Engadget has some pictures of up of what's purporting to be an iPhone 4G (which it can't be because there aren't any GSM 4G networks for it to run on), but could it be an iPhone HD (or whatever the iPhone G4 ends up being called) prototype of some sorts?

We've heard that Apple keeps prototypes in the basement, bolted to tables, but if someone was testing radio reception or otherwise had to get some on-the-go diagnostics... Still, given how losing this thing would no doubt be grounds for immediate, painful eradication by Steve Jobs' omega beams, we just can't see anyone at Apple letting it out of their sight.

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Engadget says the guy who "found" it in a San Jose bar, inside an iPhone 3G case, is looking to get cash in exchange for hands on time, but that they're working on more details.

Update: And the link to some TwitPics supposedly from a Chinese search posted on Feb 20.

What do you think, real, fake, or really fake?

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