AT&T Leaks! New iPhone to be Announced this June?

BGR is claiming some inside info from AT&T on the next hardware revision of the iPhone. The announcement is apparently slated for June (actual release unknown) and the new features line up with some of what we've been hearing. Top of the list is speed, with likely support for the higher-speed abilities of HSDPA on AT&T -- up to 7.2MBps -- which may also play into those multi-core rumors too. There's also apparently going to be some sort of "U-Verse" app that will work with your home entertainment system (If there's an IR port on this thing, I'll eat my hat). The word "unified" gets tossed around a bit, but beyond it having something to do with Apple playing nice with AT&T's services, it's a little unclear.

Oh, and since it's the hip thing to do, there's a bit of netbook chatter tossed in at the end, but we're not getting an Apple vibe off that. We'll leave the netbook bits aside and ask: what feature do you most want? Video and Megapixels with a side of video publishing? OLED Display? iPhone HD? Free puppy with every purchase?

Thanks to Jeff for the tip!

Dieter Bohn