iPhone 3.0 Release Date: June 17

Apple VP of iPhone Software, Scott Forstall, announced during the WWDC Keynote that iPhone 3.0 (see our massive walkthrough) will be available for one and all, next Tuesday, June 17.

Ladies and gentlemen, set iTunes for download!

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • Its next Wednesday. ; )
  • Is it jailbreakable?
  • Words alone cannot describe my disappointment that the OS was not released today. Additionally, Wal-Mart and Best Buy have not updated their prices on-line for the current 3G model and don't even think about trying to order the 3G from the AT&T site or the Apple site. They both seem to be overwhelmed and do not complete screen to screen order procedures. Another Apple fiasco. Please forgive me, I'm just disappointed the OS was not released for this 1st gen iphone user.
  • I just can't believe that voice dialing was part of the new hardware but not OS 3.0! How can it by tied to hardware? It seems like such a simple task.
  • I now this is just wishful thinking, but on Apple's site for the iPhone 3.0 OS (Which Apple emphasizes is for those who have an iPhone and want new features) video capture is actually listed in the MMS section. It states the following:
    "Even tap to snap a picture or shoot a video right inside Messages."
    It sure would be neat if this was an indication of a feature available to 3G iPhones that Apple just didn't want to mention in the Keynote.
  • Looks like they are trying to push people into buying tye new phone to get most of the features, It would be a huge downgrade for me to get 3.0, I wonder how long until it's jailbroken? What do we get? A landscape keyboard (useless)? And copy and paste? That's it? No bluetooth? nothing else? I guess copy and past will come in handy for putting those stupid codes into pos ATT's viewmymessage nonsense...
  • I think one of the biggest issues with the iPhone that was not addressed was the unorganized settings menu. Why can't they just make it like SBSettings!!!!!!
  • This is horrible I just buy the 3g now they come out with a new one this sucks
  • do you still have 30 days to exchange a phone
  • I would like to say that it is about time AT&T released something decent for the Iphone, you pay a couple hundred dollars for "the most advanced phone" and all you get is basic software with a touch screen, I love the Iphone but come on and give us a little something more i.e. bluetooth, video, picture messageing, something that is worth the money besides the touch screen, come on.
  • Tuesday is the 16th the 17th is a Wedensday. Also i just bought the iphone 3G a week ago and know they come out with this. Do you think i can exchange it????
  • I'm so confused by reading all or your posts...
    Have you not followed how apple has run things over the past 5+ years. Here is the math so you don't get shocked when you upgrade your phone before the first week of June next year. Apple releases a new version of their Hardware once a year, Usually within a weeks time. Its the same for their laptops, desktops, ipods, iphones... you can be sure there will be a new iPhone on the market next June, in fact I bet it is released on June 18th... just a guess. As for functionality, are you kidding me. Of course they are going to save the good stuff for those using the new version of the phone. Apple doesn't make money off you using your phone service, they make money off you buying their products. seriously people, thats just the way the industry goes.
  • with a 2.2.1 "jailbroken" iPhone and the numerous apps that are available to date, (other than iTunes' selection), there is really not much to upgrade. Although from Texas, I do agree with canadianiphone in that this is how the system works and it will continue to head in this direction, "onward through the fog". I have bluetooth, live streaming video capability, video recorders, tracking apps and I can use my iPhone as a modem as well. I just wish it would mix my drinks for me...
  • Hey Taxas iSquid,
    I don't know my overall experience with the Iphone had drop quite a lot since Jailbreak.
    Is that the same for you? Or may be is only because of apps like backgrounder and e-alert!
    Just tell me which app you use from cidia and will tell you how to get your phone to mix your drink.
  • Hey Texas iSquid,
    I don't know my overall experience with the Iphone had drop quite a lot since Jailbreak.
    Is that the same for you? Or may be is only because of apps like backgrounder and e-alert!
    Just tell me which app you use from cidia and will tell you how to get your phone to mix your drink.
  • I don't know what you guys are getting on about unless you have a 1G or 2G iphone you are getting Bluetooth updates. I would agree if you have the 1 or 2 G it's not worth the 10 bucks it'll probably cost to upgrade though.
  • If you purchased an iPhone 3G on or after May 9th, you can exchange it for an iPhone 3GS. All you would need to pay is a $20 restocking fee.
  • Yes the 3.0 is 100% jailbreakable, there is a new installer, you can allready jailbreak tha Beta! 
  • Just exactly what does jailbreak do for my iphone, if you please?
  • Does anyone care to say at what time exactly are we getting the iPhone OS 3.0??? I'm shocked NOBODY on the web has asked this.
  • im assuming they are releasing it at 12:00 am on wednesday morning....idk tho...we will just sit in front of our laptops panting all day and keep checking for an update ;-)
  • hmmm does that mean that for the UK i wont be able to get the upgrade till bout 6?
  • UH! Specifically to ripjames :
    there is no such thing as a 1G or 2G iphone! the old model is not an iphone 2G!
    ..there was ONE previous phone, and it was iPhone.
    3G in this case isnt third generation.
    It's named 3G after the 3G network. watch the keynote that introduces it, they say it clearly.
    iPhone and iPhone 3G > that's IT! till next week, add 3Gs ... if it was Generation.. it'd've been iphone 4g.. no.
    anyway. i just hate people saying 2G referring to the first gen iphone.
  • Tinak---- I couldnt agree with you more. There so far have only been to generations of iphones releases and thats the iphone (1st gen), iphone 3g (2nd Gen), coming this firday will be the iphone 3g S (3rd Gen),
  • Does anyone know or have an idea at what US time the iphone 0s 3.0 will be released tomorrow. Im hoping for midnight but i havent heard anything defenate yet. Does anyone have any input?
  • @Wilson -- if it is midnight, I would guess it would follow California time which is 2AM Central or 3AM EST
  • There is an app for voice dialing if you look in the right place. If you jailbreak your 2.2.1 it will also open up a lot more options the the app store does not offer...
  • that the app store does not offer*****
  • fuccup! nerds!
  • dear canadianiphone,
    Apple doesnt just release once a year 2.2 and 2.2.1 were released within months of each other retard. while 2.2.1 was mainly bug fixes it is still an upgrade. Maybe youre confused because you have a hard time reading, but this stuff isnt rocket science, its peoples thoughts and questions. Hmmm kinda the point of a blog dont you think?
  • So no one knows the time it will be released. I haven't been able to find it anywhere.
  • Still no word on a release time?
  • I think its 1pm EST, which i make 16:00 GMT
  • how the hell did you work that out? EST is 5 hours behind GMT lol
  • well its definately not 00:00 for UK, not available yet :(
  • @Josh
    you are an idiot as he quite clearly stated that Apple released new HARDWARE once a year, eg. iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs, which is correct. 2.2 and 2.2.1 are software updates, idiot, and so are SOFTWARE. Not rocket science.
  • i think the release time would be 00:00 Pacific Time since that is midnight for Apple in California.
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  • yeah! well looks like im not getting the update tonite. gonna have to wait for the bloody yanks to go to bed 1st!
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  • Lol you guys are fun . Im just waiting for the update i dont want to sleep and then wake up and get it there will be alot of people who are downloading it .
    P.S England baby
  • I believe Apple is an American company and the iPhone an American product. When was the last time anybody wanted anything the rest of you made, besides maybe a car! Google, Microsoft, Intel, Apple, Dell, Compaq/HP, hmmm. It's not about doing things that are different; it's about doing things.
  • well im a F AG american. and i say its nt out till 6pm gmt coz i like f u c kin with the time zones
  • Hey guy's 3.0 out in england now!!!!!
  • Some apple fans are hillaious. If you get that upset over the use of the word 2g, get a life!!!
    Secondly, I think UK time, as GMT is centre of the world should be when things are launched. To american, I'd love a cup of tea, but I am trying to get this no-existant iphone update!
  • No its not out in england im trying to update but it keep saying ur current version is up tp date 2.2.1
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  • How on earth you are getting the update ? Is that a joke i live in England/Plymouth and i still can not get the update !
  • Called Apple: 12:01 AM EST . . . but with the faggy Europeans have to wait until at least 6AM
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  • Lol, i didn't post the last 2 messages, but seriously guys, some people are g a y, get over it.
    PS: in Bristol, ENG no update :(
    No news.... is apple news.
  • Will it be 6AM or not?
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  • Apple said 12:01am EST . . . that's all I know. I did speak with someone. Servers are going to freakin' explode though.
  • sorry Lol, i did post the last 2 messages, but seriously guys, i am g a y, get over it.
    PS: in Bristol (aka sh-it hole) ENG no update
    No news…. is apple news.
  • I'm gay, too. How f'ing cares? Ignore the idiots. I was just hear to get some information and noticed there wasn't any. Just a bunch of haters. Fuk 'em.
  • Got it!!! Off the official latvian apple website! Update available for download if you go on there! Currently downloading, however i'm going to have to wait at least 30 minutes for it to finish!
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  • Do any of you guys know if it's possible to jailbreak the iPhone using windows?
  • Yes. Google it.
  • Oh yeah, I believe they release it is Latvia, Bolivia, and The Congo before it releases to the rest of the world.
  • Its not true , Im in Latvia website and there is no such thing as 3.0 OS download in there ?
  • lol you believed him.
  • @Jesse-
    how do you know it will be 12:01 EST?
    if so, that would be great!
  • I don't "know" it. I was just told that by an Apple rep. After searching the web to no avail, I used my "dial 0" app asked? What a concept!
  • Hey fools just get the iphone 3.0 final version i have it its the same one that is coming out tomorrow no BETa just google "iPhone1,23.07A341_Restore" and for all the people in the us the mms is not ready to launch at&t is being gay like the othere gays on this post
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  • Im an Apple rep. and here are the answers to your questions.
    1.There is indeed a 2g iPhone, it just wasn't ever released to the public.
    2.Release date and time is 12:01am Eastern Time.
    3. The 3.0 OS software update has not been released anywhere yet, and it will be realeased in U.S.A first, not England, Bolivia, Spain. ect.
  • ha that dude seemed legit...
  • number 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I hope it comes out in an hour :)!! And what if I have the beta? Will it install overtop?
  • J-Wil im sorry but you would have to downgrade from 3.0 to 2.2.1, therefore no you will not be able to overtop the update with you're beta. Sorry.
  • not fair! I wanted 100!
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  • Ok if it's released at 12:01 EST only 50 minutes!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • YO ISKYTHE, IM RIGHT WITH YOU BRO, DUDE what do we do when its 12:01 do we restart itunes or replug in our iphones and wait for the update to go in? or we get it from the apple website lol?
  • so it looks like i got 42 min to downgrade :)
  • good luck j-wil! hurry ur running outta time LOL
  • it better start at 12:01, I got to be at work early and this is past my bed time!
