iPhone 5 gets compared to upcoming BlackBerry 10 L-Series phone

The upcoming BlackBerry L-Series phone and its next-genertaion BlackBerry 10 operating system got caught on video this weekend, and of course that means it was shown off next to the iPhone 5. The video comes by way of Tinhte, who have a history of getting access to pre-release and prototype hardware.

BlackBerry 10 remains a really interesting looking take on a modern mobile computing OS, gesture-centric like the PlayBook OS that preceded it, but molded to better suit the size and needs of a phone. And as to that phone, it's blacked out similar to the iPhone 5 (something BlackBerry's been doing for ages), and angles closer to the Porsche Design BlackBerry Bold.

Overall, it looks hot. Whether it's hot enough, however, to reverse BlackBerry's current misfortunes and beat back Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 to re-solidify them as the number three player in the space remains to be seen. BlackBerry has money, but they don't have much more time. Here's hoping the nail the landing.

BlackBerry should be formally announced the device at the end of the month, and CrackBerry.com will, as always, be all over it.

Source: Tinhte via CrackBerry

Rene Ritchie

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