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TiPb's 2009 BIRTHDAY BASH!!!!!!

That is right folks, here is a link for all of this weeks birthday madness. It isn't too late to win the ColorWare unlocked iPhone 3G!!! Click here to find all of the birthday posts!

Star Defense: Rene is a playa!

Our very own Rene Ritchie recruited for ngmoco:)'s Star Defense Challenge... for the record, I think Rene came in ninth. I don't think tower defense games are his strong suite.

Quick App: Bento 2 for iPhone

I like Bento 2. It is a simple Mac database app. Now you can can take that data with you. You can even use Bento for iPhone as a stand-alone app. It has multiple "libraries" to choose from. Event planning to Inventory management.

Quick App: My Wireless from AT&T

Add this to the "What took so long question" of the day. Basically, you can log in and check all of your minutes and even change your plan. Pretty cool.

Microsoft's App Store= Apple's App store?

Looks that way. Take a look at some of the restrictions they have posted!

Review: Case-Mate Vroom for iPhone 3G

If you like your case to look like tire tread, check this one out! Casey seems to like it!

$1.29 for music still not popular with consumers? What, really?

Like, um, we didn't see this coming. So the greedy music industry STILL doesn't get it. Will they ever learn?

Phone Different Podcast #38

The latest one is up! Listen on the web or download in iTunes for the latest news round up from Dieter and Mike!

Whoa! That was fast, the latest iPhone Beta is out, Beta 5!

Man, Cupertino sure doesn't wait long do they! For our full coverage of iPhone 3.0, be sure to click the link!

iPhone apps must be 3.0 compliant!

Looks like iPhone 3.0 will be here soon! All new apps submited to the App Store must be 3.0 compliant! This is very exciting news!

Rumor: iPhone plan to drop by $10?

That would be nice, wouldn't it? Well, that is what the Internets are saying. Well, the analysts are anyway.

Twiterrific 2.0 for iPhone

It is finally out. Personally, I think it is a little busy; too many feature. I am a Tweetie guy myself. So what does Rene think?

Do you want to legally rip your DVD's to iTunes? I know I do!

But since DVDs are kinda... um... old school now, should Apple even bother?