  • ah i really hope its 12:01am EST legit.
    that would be so convenient for me=]
  • what do we do to update the page of itunes? are we re-plugging it or downloading it form the apple website?
  • Ha ha im hurrying...It better be done by 1201 or im gonna be pissssed...and there better be more shit packed in the update then the GM. Cause the GM sucked
  • CANT WAIT FOR 3.0! All we have to do is click the "Check for updates" button. Simple, yet elegant :) FYI 35 Minutes!
    idk why though... i think i am the most excited for landscape texting/emailing
    what are your favorite features of 3.0, everyone?
  • what makes you think it would be at 1201am EST? That would only be 901pm pacific time. Which would make it released on the 16 and not the 17th.
  • copy paste, stereo bluetooth
  • well by the time 12:01 strikes Pacific time.. it would be the 17th.
    your thinking is flawed, because the Pacific coast would not get it at 9:01pm....
    we'll all have to wait and see.
  • yeah.. what is so good about stereo bluetooth?
    i dont really understand the whole buzz about it...
    will i be able to play music through my car's bluetooth, since it lacks an aux port?
  • out of everything im most excited about the MMS feature, which i have the carrier settings to enable it to. SOO CHYEAA CANT WAIT TILL 12:01.
  • what do you mean.. i thought ATT was not going to release that right away?
  • Flawed? which part is flawed? they cant choose which timezone its release in first. Oh wait Apple has the power to only update one seaboard at a time. I forgot
  • Tards, that's a good point. Oh well, if it's not at 12:01 I'm gonna go to bed. Not worth it to wait for 2am CST...
  • i got the motorola stereo bluetooth set and music comes only on one side, is great to be able to listen to my tunes without cables
  • yeah. if its not at 12:01am, ill have to wait until the morning :(
    the real morning, that is.
  • so any 1 downgrade from 3.0 to 2.2.1 at all??? Little help?
  • J-Wil,
    I am assuming you have the 3.0 Developers' Beta?
  • yes
  • 20
  • Hello! I am looking for contact information for my local Apple store! Am I in the right spot for that?! This internet is getting too large for my old age to handle...
  • Uh... where are u located ....?
  • pinksandals go to apple.com and they will help
  • WHAT?
  • yes youre right its 20 mins until midnight. then add 3 hours and we might then get our update. Not that we will actually get through. do you remember last year trying to activate your 3G. took me hours to get through itunes. Millions + people doing the same thing at the same time.
  • apple.com! Ok! Thank you very much! Sorry I did not know what BB was saying with "Uh..."
    Seems rude to me.
    Thanks again!
  • couldnt activate in att store because the servers were jammed and slow like brand new windows based PC
  • lol pinksandals.
    Tards, what time was the 2.0 update released? I don't remember
  • @pinksandals give it a shot i suppose -- i can help you locate the store in boston
  • its so coool that in 15 minutes, we will know if we can get the update at midnight or not! haha, i am on the east coast. where are you all?
  • at the same time as the iphone 3g. 8am it was available.
  • ok... hopefully this one will be different :/
  • east coast.. yes.. plz.. midnight.. altho i swore i wouldnt upgrade right away.. what if it has major bugs.. or activation dies
  • New jersey. aka as shole of the world
  • east coast same here, hohohoBOS.
    assuming you're from Boston, yeah..?
  • hohohohoBOs
    that will give me good reason to go grab a 3Gs
  • lol @tards
  • so who wants to email it to me when it comes out since i wont b able to upgrade with 3.0 already on
  • we'll post/update here if it comes out
    im gonna load up itunes in a few
  • Boca Raton Florida!
  • Has anyone got the update yet?
  • yeah.. so since i am currently running 2.2.1,
    all i have to do is plug my iphone in and "check for update" ?
  • @BB aye, just past the end of the runway at logan -- really hoping it is midnight release or else i am passing out ;)
  • is the update at midnight for people in california????
  • im also wondering if XBOX live will come back on after their seemingly lame update that had to take exactly 24hrs or more. W T F I need codwaw fix
  • Boca Raton, huh!
    Well you have the warm weather, I'd say.
    up here in boston, its still not as warm as it should be :/
  • @doc
    no one knows at this point
  • @Tards?
    alright thanks. im really hoping it is at midnight. that would be sweet!
  • @hoho
    i live on cape cod!
  • Michigan is starting to heat up. Was about 80 here today
  • bill gates is probably posting in here wondering when he can update his iphone . hes got a zune case covering his 3G
  • If they are unlocking the update "one seaboard" at a time, doesn't that mean that the UK would already have theirs, like 5 hours ago??? I bet it rolls out @ 12 PST Everywhere... which would be 3am for all the ESTs out here :( only time will tell!...
  • Wow, in MA, it was only 62 today. at least in my area :(
  • @tards?
    U mean COD: World at War ?
  • hahahahahhahaha im sure Tards? is right. hahahhaha he probably has 10 iphones
  • i hope it has more things in it that the GM did and beta. What do u guys think?
  • @BB niiiceee :) what an exciting night.. must be so nerve wracking to actually work at apple right now.. so much could go wrong no?
  • i was kinding about individual updates for continents. its a one time thing. steve jobs is in bed getting read to press the little red button with the plastic case covering it sometme soon
  • will anyone stay up until 3am eastern if it doesnt come out in 6 minutes?
  • @saheb117
    world at war yes sir
  • @ J-Wil
    We will know when it comes out! Apple claims 100 new features
  • My dad works at apple :) he helped design the new 3.0 update
  • @BB
    maybe. I took off work tomorrow for the update. haha. and call of duty. more hahaha
  • is it coming at midnight? like in 4min at my time.
  • .
  • @ harry
    then why dont you ask him when it comes out
  • @BB if i stay up that late only so i can risk bricking my phone with the rest of the zombie insomniac hardware fanatics, i hope at least at&t is going to support mms right away.. does anyone know if they will???
  • My Dad said it should be coming at 12:01am at all the differant time zones so GMT should already have it
  • He invented the spotlight thing
  • two min!!!
  • @ hohohoBOS
    everyone including even apple says not until late summer early fall
  • ta ta!!!
  • i have the 3.0 beta 5 is that gonna still say i have to update?
  • @hohoho... ATT will not support mms right away http://www.apple.com/iphone/softwareupdate/ look at the fine print at the bottom of this link
  • @hoho.. i hope mms is supported wicked soon, because im pumped for that
  • hey dats not true, here in India its 9:30 in the morning june 17
  • ive got 1200 on my clock. still 2.2.1
  • oops now everyone knows im from boston... haha "wicked" :P
  • OMG 12:01am...
    im pluggin it in
  • 12:00am!!!
  • im plugged and its 1201am . checking for update: 2.2.1
  • Its not working, my dad is gunna make a call in like 5 mins i think
  • told you... it's gonna be 12 Pacific at the earliest!
  • still no update :(
  • Well it isnt EST thats for sure... and not 1201am
  • harry
    i hate your lies and deceit
  • DAMNITTTTT:( :( :(
  • i stayed up for this??????
  • 2.2.1 still..... anyone getting anything?
  • omg! why pacfic...they should move their head buildings here lol
  • damnnnn. this is wicked annoying.
    should i set my alarm for 3:01am and go to bed?! haha
  • me!!!
  • i dont know why you guys honeslty thought we would get it before EST.
  • Harry you suck. Steve Jobs - you are killing me on the inside. Are you really going to wait until it is June 17 for you? Everyone knows PST is for fools. C'mon!!
  • i want chinese food to make this pain go away :)
  • like in charlie brown "ARGGGGGGGGGGG"
  • ill prob be up till five or so. So hopefully it will come out at 3am my time
  • unbelievable, i have a final today and i waited all day for this stupid thing to come out on time. wow.
  • :( not even got the 200 #
  • Well, in a way it makes sense to do it later... a large percent will not stay away from other time zones to get this update.... reducing overload on the servers. I'd be surprised if they do it at midnight Pacific Time... they will release it at a time when people least expect it, it could be even sometime during the morning or afternoon or even evening
  • My dad just got off the phone, earlier today they decided to do it pacific time, they didn't tell him because we are currently on vacation in the Caribbean. sorry guys
  • it felt like such a long wait from 9pm-12am(now)...
    i dont think 12-3am will feel very good either :(
  • can i put this update on my ipod touch
  • Well, in a way it makes sense to do it later... a large percent will not stay awake from other time zones to get this update.... reducing overload on the servers. I'd be surprised if they do it at midnight Pacific Time... they will release it at a time when people least expect it, it could be even sometime during the morning or afternoon or even evening
  • yayyyy i got it!!!!
  • very long pause on itunes update but nothing yet.. darnn.
  • hood you liar LOL
  • iPhone OS 3.0 software is now live!
  • 12:07 and still 2.2.1 is still the current version >.<
  • another hour then?
  • wait so its 3 (after midnight) in California?
  • lies...you didnt get shit
  • ok going to bed i guess... unsatisfied.. THANKS APPLE. lol
  • apple once again frustrates the hell outta me!
  • OS 3.0 Is now live!
  • Dude its live
  • Yeah Harry, time to have daddy make a phone call. Instead of Apple being full of sh!t, maybe you have your head all the way up your ass.
  • ?????? hhas any 1 downgraded and not had service? How do i fix it?
  • LIES
  • Nope still not out so its definitely gotta come out midnight PST
  • OMG it says est time remaining 1 and a half hours :(
  • where do we get it?
  • You have to uninstall and reinstall iTunes to your computer, restore your iPhone 3g, then update.
    Thanks, Apple
  • so when is it coming out in CA???
  • is it live? on the east coast only? Do we just keep checking for update on itunes until its there
  • j-hood.. how do u have it..?
  • I work for corporate AT&T office and they wouldnt even tell us when it will be released but im not going to bed till i get it lol
  • Apple Consultant = BS. DONT DO IT
  • is Apple consultant right???
    Why wouldnt they tell us that??
  • i live in new jersey and it worked
  • It'll probably come out just like the last one - 8AM
  • Bunch of noids waiting up for a freakin OS update. WTF...I am up too beotches, but I am hung like a bear. Come on apple...give it to me now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • It's definately not live...not sure where you got that from Pete...?
  • you guys are such idiots fighting on the internet. dorks.
  • BB, i actually have some good news. the software will be out 3:01 EST. i was just speaking to a apple consultant, from the apple help section, the person told me to wait till 3:01. soo guys! PUT UR ALARMS ON AT 3:01! EST. im SETTING IT NOW LOL
  • Please reboot your PC/MAC for update to show up on iTunes!
    Thanks, Apple
  • OMG i just got it and the first thing it says is penis!?!?!?!?
  • I live in georgia and still no update
  • ok thank you.... goodnight for now everyone
  • 3:01 it is!
  • A few ppl are tryin to BS us all....
