iPhone Goes 3D with Vuzix

Okay, my first thought was "finally, they've figured out how to use the iPhone to power optic blasts!", so I was ready to strap one on, grab the rest of the X-Men, and go take down known BlackBerry Storm user, Magneto.

Alas, turns out that while optic blasts didn't make the final release, this new cable does support using the iPhone with a set of Vuzix 3D headgear. With more and more video making the leap to 3D, no doubt this opens the iPhone up to watching those leaps in even more realistic -- and scarier -- ways.

Not sure I'm ready to strap on a visor for my next plane trip though. How about you? Can't wait for Monsters vs. Aliens or Avatar, or are you holding fast until they can just beam the stuff straight into your brain?

Rene Ritchie

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