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Updated: iPhone 3.1 Fixes "Deleted Email Appearing in Spotlight Search" Bug

UPDATE: WhenWillApple thinks they know what's going on with the 3.1 fix.

Looks like the tempest has run out of room in the teapot, as that bug we linked to earlier, about iPhone 3.0 Spotlight showing email messages that should be well and truly deleted, seems to have indeed been crushed in iPhone 3.1.

Rene Ritchie

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  • 3.1 needs MORE !!!
  • more boom, more boom!
  • Any thoughts as to when 3.1 will be available for download?
  • Add AVRCP BlueTooth Support!!!! PLEASE!
  • That's really good! :P
    I need this fix!
  • @a1by
    I originally thought early august but as we keep getting closer to apples September event it seems like it will most likely be released then.
  • I just hope that ATT adds official support for mms The whole take my sim out put it in my blackbeery and log into media net thing gets old since it only last for a week or so before i have to do it again
  • I'm feeling pretty confident that since there hasn't been a beta 4 it's coming pretty soon. I was thinking September 2nd, but it's also quite possible they will release it at the iPod event on the 9th.
  • But what exactly was fixed?
    Does the search simply avoid showing the deleted email, or
    is the email truly deleted? Would a forensic analysis of the phone show that the deleted mail is still there?
  • @a1by
    I beleave 3.1will be released September 9th, during the apple iPod/iTunes event.
  • @icebike
    any harddrive stores everything that's ever been on it. Even if something has been deleted for YEARS it can always be recovered completely. Harddrives of all kinds are like this. The moral of the story: don't download ANYTHING incriminating EVER! :)
  • @adam, what if I run a big magnet over it?
  • I've NEVER had that problem with Spotlight and I'm still on OS 3.0. When I delete a message on my Yahoo account and empty the trash, it stays deleted.
    I love Spotlight and use it everyday. Those who don't use Spotlight just don't have enough content on their iPhone. Try having thousands of MP3s and hundreds of apps and see if you won't need it!
  • @Dexter:
    Try having thousands of MP3s...
    No thanks. I have a home.
  • @Adam:
    any harddrive stores everything that’s ever been on it.
    Nonsense. You've been getting too much of your "education" from the internet.
    There is no harddrive in an iPhone.
  • i have not had this issue however i did notice something. for those having the issue, are the "deleted" emails deleted from your trash? If they're still in the trash folder then they will show up in spotlight. If you empty the trash folder none of these emails will show up. just a suggestion
  • @greg:
    Just a suggestion.
  • Thats good. Apple resolve all the bugs.. and give us a clean OS
  • Can someone explain why this bug is a big deal? Who cares if the messages show up in search?
  • Well it still shows up in search with 3.1 for me. So Apple didn't fix it.
  • I would hardly call this a bug- refresh your email, restart your phone, do what we all do (at least) twice a day. Apple- Please spend your time on things that matter to people.
  • I wrote a review on my word document and emailed it to somebody. I unfortunately deleted the .doc file and the email I sent.
    So does this "bug" where I can get my old emails still work? I really need it to on 3.1.1!!!!!!!!! :(
  • @qasim
    ask the person you sent it to, to send you it back :)