  • i think it would make sense for them to release it a bit later then expected so it wont screw up itunes like it did on iphone 3g launch day, it was hell we had ppl bitching all morning long and our system was slow as hell
  • theres really no point in staying up late for the update. cause once u get it its not like you are getting anything better then u would have if u downloading the update at like 10pm on june 17. just wait untill the morning, it will probably b like last time where everyone was trying to download it at once and then the servers overlaoded and people phone shut down for like 8 hours, seriously, just wait....
  • ill be up till 3 :(
  • Major nerds! Anyone here ever seen a vagina?
  • so will i j-wil
  • J-Wil = you are a brave soul.
    i dont want to risk it =P
  • Vigina
  • I hope i can update my phoe soon so i can rent a movie before i get on the plane. ill just use itunes.
  • In CA it comes out at 12:01
  • at the mean time, i'll be jacking off, and watch some movie till 2:59 then CHECK FOR UPDATE AT 3:01 LMFAO.
  • LIVE
  • LOL ANTON.... i think i said that on 214
    Well, in a way it makes sense to do it later… a large percent will not stay awake from other time zones to get this update…. reducing overload on the servers. I’d be surprised if they do it at midnight Pacific Time… they will release it at a time when people least expect it, it could be even sometime during the morning or afternoon or even evening
  • THANK YOU harry!!
  • Hey, why don't you smile where I F U C K E D you last?
  • ok Kids everybody brush your teeth and go to bed! nite nite!
  • My brother is an Apple Analyst and he told me its going to come out at 6:00 am PST.
  • omg you guys i really hope this is at 12:01 ive been counting down the days now the hours!
  • ugh lucas, i hope that's not true
  • What time will it be out in PA
  • 2.2.1 CAN SUCK IT
  • It is live. I just got it and I live in Virgina
  • holy cow, handy manny, u just stole what i was about to say LOL. true cupertino which is in CA, so there gonna release it there time guys. wait till 3:01 EST
  • i have the oldest iphone. what am i gonna get??
  • Knowledge i wasnt reading all 200+ posts, thats kinda sad if i did
  • Pennsylvania
  • We all need a nerd-ectomy.
  • so who knows the exact time im seeing all diff times ahhh im confused?
  • nothing yet...
  • so i think that it does come out around 3...according to comments on this bord...i am still waiting..im guna try updating my tunes and restarting my comp.
  • Listen guys its not coming out at 12 am. I just talked to my brother and believe me he knows all ins and outs of Apple. Its going to be 6 am. Its really going to suuck for those who waste time staying up for this and miss work, school etc. Ste your Alarm for 6 am. I know im right. I dont know what Harry is talking about.
  • mmk. i hope i get as much as possible!!!
  • Maidik Inyass: 3 AM
  • Guys I am a developer and they told us at the end of WWDC that it goes live at 8AM PST. So Idk what you guys are doing up waiting for...
  • its 9:23 out here in cali so im assuming by midnight everyone will have the update
  • ok so ive been reading this...all of this. From my understanding os 3.0 is realeased 12:01 pacific and 3:01 est?
  • Pa stands for pennsyltuckey cause there all halfbreeds
  • well im setting my alarm at 6 YAY.
  • k
  • i live in texas should i stay up till 12:01 or go to bed and update it later i have to go to work but will wait till 1 if its coming out by then please someone help it will be greatly appreciated. -vanessamariebby!
  • Im just gunna watch lost until 3:01 and see if it updates.. if not then im going to sleep and getting it in the morning haha
  • fametalgear
    i think so
  • 8:00 AM PST....
  • OATMAN..... you are here like the rest of us hoping it was released at midnight... don't be acting like you know what your talking about.
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  • haha im with you tokyochase, i may as well get it in the morning instead if it doesnt come out at 3:01
  • I hope your right, i'm in california, and staying up hoping for the update asap.
  • does the oldest iphone get shake to shuffle?
  • so im in eastern time does that mean the update is not coming until 3am ?
  • Ok fine do not listen but its coming out the same time as OS 2.2.1, its going to be sad when a lot of you miss work for this update...
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  • Yup at jtn
  • Apple is California-based. It HAS to be 12 PST/3 EST
    I will not sleep until it is on my phone.
  • Jtn - Most likely.. but no one knows for sure
  • i have 2.2.1 already
  • It actually is 8AM... They did say that at WWDC
  • ok whatever. you guys can wait.My brother is laughing at this blog. its 6 am and that is a FACT! My brother is an analyst for Apple BTW.
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  • tokyochase- thanks i have been stoked to get this update all day
  • Yea a Apple Support Specialist said around 8AM PST.
  • Send MMS messages and include video, photos, audio, and contact info.2 Even tap to snap a picture or shoot a video right inside Messages.
  • I asked apple today from the apple iphone telephone line and he said 1200 est, and there is no update so I call back and they say 301 est, dont hold your breath on this one, its apple and att so we know it wont be instant
  • Find what you’re looking for across your iPhone, all from one place. Spotlight searches all of your contacts, email, calendars, and notes, as well as everything in your iPod.
  • yuppers
    3.0 is at 8AM... this sucks!
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  • NERDS! GRAB your pocket protectors! ITS LIVE NOW!!!!! SO EXCITED!
  • what handymanny??
  • doc: WHAT WILL BE IN 4.0?
  • why 8am??
  • cause your mom wakes up at 8 and thats when shes live for download
  • handymanny
    wait you said you have 4.0 but 3.0 isnt even out yet......
    what are you asking?
  • if you change yout time zone to PST you can download it now!!!
  • To reduce overload for the servers...
  • I dont mind because I work security til 7am EST!
  • Well.... I stayed here for the 1201 EST expecting the unexpected from apple. After the last problem apple had with servers overloaded, I figured they would have done a Time Zone upgrade.... based on your account information. You would think they would of figured something out like that.
    As I mentioned earlier.... I think it will be released at a time when nobody is really expecting it, unless it leaks out... but it will help Apple from an overload.
    I wonder if apple has a way to see how many people are currently signed on attempting to check on the 3.0 update. if they have such a capability, they may monitor until they see the right time to launch. We have 24 hrs for the 17th.... I think they will choose a time that many of us may not be anticipating.
  • WAIT GUYS. WHat if we change our timezone to PST? will we be able to actually download it ahead of time? any suggestions!!
  • wow i think you're right, knowledge
  • ill eat that rotten APPLE!!!!!!!!! and then ill PUCK Steve Jobs in the rump
  • someone check!
  • Knowledge
    If it is not out in the morning then ppl will call and complain... They wouldn't do that. But tahts actually smart thinking
  • i just called apple, and the representatives dont even know, so if they dont know, why would any of you???
  • Good thinking knowledge, but i predict there gonna release it at business hours, maybe around 12 PM EST?
  • I think the server is busy. Just like when it happened with activating 3G last summer
  • did anyone try changing the time zone ?
  • yeah did anyone??
  • Well it's 2:43pm 17 June in Sydney Aus - and no update :-)
  • doesnt it only come out in the US today?
  • Okay, so what the hell? I'm on EST and it's 12:43 here and still no 3.0 Update. Wtf?
  • Fuck apple I am not happy at all
  • yes, i tried doing the time zone change and it doesnt work.
  • this sucks i have things to do tomorrow and im sitting here waiting for a damn update
  • think, if they release 12 am pst..changing ur clocks will mean nothing because at 1200 am pst it will be 3am est...so really changing ur clocks acomplish nothing
  • ok so i dont know anything about the time zones, so going with the times that you're all saying can anyone tell me when it will be ready in Louisiana?
  • so whens it coming?!?!?!??!
  • wait they just said they are changing the times so when is it coming out ?
  • changing the time zone failed for me. i changed it and no update. i think it has to do with our accounts. possibly they have the power to suspend our accounts so that we dont override the system. therefore saying there going to release it when people stop jamming the servers i suppose. however its probably the credit card being tracked, so it has ur direct location of where you live. just my opinion..
  • australia web site says it wiil be release the 18
  • Okay people, I just got off the phone with Apple iPhone technical support. While sometimes they can be unreliable with getting straight answers (like if you ask them if a rumor about the iPhone is true), but the representative I spoke with gave me a rough estimate as to what time v3.0 will be uploaded to the server.
    He said it would be during mid-day during businss hours. His estimate was......drumroll please......
    With that said im going to bed
  • hey, i just called apple. they say it will be released in 16 minutes. that is 1am EST.
  • will people with the 3.0 gm firmware be able to update?
  • You may be right... I cannot give a definte answer on release time, but I also can't see apple staffing a LARGE amount of staff for night shift launch even if it is Pacific Time. They are going to wait till after morning hours so they have a staff ready to assist customers having problems with installs.. or even the darn system crashing due to overload.
    I can't see apple putting a very large number of customer service reps and support on to a night shift duty... they will have everyone ready to assist during the day...... as that will be the time majority of the people will be calling in if problems arise.
  • coast here in Florida still no stupid update this is so ridiculous
  • for the record..if i may...apple representitives are not availabe because THEY R CLOSED!!!
  • wait a second, i just downloaded the update. woooohoooo
  • Anton exactly what i said. there gonna upload it during business hours. when people usually arent home. as i predicted.. BED TIME/
  • it works great. really, i liked the color of the icons.
  • john....call them......i just talked to them....1-800-692-7753...........
  • This feels just like a christmas to me... everyone is so excited for the present :p but...this christmas...apple made it fail..
  • stfu apple-yummy
  • Apple-Yummy, are u from clanhalo, aka mac halo demo. if so its brad aka lexie haha
  • again, can anyone tell me what the time for Louisiana would be according to the times you all are guessing???
  • i think apple tried to update once and its epic on how bad they failed to do so
  • I just got the update..took forever though..u have to delete all of your applications in order to get it...u can always upload them again from itunes...its a pain but this is how it done...enjoy
  • BB, you want a screen shot from my iphone right now?
  • apple-yummy... yep put it on www.tinypic.com and attach the link =] thx
  • BB dont believe that crap, i bet u he has the beta or non beta version. watch him take his time.
  • How can I download it?
  • also, apple-yummy.. where r u ?
  • Gmoney, don't confuse people. you don't need to delete all the apps. all you need is go to itunes, and look at the upper right corner. there you should type, "get a life".
  • ANTON..... I'll be honest with you...... I would not even bother trusting times from reps at APPLE.... do you think they are going to give you an exact time.... and put themselves in the same situation they were in last time....... This information is TIGHT LIPPED.... and APPLE is not going to lie and give you a time, because they dont even know. This will be an executive decision as to what time it will be starting.
    And trust me...... APPLE has a way of seeing how many people are attempting to check for updates..... they have so many monitoring setups... they will know what is the best time.
    Keep in mind... apple is not that stupid in this nature... i believe after their last episode, they might of learned to release this in a more intelligent way... but hey.... thats just an assumption.
    I think I will just go to bed....give it atry before I got to work...if not I will pick it up later on.
    Goodnight guys.... it will be interesting to see if it launches at a specified hour that "Most People" assume will be the release time....or when least expected.
