Ars Technica has heard from those ever-enigmatic "sources familiar with" that there might just be more going on behind the rumored new Voice Control feature in iPhone 3.0 than we've seen so far:

Jibbler appears be an enhancement to the iPhone SpringBoard application, the Finder-esque app that acts as a launcher and will support the newly announced 3.0 Spotlight search. Jibbler may be controlled via the iPhone headset—button squeezes could be used to record short voice segments from the user, which Jibbler will then interpret. Voice synthesis can then be used to give the user a response, similar to the latest generation iPod shuffle, which can "read" playlists and track names—the difference being that the iPhone hardware itself could handle real-time voice synthesis.

Okay, so the code-name is worthy of a Microsoft de-branding exercise, but the technology is intriguing. Apple certainly has taken steps towards voice implementation with the latest iPod shuffle's VoiceOver and recent headsets have raised the bar (perhaps too much) on control clicks.

Many users have asked for simple voice dialing. Is Apple providing that and, in typical fashion, wondrously more with "Jibbler", or is it a case of breaking a simple function by stretching it too far?