Updated: iPhone 3.1.2 Now Available

Head on over to iTunes and start your downloads, people, because iPhone 3.1.2 (7D11) is now available!

Weighing in at 306.2 MB, Apple says:

This update contains bug fixes and improvements including the following:

  • Resolves sporadic issues that may cause iPhone not to wake from sleep
  • Resolves intermittent issue that may interrupt cellular network services until restart
  • Fixes bug that could cause occasional crash during video streaming

Update: iPod touch 3.1.2 is also out, and US readers are telling us AT&T Carrier File Update 5.6 is popping up for them as well. If you notice any other changes, please drop us a note in the comments!

So is the infamous "coma mode" fixed? If you've been having trouble, and you do the update, let us know how it goes.

And as always, if you've Jailbroken, do not update or you'll lose your Jailbreak.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in!]

Rene Ritchie

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  • iPhone FTW! Hey competitors, DEAL with it! :)
  • Thank you, Apple, for responding in a [i]timely[/i] manner.
  • and i just jailbroke my 3.1 on windows...
  • i still cant MMS, the option is there now but every picture message i have tried to send to any other phone on any other carrier always fails, any one else having this issue, I have updated to carrier file 5.5 and restarted my iphone, no go.
  • Thank god...my iPhone has been plagued by this ever since I updated. I will be installing as soo as I get home
  • nevermind as soon as the update finished i got 2 picture messages that came through successfully.
  • Does anyone know if this fixed the poor battery life? I haven't had any problems except for that.
  • @Mike: I had the same problem I went into the apple store and they ran a diagnostic and the phone was fine. ATT had to reset my messaging and data plan to get my visual voicemail and mms to work and you have to stay on them to make sure they turn your messaging back on.
  • dev team is falling behind... can't JB 3.1 OTB and here is 3.1.2 already
  • It works for me. Just for grins, try hard reset.
    I have heard of a one instance where one half of a couple could do MMS while the other could not. They had to call AT&T to get MMS enabled for that number. Go figure.
  • I'm still gonna stick with 3.0. It's been working fine for me and I'll stay on it until they force me to upgrade! ;)
  • @j00w00t: How did you jailbreak 3.1 on windows... Do tell 
  • @Dexter, I think 3.1.2 maybe a good option for you because I was regretting updating to 3.1, but 3.1.2 seems to have fixed any problems I was having with 3.1
  • @Nassblue.
    If you know someone with a Mac or if you know how to use Vmware on your Windows machine, create a customized 3.1 firmware using Pwnage 3.1.3
  • @freddy kruger: dev team kick ass, stop whining like a school girl
  • I've been having difficulty with YouTube videos hanging halfway thru.
    Another thing that's just happened today (pre update) is the non existant buttons on top and bottom of emails
  • Nassblue,
    I sort of did this, too. Sort of, because I installed VMWare Player as well as Leopard already installed in a VM. Pwnagetool 3.1.3 ran find in the Leopard VM. I then copied over and saved the custom firmware file, installing it from my Windows 7 iTunes install. An easier way, if you trust the source, is to find an already-generated custom firmware from someone who used Pwnagetool on a Mac and made the results available. As stated, once you have the custom firmware, you can install it from Windows.
  • There is a carrier settings update also out
  • Tethering data is no longer listed for me under Usage on AT&T after the update
  • This update seems to have fixed my battery issues. Also I can now Group MMS!!
  • So what happened to 3.1.1? This was never released right?
  • @George how do you know it has fixed the battery issue? It hasn't been out that long
  • Oh Dear Gawd, if this fixes the fail Wake (Coma mode) I will be SO happy.
    @George: How can you tell in the half hour its been available that it fixed your Battery issue. A simple reboot would have solved that.
  • Doesn't really fix anything, just screws up blackra1n. :)
  • Mine is still locked with 3G 3.1 05.11.07 can't unlock, can't downgrade... Cannot do anything...
    Jailbreak works,if install ultrasn0w.. "Serching...." after while change to "No Service"
    I hope hacker will unlock soon...
  • @shollomon:
    Well as long as chocolatera1n is safe... :-p
  • My battery would literally go down 1% every 1-2 minutes. It has only gone down 2% the last 40 minutes of somewhat steady use.
  • I want to upgrade but don't wanna loose the jailbreak on 3.0 3gs. Why they haven't released any official JB for 3.1 on windows! It's driving me crazy!