  • this anticipation sucks, but feels kinda good at the same time.
  • wheres the screen shot appleyummy?
  • if i have the 3.0 gm can i still update or wat?????????????
  • Gmoney your an idiot, if that were the case Apple would have said so....
  • thanks and peace knowledge u helped a bunch. take care, and btw do u have an email or AIM i contact u?
  • Hummm Apple Representative just said in a previous post it's been delayed and now they say 12:01 AM CST I think so I would take it all with a grain of salt.
  • any word on when it 11:56
  • a screen shot it be, but i have my naked pic on the screen, with my ... hanging. hahaha, wanna get it? hahaha
  • apple yummy lied. fu.c(k)ing liar.
  • Apple Rep...
    i think a legitimate Apple Rep would properly capitalize iPhone... not iphone.
    thanks for blowing your cover. leave now a s s hole
  • soon!
  • haha true true
  • Are they releasing by time zone?
  • later guys
  • yo BB do u have aim or an email or w.e info so we can keep in touch i guess, this 3.0 software looks pretty beast ahah
  • calling now..i will post what they say
  • hahahaha good job BB
  • Apple Rep, I don't believe you are actually an apple rep. Apple reps aren't that knowledge about this, since it isn't a circulated thing. I think it'll be 0800 CST, judging by last time.
  • I work for Apple and i jjeerk off to pocket pcs
  • my aim is jwilbur87 if any 1 wants to talk about this crazy update!!!
  • on hold....guys i calling apple...everything i post is 4 real..just as anxious as u all
  • thanks ricky. theres already enough phony ppl in this thread...
    anyone else wanna blow his/her cover?
    i think its safe to say apple-yummy already did.
  • that's too funny lucas but i like the way you think
  • i am eating my apple 3.0 now.
  • helllo is anybody going to answer my fucking question.. will people with the iphone 3.0 gm firmware be able to update?
  • i am eating my apple 3.0 now. yep, it's there, they just released it at 1 est.
  • yo j-wil aim me my aim is discipline453
    LETS talk about this sick 3.0!
  • well its 12:01 am here in Louisiana and still no update.
    bummer :( guess i'll wait til later in the morning!
  • Well it seems like we'll end up going to bed huh? That crappy Apple wasted our money for the Old 3G and now wasting our Time for the f****** update. Good Job Apple.
  • haha, yo bb aim me man, its discipline453
  • this is awesome, apple representitive said 12:01 cst so 2:00 am easternstandard time
  • yo cant wait for 3.0, just chat here. im not on aim at the moment.
  • can someone plz answer my question.. will people with the 3.0 gm firmware be able to update????
  • apple never ansawered....so we are all SH** outa luck
  • The sad truth is that apple updates generally launch mid-morning around 10am. I'd get your rest.
  • yo anyone else waitin haha?
  • tyler its all BS. sorry bud
  • i am so tired of apple being so greed and unconsiderate to their customers i am seriously jus thinkin of switch services jus for the simple fact that its 105 in the freaking morning in florida and their is still no dam update when this freaking update should have already been on the phone in the first place
  • My ass. Still not up for me and Im on the same time as California (PST)
  • lmao apple rep.. what service? u gonna kick me from this thread with all your fake crap?
  • Tyler, 12:01 AM CST would be 1:01 AM EST... Just thought I'd point that out.
  • Coolguy, you will definitely need to restore the phone because the 3.0 gm is part of the Beta release and you will need to reinstall the full version of the 3.0. Goddammit still no update.
  • hey, can't you download the update? i did it already. you must be pressing the wrong button.
    when you press the update button, you shouldn't play with your dick. otherwise, it doesn't let you download anything. you know this apple's +18 policies. :)
  • lol bb
  • Man this **** is coming out till 8ish in the morn
  • there are a bunch of us talking about it on aim...message me if u wanna join jwilbur87
  • yes tyler just waiting
    but drinking a beer so i'm happy just waiting
  • lol im on hold waiting on an apple representative and they are playing some cool tribal music! haha
  • i have to restore or just click the check for update button?????????????????
  • lol bb that was really funny shit
  • Does anyone know what features except the video camera crap will not be available for the old iPhone 3g
  • so, in Texas what time will it come out?
  • ahhhhhh where is my update!!!!!!!! ive been waiting and wont sleep till i get it!!!!!!!
  • pissed it will probably be 12 noon i'm in lubbock
  • and now i just see a commercial for the 3G s! ahhhhhh damnit to hell!!!!
  • i refuse to sleep as well. i have waited too long! ):
  • Itunes says:
    "Contacting the iPhone software update server..."
    Is it out yet?! I'm in California...it;s 10:13 pm here...
  • hey guys i checked apple australia website. it says june 18 but the US site says 17th . I guess it wud be released after nine hours as then it wud be 18th in the aus and still 17 in U.S.
  • 12:13 CST, still not available here
  • right with u tokio.,..lol
  • when will it be out?? lol
  • Apple Rep go to bed flamer everyone is tired of reading your BS
  • Nevermind...false alarm :(
  • ok this is dumb im waiting till two and thats it....although im getting the 3gs and giving this 3g to my mother, i still want to mess around with the 3.0 for a little and send some mms
  • Actually no, mr repersentive, its not F*ing live, or else my iphone would be downloading it this very secound. Its 12:14 and there is still nothing. Apple is horse ST
  • anyone know if you can jailbreak 3.0?
  • I find it really funny that apple is actually monitoring how many people are cheking for updates. If you click software update in itunes on a mac at-least a certain amout of times using the same ip address, it doesnt bother accessing the servers to check anymore. Then I connected to my neighbors wireless and with a new ip address it checked again, but when i switch back to mine it doesnt check. I find it interesting.
  • im tlkn to rep now...hold on guys...
  • ive been waiting for this damn update for the past hour. ive also been on this page for the past 45mins reading these comments and its hilarious! apple really pisses me off.
  • WTF?! 12 at noon?!
  • no 3.0 in uk!
  • its 1:16 AM here how much longer ?
  • they say its out...and no particular time is set for release...so we could get it anytime during the night...
  • Coolguy, yes you will need to restore it but don't do it yet because the full version of the 3.0 isn't live yet. Wait for the STUPID apple to release the 3.0 before doing so
  • lol ive been on hold for 20 minutes... haha apple reps suck at getting to you quickly!
  • its 12:17 est still no update
  • 6.17am
  • FunnyShit There is a reason for that. Its because apple would much rather invest time and money into retard crap like monitoring than put forth the money and time to make the actual update available...is called applenomics
  • so, cupertino is only about an hr. away from where i live...yeah yeah, theyre servers may not be there but im about to drive over there and download it from apple!!! the suspense is killing me
  • lol... apple always plays weird music when your on hold
  • http://chat.aim.com/chats/private-rooms/jwi-1245215855867
    chat about the software!!
  • its just bein releases today...so they say its out and we could get it anytime between now and 10 am..or later...nothing depends on timezone
  • do you just plug the phone to the computer and press check for updates? how do you update!?
  • they said it should just pop up in ur itunes that there is an update available....so who knows.
  • i already updated my itunes but is there any other steps i should take that are required to download the update?
  • yo whats goody
  • Update successful!
  • it is company policy "no update for wannkers" :)
  • Ooops my mistake still 2.2.1
  • Jason... ohh trust me i know lol. I agree completely. I can't say why on here cause it could get me fired "Chough Chough hint" but I agree at times.
  • i say..depending on how late u wanna stay up...every few mins or so just hit the update button.
  • hell with this im going to bed....ill check before i leave for work!
  • Guys,
    I really wish it was available at 12:01, but it wasn't.
    Apple makes amazing products and amazing software to go on them.
    Waiting 5 more hours (while sleeping) doesn't make me mad at the company at all.
    They choose when to release products. And I know technically it is the 17th in parts of the world, but inevitably some time today it will be released.
    Saying you hate or are mad at Apple over a simple wait seems crazy. You obviously love you iPhone as much as the rest of us.
    We should all applaud apple at being the best at what they do.
  • ok thanks alot bro
  • well I had lot's of fun. but I decided, i am shifting to apricot. no more apples!!! :) any chick for a banana?
  • John... If you hit the update button so many times on the same ip address it locks up for about 30 mins before it will connect to the server again. Atleast thats what im noticing.
  • update successfuL? ya rite my ass!! lol
  • lol apple-yummy......... guys u might as well go to bed..or atleast stay up all night for people who have tomoro off
  • 5:23 PM of June 17th here in New Zealand.. but no 3.0 yet :(
  • wtf i want the update already im on the east coast does anyone know when it will be availble
  • So it does freeze up after you check too many times?
    stfu already. go get a damn blackberry if that's better and more convenient.
  • yea ur right....everytime i hit it just says i have complete version...maybe hit it a few times an hour or so
  • yo anyone play sims 3 orysis on computer? sooo nasty or ufc undisputed on xbox 360? hit me up gamer tag is sickaudi
  • I'm sure Steve is laughing his ass off right now, knowing that we all gonna be staying up all night on a Tuesday night.
  • FunnyShit - No kidding man, I got watch at 500 and given apple's phenominal track record of releasing updates it will be available 20 minutes after I get to work
  • I love my Mac and my iPhone.... :-)
  • hey you all, would you prefer a bj from a favorite celeb or 3.0?
  • again people APPLE SAID- the update is out but is not released by timezone...so whenever u get it..u get it...could be now...an hour from now...etc etc..
  • Evan... yeah, i have a few routers in ranger that arent locked. If i connect to another one other than mine it says "Checking servers" or somthing in itunes. But if im connected to my own it doesnt check and goes straight to the message saying "iPhone Software 2.2.1 is up to date" or whatever.
    apple should really get their sh** togather.
  • Your all full of it if you say you have the update already
  • i had to buy a new macbook just so sims 3 would play i was like wtf?? my girl likes tht game tho so kinda fun sometimes
  • If anyone can answer this, that was be awesome...
    I bought my phone this year. I was wondering is there a cut off date where I may be able to exchange the phone for the 3gs? Is this even possible? I'm assuming it's not and I'll just have to wait to be eligible...but just wondering...
    Thanks :)
  • i dare everyone to go to bed- and by time you wake up the update will prob be available. yall are stressing out so much. lol- and ps i used to be an apple hater. i hated everything apple. i had the samsung instinct with sprint and hated it. so i finally swallowed my pride and bought the iphone and i will never get another phone in my life. My iphone is now my life. so i think i can afford to wait 10 or so hours for the update. and this is coming from someone who use to despise apple products. now i love my iphone and i will never leave at&T
  • it is only 10:28 where apple is, so two more hours people. joy.
  • and the macbook b4 that was one year old just with a 950 chip graphic card new one i got is siiick tho unibody
  • well i think if you wanted to trade your iphone3G for the 3Gs you would have to turn in your iphone and pay 500$ because your plan is not up yet but im not sure its just what i heard
  • haha kate sounds like shes whipped by apple thts funni
  • What time did the last major iphone update happen?
