iPhone 3.1 Beta 3: Copy/Paste to Send Full Quality Video

Following up on the recent release of iPhone 3.1 Beta 3, WhenWillApple has posted up a YouTube video (embedded above) showing the new copy/paste functionality for videos.

Like copy/paste for images in iPhone 3.0, this allows you to send copies of your videos without the compression that goes along with the Share function. Just pick a video, tap and hold for "copy", switch to email, tap and hold for paste.

Again, the size of the email boxes (sender and receiver) will likely still be a limiting factor. (MobileMe allows for 20MB per email, for example).

Rene Ritchie

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  • Is the native format stored on the phone playable by any common software that GrandMa will have on her Windows box?
  • I think they are stored as .MOV, which are QuickTime files. Anyone with QuickTime installed should be able to play them, and QuickTime is fairly well spread.
  • Interesting. But I'm still waiting for something groundbreaking. Guess I'll have to wait until OS 4.0.
  • I'd be satisfied it it just stopped dropping my wifi passwords.
  • Yeah, they are all .mov files.
    Also, there seems to be a limit on what you can paste into an email. I've noticed on videos that are over 1 min will let you copy, but when pasting nothing shows up in the email.
  • @Dryland - I guess it doesn't seem groundbreaking compared to what most computers can do, but compared to earlier phones even a couple years ago it's pretty amazing. It will be more amazing if we ever get true worldwide coverage video conferencing on a mobile, stuff like that would be pretty groundbreaking.
  • sweet, sending a video through email it's such a long process now. they shouldve added that feature on 3.0. now all I need is for yahoo to allow me to send videos longer than 25 seconds and I'm good.
  • Looks like the cutoff for pasting video is 15MB, guess that isn't bad.
  • 15MB limit is in place for images as well, so I guess that limit is nothing new.
  • This isn't new. I have not upgraded to beta 3 yet and I am able to do it. Sent a 14 second video from my phone to my email using this method and it worked. I got a 6 MB .mov file in my email. 6 MB for only 14 seconds...wow.
  • I would have expected this application to be out much sooner.
  • Can't be done in OS 3.0 yet. No way.
  • @Keith, I tried and failed to copy paste a video on Saturday and then this same video copy pasted after upgrading to beta 3. I have heard others say they were able to do it on beta 2, but I couldn't.
  • IceBike: the reason for your issue is because your ip address and dns match. Change your WEP to WPA and reset network settings and try again.
    Remove any WPS wireless personal security to allow additional devices to connect to your router.  Rules!
  • FYI, Windows 7 supports *.mov files through Windows Media Player, still I prefer Quicktime though...