  • Plus there is a new carrier update. What does that do?
  • Oh god, please let it fix the battery!!
  • @Nassblue
    found someone with a custom firmware and shift-clicked restore in iTunes with that fw
  • George is probable right, I had the same problem. My battery you could watch the percentage go down every minute (full charge used only lasted 1 hour 15. But I finally got mine fixed last week, at first I did restarts, resets, restored and used backup, still no fix but I finally did a restore and did all new setting and no backed up file used.
  • Usually with the big fixes, it fixes bugs I've never experienced. This time, I've had all three of those bugs! But...I'm jailbroken :(
  • Alas, it doesn't fix the issue introduced in 3.1 with Voice Memos being restricted to ~ 34 minutes.
    (See http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=2160876&start=45&tstart=0 for details).
  • Awesome, Will grab this in a bit. Was once jailbroken but dont really miss it and I got tired with the constant cat and mouse games with firmware updates! :D
  • I'll stick with 3.0.1 until it ra1ns black :-P
    Looks like blackra1n jb will work with 3.1.2 -- thanks to Apple for getting this to geohot so soon haha.
  • Anyone have the carrier file handy?
  • @j00w00t: any chance of sharing  assuming u had no problems
  • Can I use skype in 3G network with this changes?
  • ...Weird, i have absolutly no problem with my IPhone. Im grateful for that.
  • @Nassbluehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQD-b6dhLX0&feature=player_embedded#
  • No dice on 3G Skype-ing.
  • I'm downloading this from iTunes but instead from a website so I can keep my tethering : ) on my iPhone that isn't jailbroken.
  • correction I'm not***
  • 3.1 is the iPhone's System 7! Stay away! ;)
  • @Zeagus:
    No dice on 3G Skype-ing.
    Wait for Skype to publish an update.
  • @Nassblue
    Very simple process. Follow the instructions for updating carrier files without updating to 3.1 and instead point it to custom firmware file. iTunes and your phone will take care of the rest.
    1)Download custom firmware
    2)Open iTunes, go HOLD SHIFT and click RESTORE. Point it to custom ipsw.
    3)Enjoy. (Don't worry when your AT&T disappears, this is normal. There's an application you can download from Cydia that you can use to put AT&T back or whatever the heck you want.
  • @t0m: thanx but I have 3.1 installed already, updated when it came out. Will this still work? Thanx!
  • 241.7mb what update did you download that was over 300mb?
  • this crap better fix the random ibrick modes the last update did.
  • @bugs 306.2MB here.
  • @ Nassblu; Every post on every website indicates it will only work on 3.0 or 3.0.1 jailbroken iPhone. If u updated to 3.1 using apple official release U CANNOT JAILBREAK FOR NOW! READ BEFORE U ASK QUESTION...
  • The carrier update probley allows voip access??
  • Now I will wait for the dev team. I wish I was still on 3.01 much more stable but I hope 3.1.2 is like 2.2.1
  • @Nassblue
    For now, you're screwed. Unless you saved your EICD to Cydia. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you're screwed.
    Follow geohot, iphone_dev and this website for information.
    Blackra1n.com isn't a bad one to follow either.
  • 241 and 265mb for my itouch updates where are you ppl getting these 300 mb updates.
  • why are ppl screwed that the dev team or jailbreakers are doing the same crap apple is. if it wasnt for i cant remember but the 3gs other jailbreak release, dev team would of waited a year.
  • All,
    the carrier file 5.6 eliminates the tethering data usage indicator in the iPhone usage screen. FYI
  • 306mb for my 3GS,
    240mb for my son's first gen iPhone.
  • Does anyone know what changes come with the carrier update besides the tethering data usage on the about page?
  • ah the jump from 3g to 3gs i found no need, wonder what the extra 60 gigs is.
  • @bugs
    Umm what? Try english :)
  • @icebike
    I thought as much - I only mentioned because it was asked.
  • @t0m. Silly iPhone. I never made the jump from 3g to s. Why puts my update at 241mb I wonder what is the 60mb difference.
  • @Bugs I mean the previous post about people being screwed :-P
  • To bug or not to bug!...that is the question?? 
  • does this update fix bluetooth issues? i don't know if anyone else has this happening but ever since 3.1, my bluetooth headset is constantly disconnecting from the phone and i can't stress how annoying that is
  • @t0m,
    when the 3gs first came out, dev team sat on a jailbreak, it wasn't the dev team who released a jailbreak for it, but someone else. why? they follow the same bs apple does. lets show what we can do this but no you cant have it.
