iPhone 5 to introduce curved-glass design?

Take this one with a 3.5-inch grain of salt, but Digitimes is reporting that Apple may introduce a curved-glass design in the next iPhone, which is expected to drop sometime this fall.

There has been a fair amount of buzz on the iPhone 5, and the latest being circulated around the supply chain in Taiwan is that Apple is going to adopt a curved cover glass for its next generation model

Apple has reportedly purchased 200-300 glass cutting machines for glass makers that they've stored in facilities until yield rates are at a high enough level to begin production. Apparently glass makers are reluctant to produce curved-glass for the next iPhone because of high capital costs, which is why Apple went out and got their own cutting machines

Various Android phones have used curved glassed before, and Apple has used curved-glass before in the previous generation iPod Nano, but this rumor goes against speculation that the next iPhone will be similar in design to the iPhone 4 with little aesthetic changes.

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