iPhone 4G Rumors Begin -- We Have SIM Card Tray (?!)

Could this be the first peek of the 2010 iPhone 4G... the SIM car tray?! If not, could it be for the iTablet? Engadget says:

procured from Foxconn (the rumored Apple tablet manufacturer) and available for $14.05 starting October 23rd for the 4th generation iPhone / iTablet... whatever the mythical host device might ultimately be named.

And here we thought we'd have to wait until next year for rumors like this! Cue the case-maker leaks in 5... 4... 3..

Rene Ritchie

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  • matte finish please
  • Hmm. Do no other devices have SIM trays? Couldn't this be for a connected GPS device or a different company's tablet? It's not like there's an Apple logo on the SIM tray...
  • so when will the next gen iphone comeout becuase im getting a 3gs next month isnt it good for 2 yrs or no please help me
  • riocazz,
    Of course it's good enough for you for 2 years. Don't let the tech industry condition you into thinking you MUST have the latest and greatest when you don't really need it. I forgot what the actual figure is but most of us barely use any of the functions on a phone, smartphone or not.
    Just decide for yourself man and don't be pressured into ANYTHING.
    Now, this sim tray could be for anything so I'm taking this with two grains of salt instead of the one. But regarding this next iPhone, I would really prefer a matte finish as well as I'm sick of the glossy finish.
  • Of course it could be an unfinished sample.
  • some people like having the latest/greatest piece of hardware. i plan on getting an iPhone and February but would like to know too if a newer model will be out before then (i doubt it). however, i'm guessing next summer at the earliest.
    more than likely i'll get the latest model iphone when i move to AT&T and only a few months later something new will come out. there is no point in getting a new model months after a new release. however, my best friend keeps upgrading his model from the first one, to 3G to 3Gs within his two year contract. ugh.
  • BeeQaL I have to agree with you why jump on the band wagon with the latest when what is out will run better .
  • i'm eligible for upgrade the end of december. my 3g still works fine, but the speed boost and the video cam on the 3gs would be nice. i might just stick with the 3g though until the 4g comes out though.
  • I can't believe this made it in a blog. A sim card tray.
  • I'm sticking with my 3g also. Waiting for 4 not 3.5
  • That better not be the tablet or they already lost a sale from me. It better have at least a 7" screen or else it is nothing but another iTouch.
  • I agree with Nut Job. Quite funny though. I look forward to a post about the Apple logo being white or silver.
  • I can't believe it's come to this, rumors of the SIM tray.
  • I'm also in the '3G owner waiting until the next version' camp. The only bad thing about not upgrading once you are eligible is that you continue to pay the same fee to AT&T even though you have paid off the subsidy on your phone.
  • Same here, I'm waiting on 4G as well. iPhone 3.5 was not good enough for me either.
  • NY Times editor spills beans, Names the new tablet and hints at major change in news delivery:
    On October 15 or 16, Keller gave a speech during an "all hands" meeting for the Times' digital staff at TheTimesCenter in New York, according to a post by Harvard's Nieman Journalism Lab. During the speech, Keller made a reference to the Times' strategy for mobile devices. "We need to figure out the right journalistic product to deliver to mobile platforms and devices," Keller said. "I'm hoping we can get the newsroom more actively involved in the challenge of delivering our best journalism in the form of Times Reader, iPhone apps, WAP, or the impending Apple slate, or whatever comes after that."
  • Ok here the thing AT&T said they won't start testing 4g til late 2010 and hell they don't even got alot 3g in alot places like verizon does so you really think it be AT&T 4g or verizon or just the itable
  • @Sting7g:
    I can’t believe it’s come to this, rumors of the SIM tray.
    Or photoshopped sim tray pictures. Or cases actually "in production" for the iPhone mini. Or the all black iPhone. Or the all aluminum iPhone.
    Slow news month.
  • After all these new ads attacking iPhone. I hope verizon never gets it. I'm happy with the coverage of AT&T. They all have problems not one carrier is perfect.
  • Worse its probably just a sim tray for a generic housing, They copy stuff good, but not that good.
  • How about a beefed-up sim tray holder for the already flimsy iPhone sim tray holder ????
  • Don't expect a 4G iPhone in summer 2010, won't happen. The 4G network is still 1.5-2 years out for national coverage. On top of the fact that if the Apple Tablet rumors are to be believed, most resources will need to be diverted to the r&d, manufacturing and software dev for the tablet, in order to release it next summer. Trust me, the tablet will be Apple's spotlight product in summer 2010, with probably only a minor revision to the 3GS such as iPod-like multiple colors, some software tricks, maybe tethering (which we should have gotten with the 3GS already) and if we're really lucky....Safari with Flash! But seriously, don't count on a 4G iphone just yet.
  • Nut Job said it best.
  • 4g means "4th gen" iPhone. Not 4g network people.
  • Ok so on the phone with AppleCare was told they are testing 4g iPhone in japan my guess the iPhone 4 g will roll out on verisons 4 g lite network. I have a 3 gs rest of family waiting for the next best thing in June I want a tablet come on apple
  • To early for these rumors, can we wait 4 the new year? Until I see proof I'm gonna just relax and enjoy the rest of this year.
  • @ Adam
    If they call it the iPhone 4G it's on 4G Network. If it's just a 4th-Generation iPhone with a different naming than it's a iPhone with 3.5G which is unlikely to happen
    Next year will be a huge surprise as 4G Network isn't going to be done until by like 2 years. Only improvements that can be done with the iPhone is make it have matte finish and have 64GB storage capacity no other.
  • The next iphone will be called the "Iphone 32GB LTE"
    It will be available in UK on o2.