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Rumor: Verizon to get two new Apple devices?

Well, it looks that the rumor mill is spinning with talks of Verizon getting a "media pad" and an iPhone "lite". Personally I don't think Apple wants to fragment their market with users having to get different contracts on other carriers, what do you think?

Verizon getting Microsoft "Pink"

Who needs Apple when you have Redmond in your corner... looks like Verizon could be getting their own "iPhone killa"... oh wait, let me compose myself as I pick myself off the floor.

SplashData brings out Splash Photo and Splash Notes for iPhone

For those long time Palm users that migrated to Apple, your classic apps have been ported. Splash Photo has some nice features including Picasa and Flickr support.

iPhone Software 3.0, beta 4 is not available

You can follow our "beta 4" tag for all the goodies!

Review: Krusell Classic case for iPhone 3G

Looking for a new case for the iPhone 3G? Take a look at the Krusell! You might dig the leather...

TruPhone VOIP

Can't get enough of VOIP apps? Well Rene gives us a look at TruPhone for iPhone. Not only is this a phone, but has IM as well. Does it beat Skype? Take a look and find out!

Typing Test in a rally car, who will win? iPhone or Netbook?

In this rather amusing video they pit an iPhone against a netbook. The goal: to see which will type better under extreme driving conditions. One guess as to who wins.

iPhone LIVE! Birthday Bash

This week we talk up the new Beta 4 new-ness and discuss our new birthday contest surprise!

iPhone wins #1 in customer satisfaction from JD Power!

This is not a big surprise, the iPhone is so incredibly easy to use, more so than the Palm or BlackBerry OS (used a Storm lately, ugh). What area were users NOT pleased with on the iPhone? Read on to find out!

iPhone to become video power-house?

Rumors are coming out that the new iPhone will have insane video recording capabilities and will directly compete with the Flip cameras. Can Apple do it? Of course! Something like this would not be too hard to implement.

XBox executive joins Apple

This could be interesting. What does Apple have up their sleeve?

TiPb Picks of the Week!

This week we have several staff members give their picks. What are they? Read on to find out!

Terminator Salvation

I gotta hand it to Gameloft; this game looks hot! Hot! Hot! Now if it only conrols well... check out the video!