iPhone 3.0: Still a Reason to Jailbreak?

The iPhone 3.0 software release day this summer may be a sad one for the little iPhone Pirate. Will we still need jailbreaking? As Rene has already pointed out, yes you will be able to jailbreak iPhone 3.0 but just how many of you will be abandoning this process all together? We've given you our Top 5 Jailbreak Apps and 5 More Jailbreak Apps. Now Apple has seemed to satisfy most, if not all of your iPhone needs with the 3.0 software, it may be bit premature to cast jailbreaking into the darkness just yet. Some of the reasons being:

  • No themes
  • Categories and folders
  • Tethering, still no sign of this coming anytime soon from AT&T.
  • Lack of options for things such as ringers and tones.
  • On screen notifications
  • Video recording

Yes, we all know that things may change from now and the time 3.0 is released but the above list has a bleak outlook in terms of Apple tossing them into the mix anytime soon. How many of you will still be jailbreaking when iPhone 3.0 drops?

IM Staff

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