimate access and need to be running the OS.
    If we want to complain about an icon that we think is particularly displeasing, we're free to voice our opinions.
  • @ISSAC: I agree. the voice memo icon is so conspicuous.
    This update is much more stable. The lag is nearly gone. The frozen sms typing is gone. Now we need at&t to give access to mms.
  • @dwj
    I concur. I have most of those apps literally hidden because I never use them.
  • hey can some one help, i updated to the new 3,0 beta 2 an now after i restore my itunes does not see my phone on there so i cant upload my music or anything, can anyone please help!!!
  • So a lot of bugs are fixed? I actually downgraded cause it was SO buggy!
  • I found a Russian website that has jailbroken 3.0 beta 1 and beta 2
  • @Spidesol
    You did read that anyone thats not a registered developer should not download 3.0 unless they want to brick their phone...right?
    At least this is what I've heard.
  • Yeah I know I am a registered developer
  • @spidesol, can you provide a link?
  • No I cant because im A gay bitching faggot claiming to have found An (as of yet) non-existing jailbreak
  • It wasn't me who posted the last comment but the original site was www.iphoneapps.ur but
    quickpwn.com has it on their website now and its currently only for pc
  • Sorry I misspelled the original link it iphoneapps.ru and you need to run google translator on it to read but its all at quickpwn.com in plain English
  • Hi guys, I have one question for you. Last week one guy register my iPhone in his developer account and I download the first beta. Now hi change the password and I can't find it. The question is, if I download the new beta in another page my iPhone will be activate or I need to find a person who add me in his developer account again for the new beta?
  • @wilux if he added you iPhone serial number to his dev-account you can download the beta software from whereever you can find it and you won't have to worry about your iPhone Beeing locked
  • anyone know if you can change the time for Require Passcode if you have an Exchange account setup on your phone? With 2.2.1 you can put it up to 15 as long as that conforms to your Companies security policies. With 3.0 beta 1 it could only be set to Immediately which is a huge pain.
  • You can now dl the beta jb it and use iutilities to trick iTunes into thinking its 2.2 activate the phone then switch it back no need for a dev UUID
  • The beta has made my gps useless, it is now about a mile wrong and doesn't follow, and some times it won't send texts but says it has and vice versa.
    Bit laggy bringing up finder (unless you press home to get it up).
    Other than that I have found it spot on and am genuinly excited about 3.0 as a whole. 3.0 completes phone for me, fills the gaps.
    For got to mention mms is done very well.
  • Hey I'm 13 years old and I'm not permitted to buy a iPhone dev account:(so I'm curious if I could be added to somebody account....?
  • Apple has an iPhone Dev program for students. Check it out, might be just what you're looking for.
  • Dis they add recieve mms?
  • I was a genius and bricked my iphone 2 days ago and was stuck until i found the website that i linked to my name above, just click on my name to go there. They had me up and running in no time and i now have complete access to their Apple developers account with my own user ID and password. It was worth it, just my 2 cents for anyone who is in the same boat i was.
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