  • hey can some one answer me....whats the easiest way to get all my songs off of one itunes and onto a different computer without using CDs???? btw im wait for the update as welll..on the east coast
  • acutally i think we kinda all are sittin here but its funni, anyone wanna play some ufc on xbox 360 gamer tag is sickaudi hit me up
  • Julian there most likely will be, there was a 30 or 90 day window you could do that with the original iPhone and the iPhone 3G when it first came out
  • HAHAHA....I'll admit it, i am. IPHONE'S shit on every other phone.
  • julian, you have to have had your phone less than 30 days. i bought mine june 6, they let me reserve one and im goin in friday to get the 3gs. since i bought the 16gb early upgrade for 499.....i get to get the 32gb, cause its the same price the 16gb was now.
  • 1:30am here in Florida and still says 2.2.1 is current version. There will be a 3.0 jailbreak but you just wont be able to do it with iTunes 8.2 I had to downgrade my iTunes because it auto updated.
  • Thanks Jason...
    I just checked and I purchased it on March 9...so idk...maybe I'll call ATT tomorrow or something. The differences aren't TRULY amazing, I kinda just want that extra speed boost.
    Thanks again man :)
    P.S. I'm in CA and still no update...
  • it's actually 2:32 where apple is, pissed101.
  • anyone else think it was a smart investment to toss a lot of money into the market buying apple like 7 years ago? 100,000 would be quite a bit rite now
  • What time did the last major iphone update happen??
  • ya for real iphone definetly does, no other phones are ever going to compare to apple EVER
  • Guys, It will be released today but we don't know what time it will be. Apple is definitely avoiding server load because it is technically impossible for us to download the update at the same time. Some may think it is better to update as soon as it's live but I don't think it is worth the effort we are showing. C'mon Guys Apple hasn't been fair to us. Apple SUCKS.
  • What time was iPhone 2.0 released?
  • Julian - No prob. Yeah I hear though I cant justify paying another $300 for a new phone thats really only slightly better than the one I have thats less than a year old
  • What time did the last major iphone update happen?
    Does anyone know the time. Maybe its the same time as the last update.
  • ok, i think, it is stupid to wait more. anyway, it is even a nicer thought that when i wake up, we'll have the update. otherwise, i'll play with 3.0 until morning, and tomorrow i have to sleep all day.
    so, good night everyone.
  • anyone having any luck downloading the 3.0 update
  • I hate Apple, but have to agree with assmodel
  • apple yummy peace
  • I'm pretty excited for Microsofts/Verizons "iPhone killer" only to see it bomb...haha.
    And I may be wrong, but isn't Apple based out of CA? Cupertino? It's pretty close to where I live. Not sure of that's where their servers are, but either way, no update for Californian's either...
  • As per Singapore timings, iphone 3.0 update is available 18th June... need to wait or another 10.5 hrs to release 3.0 update :(
  • haha true, the web browsing is so fluent clear displays, tons of apps to help out everyday life, crazi skd this time. someone tell me who the hell waits for a blackberry bold OS to come out? hahah probably no one
  • apple is in Cupertino, correct?
    then yes Anna it is 10:40 there now.
  • So i really want that 3G-s but i have my 3G for more than half a year now. how much is it to switch?
  • http://chat.aim.com/chats/private-rooms/jwi-1245215855867
  • 400 to switch if u have 3g like me lol im still doing it tho like next week? i think
  • Yeah...well the reason I asked in the first place was cos I read somewhere (online, yes, and probably not legit, but whatever) that you may be able to exchange it (within a certain time period) and pay a $20 restocking fee. Not sure, but like I said, I'll call ATT tomorrow just to see.
    Anyways, about 3.0. The latest I'll wait is maybe 1am then I'll crash and update tomorrow, if it's available. As for right now, I'm gonna make some bagel bites! XD
  • only 1 hour and 10 minutes guys.
  • youtoe it depends if you qualify for an update if not the most expensive one is either $499 or $599
  • Its 10:43 were apple is in california were i am i think they will release it tonight at 12 pacific time lets hope there servers dont crash like last time that was a total mess and by the way i am staying up all night tonight anyways so all keep you updated
  • hopefully that certain time is less than a year or something lol. but probably if you get the jailbroke 3.0 you can probably do everything that the 3G-s can do just not the 2X part
  • im in chicagoooooooo
  • Any word on 3.0 update
  • thank the lord for beer and internet porn to keep me entertained while i am waiting for this
  • so if i wanted to switch to 3G-s, is it better to go to the apple store or the AT&T store ???
  • Im babored
  • Hey anyone consider that it may have to be midnight in Hawaii, too, since it is part of the US. When it is 1pm there, it is 3pm in California.
  • Shit im watching Commando and showering and the update will be out just in time for bed.
  • youtoe - its the same price regardless but if you go to an apple store you'll get better support
  • Is the update going to be on the apple website??? Download page??
  • seriously that guy that called out the other guy for using 2G is a dick. And @WILSON the other fag who's a moron, there are 2 generations of the iphone, the 4gb/8gb 1st gen, then the 8gb/16gb was released after. So i think 2g and 1g although not official is more precise and correct, @tinak u critical shit. Then came 3G and now 3GS 2G 2G 2G 2G 2G 2G 2G
    1:47 AM EST .. i guess another hour or so.
  • what time will the update be available in chicago
  • if it comes out in Hawaii, i'll be pissed.
    it will be 5am in Texas.
  • If we study dates given for updates around the world, OS 3 will be released tom 9 am...hopefully midnight we will get Update.
  • i went to an AT&T store like 3 weeks ago this guy was like there wont be a new iphone, so im gonna go there and have a little word with him maybe he can hook it up lol
  • pissed101- I hear u...im from Tx also.im thinking bout checking around 2am
  • When should xbox live be up cuz if i wait up for this i mise will do something with my time
  • im glad to see im not the only person without a life here. this is what summers about... all-nighters.
  • 1hr 8 mins to go
  • all-nighters kick %$#@
  • Youtoe,
    there is a new iphone we have it at best buy man its in the back and came in todays truck dawg so relax there is a new one
  • all of you guys have your iphone jailbroke ??
  • iPhone 2.2.1 is the current version because first we waited until some time this summer and now it's sometime today but let them try to figure out what part of the world were talking about
  • Dang it better come out soon.....
  • does anybody know how long it will take to update to the 3.0
  • CoreyB then i will come to that best buy and buy it, and put my iphone 3G in there and return it hahahahaha
  • well looks like about another hour =0)
  • HPHONE : are you sure?
  • xbox is probably down also so bill gates can use his resources to c**kblock iPhone 3.0
  • im betting it'll take forever there are a lot of serious firmware updates
  • funny thing is... i have a dev account so i have the 3.0 GM release. why am i waiting for the official public one??? i dunno.
  • should i stay up until 3am est?
  • Youtoe- i work @ att and we 2 have the new iphone ready for delivery
  • Hphone knows how it goes down! (:
    almost one more hour..sweeeeeet.
  • cool!
  • Nothing yet San Antonio, TX it's 12:58 ive been nerding out about this for months w t f these guys knew we would all be waiting for this
  • seeker- what time zone r u in
  • HPHONE: where are you at east coast or west coast or midwest
  • is the 3.0 gm the same as the 3.0 thats going to be release today??????????????????
  • well i guess that would ll depend on what time zone you are in as to wether or not its worth it ... im est and its 2am already.. i am ... im playing poker tourny anyhow
  • Hphone so give me the info about upgrading it to 3G-S
  • apparently, jo2009 did not go to school because it is pacific time not california time.
  • jo2009 - how do you know this
  • 1:00 am in houston tx....1hr to go
  • @JO2009
    so when apple decides to release it early morning and not midnight... can you just make it easy for us and bend over?
  • fact...lowest best price on new account or full upgrade is 99 for 8g 3gs......199 for 16g 3gs....299 for 32g 3gs! just opened 2nd line may 29th for 9.99 gave my daughter my 3g i bought on open day last year and got the 16 white for the special 299 because i opened that new line... put my sim in new phone, daughters sim in my old phone and the new sim card on new line...i just put that one in a cheap go phone! found out the new 3gs was comming out 1 week later......called at&t and because my phone was bought within 30 da y i could take it back and get that 32g 3gs for even exchange! thats how i know about the prices!! as for 3.0 ive benn reading all yalls blogs for hours and been hitting sites and i have no clue and it sounds like no one else does either! caint wait though! hope this was helpfull for pricing info!
  • The cut off date for switching to the iPhone 3G S or getting a $100 credit is May 9th. So if you purchased an iPhone 3G on or after that date, you can exchange it for an iPhone 3G S or get a $100 bill credit if you want to stay with your 3G.
  • one more hour!
    dude, i can stay up all night every night.
    bring it on apple:D
  • I hate waiting so long.
  • Youtoe-if u purchased phone b4 may 14 2009 u have 30 days to swap after may 15 u have till june 19
  • this sucks balls still no update and here we are 1/24 done with the 17th
  • what is everyone doing to past the time...i need something to do
  • i hate waiting camon already
  • i dont know why APPLE just doesnt say its available JUNE 18 if they're gona wait until midday on JUNE 17 so nobodys feelings get butt hurt because we all know apple freaks are sensitive. With that said, i hope its @12 pacific, dont disappoint me jobbs!
  • spank your monkey
  • have to b thankfull for no-dose and redbull
  • im watching food network. infomercials dont kick on till 4am as compared to 2am with most networks.
  • i thought about it..but it wont take an hour so wha should i do hahaha
  • I know this is gonna be a long 1 hour wait.
  • mann paying 400 bucks to switch to 3G-S. is that worth it lol
  • i am drinking a bud select
  • can anybody tell me if the 3.0 gm is the same as the 3.0 thats going to be released today
  • xbox helps pass the time
  • I'm going to laugh when it doesn't come out at 12:00 pacific time.
  • if the phone actually looked different, like that one fake pic that said the case would be somewhat rubberized, id dish out the 400.
  • coolguy, if u have to ask, u shouldn't be using the iphone!
  • look at my name . . . what do you think i am doing to pass the time
  • its like 2.07pm here in singapore and no update.. dang it..
  • is xbox live, live again Hphone
  • right on axsis.....bd lght ova here check out BEEROLIGIST.COM
  • xbox doesnt help pass the time if xbox live is still down.. God apple is disappointing me and so is microsoft...what else can go wrong
  • @coolguy
    im an apple software dev and have GM. it should be the same thing but its for DEVELOPER REGISTERED DEVICES ONLY. if you try torrenting it.. itll only brick your phone.
  • coolguy, im pretty sure all versions are gonna be released today, you just have to download it through itunes because it will download the correct one for you.
  • brandn7- that was useful info...where do u work?
