iPhone 4G (iPhone HD) gets previewed - looks like the real deal

Gizmodo got their hands on that lost iPhone G4 (iPhone HD/iPhone 4G/etc) prototype purportedly lost then found in a San Jose bar and reported on extensively yesterday. They've given it a thorough, geektonic once-over and here's the take away:

  • Front-facing camera, bigger back camera with flash
  • MicroSIM (like iPad)
  • Higher res screen (exact dimensions unknown but could be the rumored 960x640)
  • Potential second mic for noise cancellation
  • All metal power, mute, and volume buttons
  • Flat form-factor that's more squared-off with an aluminum outer border
  • Shiny glass/plastic (ceramic?) back
  • Slightly smaller and 3 grams beefier than iPhone 3GS
  • Battery is 16% bigger, made possible by shrinking everything else

Giz claims they've been playing with the 4th gen iPhone for about a week (?!) and they think its the real deal. They have some videos up and tons more info as well so check out the link up top for more and let us know what you think. This looks like an honest-to-Jobs unfinished 4th gen iPhone -- do you like it?

Rene Ritchie

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