  • It's a buggy bug world!
  • Anybody notice that the little red X's that appear in the top corner when switching web pages in safari are easier to hit now? Before I would have to tap several times before the page would close.
  • @Greg
    I have the same problem with my 3gs and had it with my old 3g as well. I'll test and see if it is fixed.
  • @Joe McG
    it still does it! Just happened after I updated. WTF?!! I never had an issue with it with my 3g or 3gs til 3.1. I use the plantronics voyager pro. Used to use the apple Bluetooth but that one sucks. Plus I'm now noticing some cracks on the bottom of my phone too...is anyone elses developing hairline cracks?
  • @Al
    Me too. Bad, no, terrible batt life. How can my second hand 3G that's jailbroken running winterboard have better batt life than a brand spankin' new 3 GS in standby????
  • So. What's the verdict? Update or not??
  • Just finished the update and it was quick. Or am I just use to how much time it takes. LOL I did notice that I did not have to redownload my exchange contacts, email, and calendar. Sending sms is now faster. SMS was taking for ever to send before this update.
  • Weird but i thought what the heck i have att ill update as soon as i did i got full service 3g when i never got it at home not even close so maybe there updating there 3g i know thats for sure for me
  • Seems that sync time is much improved.
  • @george
    after having the same battery issue and speaking to Apple about it, the solution we came up with was to do a clean install and do not restore from backup...
  • Can anyone confirm if upgrading you are able to install the custom usatt.mobileconfig from the usual places?
    Without this I would not be able to stay on my old $20 data plan.
    load from iphone
  • 241.7mb here, iPhone 3G. Anybody know what the carrier update is yet?
  • http://appulo.tumblr.com/post/207696517/the-bird-is-out-of-the-cage
    5.11.07 baseband unlock
  • All signs point to a jailbreak this weekend it would seem...
  • @BBYM: Thank you... GEEZ!
  • At least this update fixed my 3G connection. 3.1 broke my wifi and this update didn't fix it. Resets and restores haven't fixed it either. Guess it's back to the apple store for me... :/
  • Wellington: it did that before this update
  • Smart Playlists & Top 25 Most Played Playlist still not syncing properly...kinda disappointed right now smh
  • @ Mike
    I have exactly the same issue. 4 hours on the phone with AT&T, no help. 2 hours with Apple Care, they told me to restore as new phone. So I did, lost all my existing SMS info, no MMS. WTF! I'm so over this bs.
  • @eralwss puppy:
    Already tried that. Restore and use as NEW phone. Batt life us absolutely terrible. Right. I would go to Apple, but my phone is from Australia and I'm in Cebu.
  • So this didn't fixed the super big issue going around for weeks about the 3.1 battery life performance? Shet APPLE
  • wifi doesn't seem as stable as before.
    sweet! something new for me to obsess over until the next fix.
  • @BliNK:
    wifi doesn’t seem as stable as before.
    What do you mean? What symptoms are you seeing?
    WiFi seems ok for me, at least against my own router.
    One issue I saw frequently with the prior release was dropping my password to my own router just because it could not connect immediately. I haven't seen this yet on this release.
  • Very happy with this update. Since 3.1.1, my phone has been lagging very badly and did suffer from the "sporadic issues that may cause iPhone not to wake from sleep", which annoyed the hell out of me and at one stage was considering taking my iPhone to the Apple Store to get them to look at it. But now the 3.1.2 update has made my iPhone run so smoothly so i'm now stoked!
  • Sweeeeet my podcast are back in order again!!! Now I'm happy(doesn't take much to happy) god I'm a sad sack
  • the poster George (post #20) said that he can now Group MMS like you could with the previous carrier update before the 5.6(?) one came out like a week or two ago..,
    unless i'm doing it wrong, i believe the Group MMS chat room thing is still turned off?
    is anyone else getting Group Texting?
  • Hey guys
    updated to 3.1.2 yesterday - battery issue still there
    Every 1 min 1% goes down --- WTF -- I don't want to reset it as a new phone again coz have too much stuff in calendar
    3.0 was awesome - it gave me 10 hour of usage in a single day -- yeah it used to be like that -- reall awesome
    so looks like downgrading to 3.0 is the best bet as of now
  • I noticed something about the carrier update: If you look under Settings>General>Usage, the tethering data section is gone
  • Or am I just an idiot who saw it somewhere else and thought it was there... you decide!