  • yo yo whats up im back
  • i thought it is gonna be a different back like the texture
  • yo new york? long island son east hamptons
  • hi guys from uk here i ve been up all night just for the software to come out and for me to do he upgrade but its now 7:10 am and it still say 2.2.1 is the latest version . does anyone no wat time its going to be avalible in the uk?
  • Who else is going to bed if the update is not released by 12:01 AM CST? (It'll be 3:01 AM here)
  • patchogue/ flatbush ave.
  • in sales....timesshare! houston tx!
  • <<
  • its already past 1201am CST
  • XBOX STILL DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO!!!!!!!!!!!
  • we should all play facebook poker
  • but i already have the 3.0 gm..... so does that means the update wont be available for me?????????????????????? plz answer
  • would the 3G-S be jailbreakable?
  • oh crap.. in apple.com.sg, it says it launches on the 18th june.. im like WTFFFF..
  • IBI- 12:01 JUNE 20TH
  • <<<< ZYNGA
  • alright New York cool site too ill check it out later right now im too busy with the update now button i can't even believe im still waiting but im getting a buzz waiting so cool
  • if it aint out by 12 pacific go to bed. dont worry when u wake up, youll go back to sleep, then when u wake up the second time it'll be ready. summers boring.
  • lets all hop on cod4 and hit up some nazi zombies
  • lol .... i know ... shit is crazy what jobbs has done to us ... all hush hush about the release of 3gs... pissing us off and jeep us on the edge of our seat at the same fuckn time...
  • Lil Whoa- i most likely will, because i have a mean work out to do at like 2 tommarow, and it will kick my assif i don't get sleep. ALSO, clearly if it doesnt come out by 3:01am my time, wth would i stay up any later? i'd just wait til morning.
  • Sorry, I meant 12:01 AM PST (Pacific).
  • facebook poker you know it lol
  • de3psta- ur S#$%ing us right
  • Its true its not gonna just come out at 3:01 PST because then there servers would get flooded and crash. There gonna release it in increments over the whole day I am sure.
  • what time 2.2 was released....
  • Chris201 that's exactly what im doing lol!
  • Hey everyone im up in calgary alberta and still know update here yet
  • oh and its 12:15
  • chuck WaW has the Zombies but it doesnt matter because cant get on live were the fun is 1:16 Central San Antonio, TX NOTHING still
  • i'm downloading update now hehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • is xbox live working for anyone yet
  • wow. any idea when this is gonna be released?
  • Does anybody know if you exchange your 3g for 3gs will your apple care plan carry over to the new phone. Im still with in the 30 days to return, but does the apple care plan carry over?!?!??!
  • OMG! what is taking so long for people on east coast to get it, it better be out by 12AM on the west coast. its 11:18PM right now, just 42 minutes, wheres my rockstar!
  • @itunes 8.2 ....valid point... but i guess we will all find out bout the same time ....12:00am pst is a fair assumption considerind its where Apple is based...
  • OMG! what is taking so long for people on east coast to get it, it better be out by 12AM on the west coast. its 11:19PM right now, just 41 minutes, wheres my rockstar!
  • Good thing for late night T.V and im not getting anything on xbox
  • http://chat.aim.com/chats/private-rooms/jwi-1245215855867
  • no man.. i swear.. you go check it out yourself.. i sh it you not.. heres the link.
  • it's the 17th now and 2.2.1 is still the newest S**T on the market
  • ha... thats why im glad i got a ps3
  • but i already have the 3.0 gm….. so does that means the update wont be available for me?????????????????????? plz answer........
  • if its not here by 2:00 am im going to bed
  • 39 minutes.
    trienta y nueve minutos!
  • @coolguy it will be... youll just have the official public release and not the privatized version anymore.
  • coolguy- yes.. so stfu and go to sleep now since you already have it shi tface
  • coolguy you will have to format so to speak so you do have to compleatly add the new firmware
  • apple website is now saying june 18 so go to bed all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i saw that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • @itunes 8.2 ....valid point... but i guess we will all find out bout the same time ....12:00am pst is a fair assumption considerind its where Apple is based...
    not the 18th .....thats for a different country
  • whats everyone favorite iphone app???
  • 1:21 PST and still not posted so it has to be eather 12:01 PST or later.
  • told ya i wasnt lying..
  • chuck out the url... thats for singapore!!http://www.apple.com/iphone/softwareupdate/
  • check out the url... thats for singapore!!http://www.apple.com/iphone/softwareupdate/
  • So; I live in Texas. What time does the 3.0 software come out? and What do I have to do to get it!?
  • The canadian site still ses 17thhttp://www.apple.com/ca/iphone/softwareupdate/
  • mine is still saying the 17.
  • wow wtf they changed it to june 18Th!!!!!!
  • thanks de3psta
  • 40 more minutes..
    it better come out 12:01 California time.
  • Looks like Apple pulled and April Fool's in June... their website now says the release will be June 18th. Stinks!
  • oh that was the sg one
  • @everyone THEY DIDNT CHANGE IT!!!
    the /sg/ in the url redirects you to the singapore page which is past the international date line... it still comes out today, the 17th. CHILL lol
  • Man this is taking to long my xbox live is down to man shit com'on Jobbs...
  • thats why i got shocked when i refreshed and saw it was 18.. im still waiting for it here though.. and its like 2.25pm 17th june.. so yea.. if i have to wait till 18 for Singapore time.. i guess its like 11hrs more for me.. f ukcingshi t..
  • lol why i oughttta !
  • i bet it won't come out until 6am pst 8am cst 9am est because nobody that works for apple is going to monitor the launch at midnight.
  • @dustinH... because youre a tard
  • where does it say the 18th? when I look at the site it still says the 17th for me..
  • I saw that too, but this link still says the 17th...maybe some hope yet.
  • dustinh- plug iphone into pc and open itunes...hoping it will b around 2:01 am...what part of tx
  • George Bush strikes one last time first the resestion now this
  • mine says 17th,
    and i live in Texas
  • http://www.apple.com/ca/iphone/softwareupdate/
  • yep I concure it still sais the 17th
  • l@chuck mfao; stfu you dumb twat. i just want to know when the hell i can update my phone.
  • this update better allow some naked chick apps to make up for all this waiting
  • @chuck lmfao; stfu you dumb twat. i just want to know when the hell i can update my phone.
  • Will the servers be able to handle everyone downloading at once?
  • @de3psta... way to mess everybody up lol
  • It looks the update will be released on 18th Jun SSThttp://www.apple.com/sg/iphone/softwareupdate/
  • @ DustinH.
    No **** man everyone needs to calm the **** down and read the damn url
  • http://www.apple.com/iphone/softwareupdate/ 17 June
  • http://www.apple.com/iphone/softwareupdate/ this is the US site, the link posted had SG in the link meaning singapore. Its still releasing on the 17th
  • It does say the 18th; that's so stupid. I hate apple.
  • @dustinH Lemme help you out. we believe... now this is a stretch... that the update should be released sometime today. does that help at all?
  • btw who is going to sign up for the mobileme account to test out the 3.0 features? if you do the math, at $100USD its only .23 cents a day... lol will be funny to see if the expected the # of trial accounts to increase and if that will be the server that crashes this time...
  • i just saw a post on another page... a guy that works for apple said that we will not be able to download until 6am westcoast time
  • Okay, so I clicked a link and yours said the 18th. But I went to apple.com and now it says the 17th. This is so frustrating. /:
  • 30 more minutes..
  • 11:33 here in CA...
    I'm start to believe one of the posters from earlier...what if they don't release it starting at normal business hours? Like 8AM since nobody will be there to monitor the servers? I'm hoping not, and will be here til no later than 1 AM. Half hour to go...
  • The free iPhone OS 3.0 Software Update includes some great new features, as well as all the features from previous updates. iPhone OS 3.0 also lets you run the next generation of iPhone apps, like peer-to-peer games1 and more. If you’ve never updated before, now is the perfect time.
    Download the 3.0 Software Update.
    Available June 17.
  • Waiting here in Dallas... it's 1:35. Hope I only have 26 minutes left!
  • anyone still clicking the update button or just waiting until 12:01 cali time, i done suppose they would release it at 1:34 and 25 seconds central time
  • @dustinH & @chuck yall both fucking crazy as hell lmao im tripping off this shit lmbso
  • waiting til 3 am and then crashing
  • unless that means that it will be tomorrow in singapore by the time it's released here meaning the earliest it will be released is 11 am cst
  • is any one still up waiting for the update?
  • 20 minutes!
  • they will probably wait for 8 am PST!
  • Yes that is correct itunessucksforblockingjailbreak. Midnight the 18th in Singapore is 11 AM CT the 17th in the states. I wonder if that means our Midnight Pacific time hopes are down the tubes.
  • Ummm, the Apple website states 17 June. They didn't say which year! I think it will be out 17 June 2010. Sorry guys!! ;-)
  • I'm smoking cigs out the yin yang. Everybody needs their update, and some sleep.
  • haha im just playin. all this waiting is putting people on edge lol
  • im pretty sure they can handle the download capacity since it would be a good test to the push notification on 3.0 that will be used everyday
  • 5am at the latest is my guess
  • 2.2.1 < 3.0
  • I'm in New Orleans it's 1:36am. I'm going to click this update button until the bitch breaks
  • HEEHAW... close and open your browsers, my 3.0 os is loading NOW!!!!!
  • if i wasnt sucha puss i wouldve installed the beta i had months ago instead of waiting with these tards who dont know about dates and time zones. LOL n00bs
  • i need my dick sucked... screw this update
  • I am refreshing the US apple website as often as I am refreshing this site and clicking on the check for update button. Still sais the 17TH and still no update. 11:36PST. By the way if its June 17ts pacific time, that could be anywhere from 12:01:00am PDT to 11:59:59pm PDT so lets home its sooner rather than later. LOL
  • I’m going to click this update button until the ***** breaks
    HAHAHAAHAHAH, me toooo.
  • Hurry up!!!!! I wonder if we will reach 1000 comments by 3 am?
  • While we're waiting, anyone wanns post some of their most used apps? Just wanna see what everyone is has, maybe I'm missing out on some good apps!
  • You i jus thought about it when we do get the update its gonna take like 2hrs to download it isnt it????????????????????????????????
  • 20 minutes! yeass.
  • KJ564 its going to take me 2 hours to get off.. are you ready for the ride of your life
  • I tweet alot so mainly those apps
  • KJ564 that is a good point and why it should release tonight I use my phone for business so that would s**k
  • ebay app is the best
  • @ Julian
    "What's On" a TV guide app thats free
  • @CoreyB I'll suck it for you.
  • Lol @ my twitterfon. (3.0 update tested)
  • man apple is trippen all they needed to do is post a time!!!!!!!
  • omg, 16 minutes. dieciseis minutos! im so excited, just hope the update isnt long!
