iPhone 5 to go LTE on 36 more carriers next week

As part of their Q1 2013 conference call, Apple's CEO Tim Cook announced that the iPhone 5 would gain LTE 4G data service on 36 additional carriers next week. The iPhone 5 currently enjoys LTE on carriers in the U.S., Canada, the U.K. Korea, Germany, and Japan, among others. Slower than anticipated global LTE rollouts, however, have kept the numbers relatively low.

Apple reportedly only flips the LTE bit on carriers they've certified themselves, so an unlocked iPhone 5 won't get LTE unless the carrier its on has a deal in place with Apple. According to Cook, next week Finland, Switzerland, the Philippines, and several middle eastern countries -- 36 in total around the world -- will be jumping to LTE speeds.

Here's Apple's current list of iPhone 5 LTE carriers. I'm curious to see all the additional flags join it come next week. If you're in one of the new LTE countries, or have heard any specifics about which carriers will be going LTE, let me know.

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Rene Ritchie

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