We're just under 24 hours away from when -- we presume -- Phil Schiller and Scott Forstall (and maybe Tim Cook?) will take the stage at Apple HQ and preview iPhone OS 3.0 and the new SDK. We'll be meta-live blogging it, of course, tomorrow at 1pm EDT/10am PDT, so be sure to join us for the TiPb take on things as they unfold. In the meantime, here are the current rumors, broken down by functionality... after the break!

Cut/Copy and Paste

This appears to be the big one. Daring Fireball wished for it back before Macworld (and reminded us they did) and MacRumors backing up the notion. Kevin Rose told us that it will work with pinch-able quotation marks, and Daring Fireball just weighed in again with:

I have no idea whether this description of how it’s going to work is accurate, but from what I’m hearing Copy-and-Paste is a big part of tomorrow’s announcement.

Push Notifications/Background Multi-Tasking

Another from Daring Fireball's wish-list that MacRumors backed up, but Kevin Rose said he hadn't heard anything about.

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Apple, of course, promised Push Notification back at WWDC 2008, and targeted it for September, though that deadline came and went. Did they fear a MobileMe-style launch failure? Did they realize true background tasking was necessary? Were they just delayed? Or will this still be missing in action come Tuesday?


No sooner had Apple announced their March 17 event than Boy Genius Report claimed they'd heard MMS was coming in the update, but again Kevin Rose said it wasn't anything on his rumor list.

New App Launcher

Back on Daring Fireball's site, and yet again given weight by MacRumors, another new addition was wish-listed as an improved, rebuilt SpringBoard, aka the Home Screen that houses all the application icons. Rumors say it could include categories, like the old style PalmOS did.


Apple and AT&T said they were working on Tethering, and Boy Genius Report claims we'll finally see it with iPhone OS 3.0. Will it be free? $20 more a month? Not even show up? Guess we'll see...


In addition to backing up Daring Fireball's wish-list, MacRumors added a feature of their own: compass. The Android G1 already has this functionality -- when you turns, it knows and can turn the view with you (for example, in incredibly cool looking Google Street View demos).

Does the iPhone need this? It would make sense if turn-by-turn GPS apps were about to appear in...

Premium App Store Plus

Rumors of a "premium" App Store Plus have been around for a while, and Wired just brought them back into the spotlight. It would be a place where $20 apps could enjoy attention exclusively away from the free fart apps that glut the regular old App Store. Office suites, high end games, and Turn-by-Turn GPS are all fantasies for this type of deployment. (Though reader antonoj did point out G-Maps has mysteriously disappeared from the App Store, and will "return soon"...)

One More Thing...

Apple being Apple, the only thing we can really expect is the unexpected. Usually we get some of what we want, and some stuff we never even dreamed of. This time last year we ActiveSync, 802.1x, remote wipe, Cisco VPN, the first SDK, the App Store, and a host of small improvements in 2.0 (which grew over 2.1 and 2.2).

Could we even get an interim iPhone OS 2.2.1 or 2.3 to tide us over? This time tomorrow, we'll know for sure!