  • yesssss i cant wait
  • sounds kinda of homo but i guess lol
  • i like the Facebook, USA Today, Weather Channel apps stuff I use everyday and my business apps LogMeIn rocks
  • hey are there going to be more features than what has already been told???????????????????
  • to:Julian
    WTF are you talking about. A compnay like apple would have people monitoring there servers 24/7 not just during business houers. Beside apple is a global company, so what business houers mean to you or evan to someone on wallstreet are compleatly different thn someone accross the globe ina different time zone.
  • reboot your pc/mac,
    format your HD,
    reload the OS,
    reinstall itunes,
    then click 'check for update'. It should work then.
    I've just discovered that hidden 3.0 trick!
  • wow, cant say ive been bored while waiting. thank god for 4chan.
  • Hahaha. I am listening to Panic Switch form Silversun Pickups while hitting the panic switch in iTunes. What a sorry sight!!
  • i love textplus its a free app that lets u text 4 free
  • @ xcell
  • @xcell holy shit!!! it worked!
  • @Julian
    my most used app is Mover-its free.
    send any picture or contact to any iPhone near by.
    it's pritty gangster.
    also, iCopter is the s hit.
  • As of right now, I have facebook, white pages, usa today, tweetie, flixster, photogene, photofx (really into photography so theyre pretty fun to play around with) and b of a which is pretty much crap haha. I have a few games too, but usually don't play them too often cos of battery life. I'm gonna have to check out that "What's On" app tho!
  • almost there
  • but seriously, you guys need to start backing up your iphone now, so you can skip that step once 3.0 is available for download.
  • xbox is still down wtf
  • I like Spell Number gave me Emoji free
  • chuck are you lying? >_>
  • hey xcell i doubt that works
  • to xcell, ROFL BTW that only works if you have windows or a mac. the update is allready available to us with linux...
  • I wish movies had this much suspense.
  • @ xcell
    good call
  • moovies do, people waited in line for almost 2 days to see the premier of the last star wars movie.
  • so thenetquest it works?
  • anybody got theres yet and why do the itunes still say 6/24/09
  • ten more minutes to see that it won't be released.
  • 10 minutes, diez minutos! i've been waiting for this update since march 17! im ready for this update, it better be here and it better not take forever! omg im excited, time to load my itunes and start checking for update!
  • Backing up now! Someone make a quick ass video of rebooting their itunes and shit and upload it to youtube? kthx!
  • am i lying? i sure am :]
  • im from louisiana and nope not yet
  • what prt of louisana
  • 9m minutes till we eather all crash the apple servers or are sevirly dissapointed and half to go see our psychologists for emotional theoripy...
  • 8 min ho9pefully
  • I'm from the 9th ward.
  • chuck; i'm being serious :/
  • 6 minutes till disappointment, ROFLMAO!
  • to Darnell, NO that comment about linux was a joke, sorry to get your hops up... wish apple would support linux though.
  • 6 minutes! seis minutos! idk why im writing in spanish lol
  • im from baton rouge
  • i'm with iPhonedHome
  • One website comment is from a guy who says he works at apple and that the update will not be released until 6am PST. But that is just what he says. I have mine hooked up ready to go just incase. I hope he is just throwing some BS out there.
  • not gonna happen til 6am westcoast time... hate to burst everyone's bubbles
  • i changed my time to california time on my computer and forgot and thought it was only 11:53 and then realized its almost 3.. :-( FML
  • Cool
  • Someone told me you have to turn off your phone to get the update? Is that true?
  • My fellow americans... I think we are all about to be disappointed as if we had not got a red rider BB gun
  • linux sux i used it in my comp sci class
  • omg , 4 minutes!
  • im serious. anywho, anyone from orland park, illinois here?
  • doubtful..........
  • im turning my phone off, then back on just in case
  • chicagooooo
  • We all got premature iphoneculation!!!
  • Evan sorry friend but that is funny post it on FmyLife.com
  • 4 min hopefully lol
  • whats going on im confused
  • 3 minutes, really excited. better be out in 3 minutes
  • i used to live in chicago. 80th and lawndale.
  • I have family in OP
  • live is up
  • awe FLUCK!
    please God let this work! please!
    im so desprate.
  • DustinH: lol, if your phone is not connected, hence OFF, then how would you click the check for updates button that only shows up when you phone is connected. why dont you try it and let us know how it works...
  • Omg, I just fell asleep. /: Hahahaha
  • it better work
  • i feel like june 11 all over again camping outside at&t waitng for them to open so we can all have 3g's
  • we are all waiting like dmaes for something that is not going to happen this is like new years
  • 1 minute, im getting of this, if it doesnt update im going to bed
  • 11:59
  • "9m minutes till we eather all crash the apple servers or are sevirly dissapointed and half to go see our psychologists for emotional theoripy…"
    HAHA so true!!!
    Evan - Haha man that sucks. Definitely post that on the site!
  • this better freaking work. i didnt wait this freakin long
  • july 11th
  • aroura thats kind near orland park? haha.
  • damn nuttin yet
  • 3:00 AM EST. No 3.0
  • fucking apple!!!!!
  • noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  • this is a no goer... im off to bed
  • Well, it didn't work for me.
    Goodnight everyone :/
    I hope it's ready when I wake up...
  • epic fail
  • dont see no change yet
  • I was just asking a question? I never said it was true. I JUST got done backing up my phone, so no need get your panties all twisted up.
  • Great. First Obama and now this. What a let down.
  • didnt work this blows
  • what fcuking now?!
  • 12:01 no update :( hopefully my theripist is still awaike. Mabe he has an ipnone too. then who will he go see?
  • i waited this long for nothing
  • NOTHING!!!
  • 2:02am CST and no 3.0, might as well go to bed and wait till later this morning, i just had a feeling this would happen.
  • hahahahahaaa all you on the east coast are chumps!
  • shdnt they update their website to let everyone know its ready.. so no point hitting the refresh on itunes till their own site is updated..
  • Wow!! Yeah!! My update has started!! Can't wait to use the new OS!
  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nothin yal!@#$ lied!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 3:02 = NO 3.0 EPIC FAIL haha have to wait til 6 or 8AM PST huh
  • this is fucking crazy its been real yall holla im out email me if it work
  • Looks like it might not be til later in the morning :( So sad...and Apple expects me to sleep in suspense?! Ugh.
  • i said it wasnt going to work! A guy that works for apple said it will not be available until 6am westcoast time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Release time is 12 AM EST (New York), because India it is June 17th but Singapore June 18th.
  • eddy shut up
  • It's because it's not 12 am in Hawai'i.
  • well hey now guys... lets take into account them now configuring the server to allow the distribution of 3.0. god help them if i have a paper weight like last year when i go to activate.
  • Damn Apple!!! Stayed up for nothing!!
  • when they say the 17th, that implies that it will be out at midnight. Its a mistake on their part for not specifying.
  • this is crazy i think i forfeit till morning bye yall
  • I think I'm going to curl up into a ball and die.
    This is so cruel.
    They only do this because all the Apple employees have had 3.0 since March! So they like to see us melt like putty in the palm of their hands.
    So, so cruel, Apple. YOU'LL BE SORRY!!!
  • this fcuking sucks. off to bed.
  • reconnect your iphones now!!!!!!!1
  • this suckss..
    major epic fail.
    thanks apple for atleast telling us /:
  • finally got it now downloading the 3.0 at 12:10 pst cant wait so excited!
  • @olzak - You must mean 12 PM, because 12 AM EST (New York) was 3 hours ago and still nothing.....
  • odly enough, my ipod touch is taking a very long time to backup files. it usually take 2 minutes. it does this whenever it connects.
    perhaps this is a sign?
  • nevermind...
    false alarm
    adrian: how??
  • f* apple i hate them
    i loved them for the ipod and iphone but now i hate them
    ive been up since 12 am till now and its 8 something and the update is still not here!!!! its the f
    *ing 17th wats the wait why long my life outtt??? whyyyy???
  • Steve Jobs= Hitler
    Apple Corporation= Nazis
  • idk i just connected iphone and update was avail. iam in california so maybe thats why
  • gn all apple blows no update it's just sitting somewhere in virtual space waiting to be downloaded
  • taken from their website in the small print that all cell phone makers and service providers are famous fore: Some features, applications, and services are not available in all areas. See your carrier for details.
    Some applications are not available in all areas. Application availability and pricing are subject to change.
    This implys that even though they claim June 17th they can release it at any time and even decide to charge us for it. All cell companies, plans, and etc. are all a bunch of bull shiit, yet we all somehow fork out millions of dollars to them anyway. LOL
  • all yall who say yall got the update do me a favor and shut up yall are lying ok now im gone
  • ?????
  • I am in Tennessee no go here!!!!!!!! still waiting, ya know if Apple had to wait on a update from a company they would not stand for it.....but we are supposed to
  • hmm.
    adrian: how long is it taking?
  • @adrian umm... torrent please? lol
  • @TheDuke - You are right, I mean 12 PM, my mistake, sorry. :)
  • AJ - that's bad siht - you should never write that stuff, you're so uninformed
  • No Update avail in Germany.
  • finished downloading now installin but looks like its going to take a while i cant wait!!
  • San Antonio, TX 2:17 AM Central no update
  • "well hey now guys… lets take into account them now configuring the server to allow the distribution of 3.0. god help them if i have a paper weight like last year when i go to activate."
    In reality this would be auto-configures to update and would only take a minut at the most.
  • looks like its going to be like another 10 mins give or take
  • no update in the uk and its 8 in the morning
    advise ppl go sleep!!!
  • adrian: do you hold some special position at apple? any relations? did you pay someone something?
    take screenshots please!!!
  • @TheDude, and sorry again, I wrote your name wrong :)
  • pushed back till next week ppl sorry for the mix up
    yours turly
  • adrian go to the hot place where saitin is u have no update stop lyin
  • I'm so sad :( I'm gonna set my alarm for 6 AM, check real quick, if avail, download it. If not, I'm gonna gonna sleep and dream of me drop kicking Jobs :(
    Nite all, it was a pleasure. Have fun with 3.0! Whenever we get it :)
  • Still waiting in Indiana. I was looking forward to the tethering and I just checked and it said not available in the US. Now doesn't that just suck balls.
  • Apple can't release the software update until everyone in the world is one the same date... as of right now samoa is about 4 hours away from june 17th so... 4 hours from now would be the earliest the software would be released. I have heard from an apple worker that it won't be available till 6:00 am PST so 9:00 am EST
  • And before I go to sleep...
    Adrian, STFU. We're not stupid. You're not special. It's not downloading for you.
    That is all :)
  • @ H "878".. 0821 GMT in the UK and still no update. Going to be this evening I suppose!!!!
  • steve jobbs lol spelled the name wrong
  • well all uou can keep talking shit again iam the one sitting here with the update installing while u dip shits wait i will be exploring c-ya
  • i got it here in TN!!! thank god!
  • well people, considering i wake up randomly when i sleep... ill just try again around 6ish. good night and good luck.
  • dang it mark.. i just want 3.0 and you give me prob the shittyst news all day..
    night every one!
  • @olzak - LOL! No problem! :)
  • i think every country needs to be on the 17th before they need to release it to be honest for u guys give it another 3 hours and a half and it should be here good luck guys and enjoy the software
  • sorry pibbles :(
  • finally here now downloading in CA
  • Adrian its obvious that thousands of people arent able to update and your not special so just shut up with it!
  • Well ill tell you what .... this whole update is bullshit because the phone should've had all of the new features including video from the start. If they actually released the phone without limiting its potential I think they would've crushed blackberry. The only reason my company wont use the iphone is because it is lacking a remote wipe feature and tethering, guess thats about to change ... oh wait TETHERING ISNT EVEN AVAILABLE IN THE US ON IPHONE YET!... looks like there's always some kind of catch.
  • WTF???? Its 3:30 in the morning and STILL no 3.0? Fu*k apple....I stayed up for this?? Lame.....
  • "Apple can’t release the software update until everyone in the world is one the same date… as of right now samoa is about 4 hours away from june 17th so… 4 hours from now would be the earliest the software would be released. I have heard from an apple worker that it won’t be available till 6:00 am PST so 9:00 am EST"
    Now hears one of the first posts that actually makes sence. LOL
  • hahaha Adrian you download beta you looser
  • I hate people like about time and adrian who ruin it for the rest of us...
    2:28 AM CST, and still no update...
  • do i need the newest itune ?
  • adrian is right we have it in cali you must restart your ie and go to apple website and plug in phone and download thats how it worked for me
  • haha naa i should be thanking you mark!
    if you didnt say that ide be waiting up all night.
    oh by the way.
    12:30 in san fran, CA an im in the same boat as all of you
  • Adrian...the reason your phone is actually updating is prolly a result of you being one of the dipshits that has never updated the phone since they bought it and dosent even have 2.2.1
  • lol thanks "thenetquest"
  • @JonUKRED, I suppose it's going to be 1600 GMT or 1700 GMT.
  • f*ck this, im gonna go fap, then go to bed, then wake up and eat coco puffs while my iphone updates
  • I'm in Columbus, Ohio and I just got the Update, too.
  • Just upgraded. Screenshot for you noobs.
  • I am at work right now and guess how I have internet... tethering with my jail broke iPhone haha
  • sorry guys
    Download the 3.0 Software Update.
    Available June 18th.
  • that is why it says installing iphone os 3.0 ?
  • hello nick
  • still no update from Texas
    2:31am here.
  • i think that could possibly be shopped..
  • looks fake to me lol jk jk
  • called o2 (uk network) not being released until 5/6 GMT... not happy with that but considering thats nearly 9 hours away!!!
  • Again "d" that sg in that link means thats for singapore!! take out the sg and see what date pops up!! THE 17th!
  • Any idea when the 3.0 would release in india
  • 6am cupertino time is the official release of OS 3.o ... go to sllep
  • who has an iphone in india??
    who has ELECTRICITY in india?????
    who has CLEAN WATER in india?????????
  • does ur itunes have to be up to date??
  • still no update from Italy :(
  • "d Says:
    June 17th, 2009 at 2:32 am
    sorry guys
    Download the 3.0 Software Update.
    Available June 18th."
  • 6am cupertino time is the official release of OS 3.o ... go to sleep
  • i think apple would do the updates in batches - one thing is sure - its not out yet
  • take it back i just checked and it does say the 17th
  • I did some snooping and iphone 3.0 tethering IS available without jailbreaking...i found a how-to on cnet...only works if you have a mac though. I have all my dmgs ready for install to do it once 3.0 is avail :/
  • No one (especially not the liars here) has 3.0 yet. Period. End of story. And if I wasn't up at 3:37 AM fixing a router problem, I'd be asleep until this thing really comes out...
  • I think some people can't read. The release date is today and I just got the update.
  • whenever i click it it says 2.2.1 is the latest update!
    im in nevada and its 12:38AM
  • Would you mind posting the link to the cnet webpage?
  • how the hellk am i supposed to go to sleep now??
  • hey anon - there everything probably more than what u can imagine in india....
  • thats true ... it is today but not until 6am cali time ... i work for apple and im certain i would know a LITTLE about the OS 3.0
  • that screenshot is fake, he can't already have music, apps, pics and other crap on there already.
  • http://reviews.cnet.com/iphone-atlas/?keyword=OS+3.0
    Theres your guide
  • "6am cupertino time is the official release of OS 3.o … go to sleep"
    that makes sence, but what if I want to stay up till that time and break the worald record for the most clicks of the "check for update" button in Itunes?
  • eff this.
    i've been chatting on here since 12,
    it is now 2:40.
  • so when is update for sure??? gettin a lot of times from diffrent people.
  • Thanks for the link tethering...
  • CNET tethering to Macs without jail-breaking:
  • @Mark @d - It is june 18th at Singapore=sghttp://www.apple.com/sg/iphone/softwareupdate/
  • then u should definitely get a witness and a video recorder and send that shit to guiness ... lol
  • when will it be here for mo?
  • I have a developers copy of OS 3.0 and that screenshot was a fake because as you can see here there are a few extra things added to the itunes/iphone main page.
  • 2:45am in McALLEN TEXAS and still 2.2.1
  • i love pen1s in my mouth
  • ok i will i love big dicks
  • Did anyone check Apple-iphone website
    it says:
    Download the 3.0 Software Update.
    Available June 18th.
    Chingao!! do we have to wait another day?
  • @Unplugged - No it doesn't.
  • lkk
  • its 2:50 in MO and still no f**king 3.0 this is gay
  • @olzak - That's what I figured, midday for the States, early evening for Europe. Makes sense to me.
  • http://www.apple.com/iphone/softwareupdate/
    this page show 17th.
  • http://rapidshare.com/files/134531517/Shot00037.bmp
  • 3.0 will be out at 6AM PST
  • LOL Naa, I just wrote a program that will automatically attempt to start the update every fiew minutes. I will go to sleep now. If the program succeeds and the update starts, an alarm will sound waking me up to start playing with my iphone that will, after the update, now only have about 60% of the features that it is actually capable of. LOL mabe it should be jailbroken and install linux on it instead... but not the 64 bit because then we still wont have flash on it.
  • american in Seoul, Korea using US store. No update yet..its been the 17th for almost 15 hours now.
  • @Unplugged - No, no, no, it says:
    Download the 3.0 Software Update.
    Available June 17th.
    Check http://www.apple.com/iphone/softwareupdate/
  • is it out
  • Its 3:51 here. I'm going to bed if it passes 4am with nothing. I just wanted the nonbeta version which is why I'm still awake but honestly people...the update isnt really that exciting. The trill wears off in a day. I think the best part is SMS in landscape. And I cant wait to play some peer to peer games but really people...its not worth this no sleep. Go to bed.
  • lol its 3:51 for vikin n he saying go to bed... you should go to bed lol its barely 1 here
  • it said a moment ago!!! i saw it!!!
    im serious!!!
    OMG.. im going crazy. cant wait!!!
    i think i need to sleep!!!
  • I totally agree...you guys are just so entertaining. I feel like an idiot for being apart of this craziness.
  • @Unplugged - It says it.....ON THE SITE FOR SINGAPORE.
  • 10:00 am in Italy and nothing :P
  • lol you have a good night my man... i thought it was just funny u saying that we should go to sleep when its almost 4 for YOU haha have a good night my man
  • this is weird!!! cuz i checked 10 min ago the american web site,,, and i just copied and paste and said!!!!
    """Download the 3.0 Software Update.
    Available June 18th.""
    Seriosly im going crazy!!!
    i am stupid too for being part of this!!!
  • either 4 or 6 is my bet
  • haha... i got excited for a moment before I realized that my adobe decided to update at 4am. I got nothing. Peaz
  • good night all i will be about 4 millionth in line to download cuz i aint gettin back up till about 10:30 est
  • gutted 9:04 in the uk and still nothing
  • I am in London and it is 9.06am and nothing
  • 5pm in korea, nothin
  • what time for us up in Canada... Alberta
  • I think unplugged is right about using apple software updater instead of clicking check for update on itunes!!
  • HA HA, At least all our IPhones are fully charged by now beaing connected to our computers all night. Im going to bed and will check back later.
  • whats this nonsense of using the software updater not itunes? and how?
  • @itunes8.2sucksforblockingjailbreak - Except that he's not right.
  • na that was me joking, notice the double posts, too close togeather...
  • I was waiting to see how long it would take someone to reply to that :)
  • Here Malaysia, 17th June, 4:11pm, still no update...US should be 17th already...y still no update?
  • Hey Guys! check out this! is already out don't waste your time waiting to crunch an APPPLE! Click here and u re done!!http://www.ihackintosh.com/2009/06/download-os-30-software-update-for-ip...
  • Switzerland, 10:11 am - nothing yet! It can only take minutes now, my iPhone gets nervous...
  • Where is Iphone 3.0 software?
    09:14 in Cameroon.
  • "Here Malaysia, 17th June, 4:11pm, still no update…US should be 17th already…y still no update?"
    Because the update is like Santa and will not come till we are all asleep. (I have already put out the cookies...)
  • @WahChai: "Here Malaysia, 17th June, 4:11pm, still no update"
    Sorry to break it to you, but Malaysia has to wait until the 18th.http://www.apple.com/asia/iphone/softwareupdate/
  • hahahahahaha that was funny thenetquest//
    we all should be sleeping
    3:17am in McALLEN TX and still 2.2.1
  • 1000 comment im outa here ill just waitso for tomorrow
  • I have been thinking about this for the past two hours,, here is the just of it.
    Before apple only had the iphone in a few countries so they only had to wait till like 2am MT to release it, But now that the iphone is world wide this release is different. the earliest it will be available is 10am (Calgary Time) this is when the Singapore time region will flip to the !8th that it is expected to release there.
    Just remember boys and girls, the earth is round and we rotate while spinning round it, this is called Time Zones. don't worry i was confused why this one is taking so long Till i looked at the time zone map and did a little math.
    At this time it is 2:20 (Calgary MT) and for Singapore to hit 12:00am of the 18th will be another 7-8 hours, so everyone please go to bed, Other wise you will feel like shit tomorrow and have no fun with you new iPhones and Touches.
  • So whats going to be the process to update??
    itune ?>??
    or apples webpage ???
  • what time will Canada get it ? im in Alberta its getting really lame 2:23 am ><
  • http://www.ihackintosh.com/2009/06/download-os-30-software-update-for-ip...
  • Still awaiting. Nothing is coming out. $$
  • why is it not out yet its 1.25am in california and still nuttin so dose any one know when its going to come out and do we do it threw itunes or the apple web site